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My heart speaks to me in a solemn voice
Whispering your name like an ocean
“Ademola,” it says and become breezy
And my teeth pip out from their hide, looking like a snow

My heart could see from within;
How we watched the birds singing under the tree and the moon stare when days were asleep
Ademola, do you remember;
How we watched the stars smile above our heads and our shadows resting on each other’s arm?

Your eyes are like stars that color the nights from within,
And your heart like a watered rose that is as beautifully dressed as the patterns of poetry
Even if the eyes of men twinkle, twinkle, twinkle
Their hearts can never be as white as your Dove

How could I ever forget the voices that speak from your beautiful home that is concealed with flesh?
That solemnly dances to my ears in a language only great poets could understand
How could my heart ever forget how you made it a sun that never bites?
Through a path that could only be pointed with poetry


© Olaseni Kehinde Precious

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