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I couldn’t help it but look
at how beautiful she was
so I leaped and became a fool
for she saw I was lost

she made me her Adam and I was touched
I was an idiot to think this was love
and I became her man with a vouch
to always satisfy her with love and lust

she became the fantasy of my dream
the only one I see
I was dining in the ecstasy with a drain
to dark to be seen.

she gave me the apple of sadness
and i took it without questioning
I ate it with gladness
and my heart began rumbling

I knew I wasn’t in my right senses
but I was too dumb to back out
she had enslaved my senses
and my mind became a blackout

she said her name was EVE
but all I saw was a serpent
she made me a twig without a leaf
and I became her servant


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