DO NOT OPEN – A Crazy Action Thriller

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© Brian Ngoma

Devil In Red


An envelope lays on a busy highway with words imprinted on it in caps lock which reads ‘DO NOT OPEN’. The breeze blows it up and directly gets stuck between a 2019 White Range Rover Evoque’s windshield and wipers.

“What’s that Dave?” A woman in the passengers seat asks the man driving.

“How would i know Kara?” Dave sulkily responds as he tries to wipe the envelope off the windshield.

Kara gets curious as she reads the imprints. “Have you seen what’s written there?” She stares briefly but evasively.

Dave doesn’t respond.

“What’s wrong with you?” She bulges her eyes and raises her arms. “You’ve been acting weird all day. Is this about your gun license?”

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“Have renewed it,” he shakes his head and presses his lips firmly together. “Let’s just get home. Tanashe is alone. The house help has probably left.”

They reach their home in the suburbs around 8pm. With Dave out of the car, Kara remains to lock it down. As she walks round the car, she notices the envelope still stuck on the windshield. She grabs it.


“Is this a joke?” She puffs.

With ease, she opens it, finds a letter and starts reading it. Abruptly, her body becomes still. Her mouth slightly opens and her eyes widens. Everything in her hands drops except the letter and envelope. Voices start echoing from above.

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She walks to the trunk, opens it and sees Dave’s gun. She grabs it and walks to the door. She enters and closes it.

From a distance, gunshots are heard across the neighborhood.

“Mommy no!” A little girls voice fades with the gunshots.

Dire silence returns. The door fraily opens on it’s own. A well closed envelope fly’s out of the house and disappears into the darkness.

Starts on 6/01/2020

To be posted on weekdays only

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  1. I'll be a ghost reader till i finish this story because, this story is gonna be an action thriller even before i start reading. Thank you author for this story. My journey to the story land begins!

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