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Entangled – Episode 13

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Entangled – Episode 13

A Story By Goddy Francis

I watched her bathe and smiled to nothing in particular. Skyler was just too beautiful. She ducked inside the water, she remained inside for seconds and then minutes. I was really worried , who could possibly cease their breath for a long time like that .

” Sky.” I called looking inside the water.

” Skyler .” I called again but got no reply.

I got up and lean towards the river. Skyler was still she looks like someone who was drowning.

” Skyler.” I called and dived into the water.

I held her and pull her up . She smiled broadly and burst out laughing.

” What was that for ?” I asked.

” Sorry, you were scared ?” She asked gigling.

” Of course I was. I thought you were drowning.” I said and smiled at her.

” So you care about me now ?” She asked staring into my eyes.

” Yeah. I’ve always care cared about you.” I said.

She smiled broadly and I blushed at least for the third time. Skyler is the only girl who has ever made me blush.

She placed her hand on my shoulders and smiled at my lips.

” I need to get to shore , my clothes are wet.” I said gently dropping her hands from my shoulders.

I was trying to avoid whatever upcoming thing that wanted to happen.

” Okay.” She said softly and left me swimming backwards.

I sighed and came out of the water , I turned to look at skyler she was swimming to the waterfall direction.

” You need to be careful.” I chorused.

She gigles and continued swimming. The next thing I heard was her scream. She was already drowning.

” Oh ****.” I said and dived back to the water.

I have seen enough body already. I got to where she was , she gently pop her head out of the water and smiled mischievously.

” What .!” I exclaimed baffled.

” Did you score f9 in play ?” I asked.

She Chuckled and smiled.

” So what’s that supposed to mean ?” She asked coming close to me in the water.

” You play too much and you’re getting me scared with this drowning attitude of yours.” I said.

” I just wanted to know how much you care about me.” She said and dragged my dress making me so close to her.

She inhale my hair and licked my neck.

” Where is she going ?” I asked myself.

I held her waist and looked into her eyes .

” We can’t..” I said and she shut my mouth with her finger.

” Shh…” She said slowly and looked into my eyes.

” Are you willing to try love ?” She burst out.

” I can’t. I’m not sure.”

” You sure about what you said ?” She asked this time giving me seductive glances.

I was mute , Skyler bit her lower lips and placed her hands on my shoulders. She smiled at me and held me close to her, I felt I was in chains I couldn’t move but obeyed to her moves.

She kissed me and I find myself kissing her back. I held her waist and kissed her affectionately. She aggressively removed my shirt like someone who was sharing me with some one. She removed it and threw it to the shore of the pool. I kissed her and carresed her making her moan softly.

Her body was so soft and smooth. I licked her neck and reached for her ass. I carried her and she held my shoulders tightly and crossed her legs around my waist. I took her to shore and lay her down on the shore close to the pool.

I don’t why I was doing it but I had to , Skyler was dating. I hate being intimate with someone’s girlfriend but Skyler was irresistible. She wanted me badly too. She helped me with my trousers and within seconds I was naked too. I continued kissing her and finally we made love.

Yeah real love and I felt different. I must have had sex with countless girls but love making with Skyler was different. We had to change positions frequently, she was always on top and most times I fight to be on top again.

We lay side to side on the carpet grass and smiled at each other. She was lying on top of me with her breast resting on my chest. I held her and kissed her on her forehead.

” Thanks.” I said and smiled.

” You’re welcome.” She said and winked.

” It’s been long I did such.” Skyler said a little bit shy.

” Yeah I noticed you were tight.”

She smiled half way and smirked.

” He was my first boyfriend and I always hoped he would be my last. But most times love is not always a romance movie. He took my virginity on our first month, I thought he was nice, he’s really being an ass lately. I’m sorry for the embarrassment though.” She said.

” It’s fine I still don’t care . I just want you to be happy.” I said.

” Thanks. I don’t feel like going home , I felt like staying here with you , you truly make me happy.”

Wow I made her happy, that was really insane. I was expecting a war from Jonah and Justin.

She slept on my chest and we were totally naked till Dawn. The sun barely reflect on the garden . I got up that morning and got dressed on my almost wet clothes. Skyler was still lying down naked, I looked at her body and gently tap her to wake up .

She yawned and stretched herself.

” Good morning.” I greeted.

” Hey.” She said and cleaned her eyes.

I stretch her clothes to her and she collected it staring at me with her seductive smile. I looked away as she got dressed.

” What’s the time ?” She asked.

” 8: am.”

” **** that’s a bit late.” She said wearing her shoes.

” Did you see my phone ?” She asked.

” Yeah.” I said returning her phone.

” ****.” She said looking at her phone.

” Yeah. 65 missed calls. They are worried thinking something bad might have happened to you.” I said.

” I guess. Justin called too.” She said and I grinned.

” Your boyfriend missed you.”

She smirked and picked her jacket.

” Let’s go then.” I said and took her hands.

We walked out of the garden and Skyler boarded a cab.

” Call me when you get home.” I said.

” Sure I will.” She said and smiled.

I watched the cab moved away and I turned to home direction. It wasn’t that far , the first person I saw was Lorah standing outside the house. She didn’t smile. I walked up to her and greeted her.

” Hey.” She replied.

” You got the boys worried.” She managed to say.

I smirked and entered the living room.

” Angel where did you go ?” Selene asked.

” Out.”

” With Skyler ?” Alex asked.

” Yeah.” I said softly.

” Ooh , we weren’t expecting that.” Selene said and sat down.

” I guess. I need to shower my clothes are a little bit wet.” I said.

” Did you drown ?” Selene asked.

” I don’t think so , maybe he had a shower bath with Skyler or maybe they kinda fought inside a river ” Alex said and we Chuckled.

” I’ll take that as a compliment. Where’s thando ?”

” In his room.”

” Alright , BRB.” I said and walked out .


” Skyler where are you coming from ?” Jonah asked.

” I was out.” She replied.

” With who ?” They asked.

” Dad I was out. I’m not a kid despite the fact that I’m living with you guys.” Skyler defended.

” Really , have you started meeting with someone ?”

” I’m not meeting anyone.” She said.

” You got everyone worried. You should have at least called to inform us you are spending the night out.” Edna said.

” I’m sorry mom. Next time I will.” Skyler said and smiled to her mom.

” Edna you’re making things worse. Why don’t you ask her where did she go and where did she sleep.” Jonah said.

” Dad please not now. I’m in my room mom I need to rest.” Skyler said and kissed her mom.

” Later dad.” Skyler said walking out of the living room.

” She needs a break.” Edna said sitting down.

” A Break you say ? Sky is up to something but i pray she doesn’t do something fishy that will affect her relationship with Justin. I like him a lot . His father has been a very good friend.” Jonah said .

” I understand.” Edna said and sighed.

” Hey Bibi.” Skyler said on the phone.

” Hi sky where have you been ?”

” Out. I was with lino.” She said sitting down on her bed.

” That guy again ?” Bibi asked.

” Yeah and I had fun. He was really cool and I think I’m beginning to like him.”

” Sky what about Justin ?”

” He’s a ****. I’m not breaking up by the way.”

” You just need to be careful. You don’t have to trust every person you meet.” Bibi said.

” Thanks b, I appreciate. You’re a nice friend.”

” Chill don’t make me blush. You’re a good friend too, you brought me to western cape and gave me a job, thanks sky.” Bibi said.

” You’re definitely welcome.”

” Talk to you later sky.”

” Alright b.” Skyler said and Bibi ended the call.


” Justin.” Bibi called walking into Justin’s living room.

” Hey b ”

” Why are you trying to kill yourself over some spoilt girl who doesn’t care about you ?” Bibi asked sitting close to Justin.

” Bibi, love…” Justin said and continued drinking from his beer.

” A blind love.” Bibi said.

” I’m not sure b. Skyler is the only girl who has made me feel different.” Justin said.

” Maybe I can make you feel more different.” Bibi said sitting on top of Justin’s laps.

He was mute and baffled.

” Relax back and lemme do you better.” Bibi said and kissed Justin softly.

She removed her blouse and let Justin’s hands slide through her bras.

” Take me to your room.” Bibi whispered.

Justin reluctantly carried her to his bedroom and flung her on his bed. He quickly undressed himself and make love to her.

To be continued


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