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Hello my friend, Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?


As I sat down to eat, I remembered loads of things I was supposed to have accomplished in my life. Loads of things I had set my heart to do. I remembered the target and lives that should be impacted with the message I’ve got and then the beautiful food that was set before me became loathsome to me.


Few minutes ago, I thought I was really hungry and ready to devour this plate of food and now it became something I was ready to let go off. The delightful meal became loathsome to me. On a second thought, I needed the nutrient the food could possibly give me in helping to build my energy and mental alertness for work. I needed to stay strong and healthy, and so I thought I must eat.


It was at this point the words of Biblical Solomon begin to make some sense to me. In his very words, he said,

“The wise eat to live but the foolish live to eat.”


It felt like I had a cold bath. Things began to make sense and then i realised why I had acted the way i did previously.


So I asked my mastermind group of over 100 intelligent folks and got a few responses. Most responses corroborated my thoughts too. They eat to live. But I wasn’t so sure they really understand why they eat to live. It might just be that they think if they don’t eat, they will die. But that cannot be the case. It has been said that man can go on without eating for days but not certainly without water. This in itself has it’s negative side effects though but only proves that apart from staying alive, there’s a greater cause why we must eat. That is what living is all about.


Another young man was of the opinion that some people who propose the “eat to live” idea actually eat to die because of the kind of junk and things they eat. I can’t agree more but I believe some of these people do it either out of ignorance or out of the inability to acquire the right set of food. No man who is in his right senses will eat to die. And since I’m addressing you who are in a perfect frame of mind, I’m talking about you. Do you really eat to live or live to eat?


While it seems as though this article is about food, it’s certainly not just about food but about your life if you were to answer that question, I’m sure you will say that you eat to live. That’s absolutely correct. Wise men eat to live. Why? This is because their living is for a totally different cause. A cause that is bigger than themselves.


But in my relationship with many people over the years, I’ve come to realise that many people are living to eat. They think they are eating to live but that’s not it. They live their lives from hand to mouth. Belly conscious. Everything about their lives is about how they can satisfy themselves. If you should ask them why they work, you will realise its for a selfish cause. You will hear answers like, because i want to take care of MY family. I want to live a good life. I want to be able to provide for my loved ones. Everything surrounds them. They live to eat.


Actually that’s not life. That’s only an existence. They exist to eat.


Heard of people named OBIAGELI? My aunt will say that those ones only came to this world to eat.


When you become wise, you realise that the only reason why you must eat is because you want to be alive and strong to solve peoples problem and bring glory to the God, your creator.

Life is about your contribution to the world. Not what you get from it.


I see young people everyday who live their lives to only get handouts. They want INSIDE LIFE. Many have gone into Internet fraud and other dubious activities in the name of satisfying their gratifications. They are living to eat. That’s the life of a fool.


The wise eats so he can live to solve problems. They eat so they can live to be the answer to the questions of many. They live for a purpose and they eat to live out that purpose.


Many are broke in life not because they don’t have to eat but because they eat all they have. They think they are in business to eat. They eat all that comes to them. But the wise, learn to save. He eats but leaves some out for savings so he can live to invest in lives and projects that will make impact in other people’s lives.


Another important thought is what really are you eating? Have you ever heard people say, you are what you eat? You actually are no different from what you eat. What you eat will show up in your health and body. This is the same with your mind.


What you feed your mind with daily will result to the quality of life you will live. If you are eating to live, then you must be conscious of what kind of food goes in to your system because whatever goes into your system determines what comes out of your life.


The wise king said it better:


Guide your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.


Now again ask yourself sincerely, what truly have i been living and eating for?

Am I “Living to Eat” or “Eating to Live”?


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