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Unlock Your Creativity

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Creativity is like a muscle… You can determine it’s dexterity and functionality by how well you use it.


Creativity is the expression of Wisdom that births solutions. Over the years, creative tags have been given to particular sects of people like the Artists, Musicians, Writers, Engineers, Inventors… And those who don’t fall into the category of these “Creators” are tagged as “conformists” and “non-creative.”


However, the nature of humanity is naturally one that expresses creativity. Creativity is evolution and the human being by natural factors is designed to evolve… You were conceived in your mother’s womb and became a foetus, as a foetus you grew until the time of maturity and then you were born as a baby, you came into toddler stage, then adolescence, afterwhich came your teenage years and if you’re above 18, you are now an adult.  The stage continues hence and although you are the same being you are continually evolving and changing. That is the dynamic nature of our world today. The universe is sustained by change… And although change could come in different forms, the most needed form of change is creative change.


We define Creativity as the ability to design, develop and implement ideas which have the capacity to solve problems. Creativity requires “creation” not from the vacuum but from resources and elements that are already present in the world.

Everyone is born with an attribute of creative expression but until it is utilised and implemented it holds no forte!


So how do you start?

Firstly, look inward and examine the giftings God has put in you. What makes you stand out?

What makes you Unique?… As soon as you can discover that, you have launched yourself in the process of unleashing your creativity.

After you have discovered your creative gifts, think of how to build them. It may require you studying more, being mentored, going to workshops, undergoing extensive research, deep practice, continual learning… Whatever integritous means it takes is a price you ought to pay


So from now on, begin to look at the World and think of how you can add value to the World and not just take from it. Position yourself in the best way to grow and utilise your creative abilities.


The World will remember less of what you said but more of what you did. There are needs in your environment and you have the capacity to meet it. So unlock that ability and give your best to your World in Love.


Tosin Iyanda

Innomathor Services

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