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One And Only Kiss – Episode 46

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 46

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues


Theme: Will Anna disobey her King?


Feathers, Josh, Collins and Owen had just finish dressing at Seven’s house. Fate had brought the four of them together under the same roof.

The walked outside and waited for the girls.

After few minutes, Mary and Anna walked gorgeously to them.

Seven had already ordered for a car bus that will sit six passengers conveniently , Josh is very good at driving a car bus

He went to the drivers sit and others stepped inside.

Collins ensured that she sat beside Anna in the car

Josh played Ed Sheeran’s music ‘photograph’ from the car’s media player and everyone was miming the song, the melody was so sweet that it made the atmosphere inside the car so calm and lovely as they drive to school

Josh drove to the school garage, everyone stepped down .

“I’m gonna go to the principal’s office now to discuss Anna’s Enrollment in our school” Josh said and others nodded.

The guys shook themselves and gave Mary a slight hug excluding Owen who tried to avoid hugging Mary. Mary noticed but she ignored.

Everyone dispersed to their various classes

Anna followed Josh to the Principal’s office

Josh told the principal

“Good morning sir” Josh greeted

“Josh, have your sit , how do you do?” The principal who recognized Josh as the school labour prefect asked

“I’m fine sir, this is my friend here, she goes by the name Anna, she came all the way from Korea and we want to enroll her here ” Josh said

“Oh! At this time of the term, the mid semester had just passed. Anyways, I think she can still be considered at least because of you, you have being very hardworking as a labour prefect of this awesome school, take her to the school health center, let them run the usual series of text we perform on all our students in this school, let me know the outcome, if she fits in, you can take her to the Vice principal’s Admin for registration , take her afterwards to the school tailor to book a new uniform for her. then lastly, pay her school fee to the bank and present the teller to the school’s bursar after which she has become a full time student of Kingston high School” The principal said

Josh nodded

“Thanks sir, I’m grateful” Josh said and walked out with Anna.

Anna kept stealing glances at Josh all during the times of registration. She wondered how a human can be this muscular, cute and handsome. But she doesn’t like how serious Josh is, he is too serious for her liking

They were done with the registration after many hours , she is now a full time student of Kingston high school.

Josh led her to the V.P Academics office to test her and appoint what class she is gonna be.

The V.P ACAD informed her to sit on a student chair .A locker was in front of her. She was given a mathematics and English text. The outcome of the result will tell the V.P ACAD what grade she is gonna be.

Anna checked the question and arched her brow, she had never done mathematics in her life. In the other world, they don’t go to school , they do not even know mathematics , English or any other subjects

Josh sat far away from her and he thought inside of him that she may fail

“how can you give someone that came from the village this text, what did you expect her to write” Josh thought

“Goddy, are you there” Anna said in her mind

.”yes , I am, I guess you didn’t know any of the question given to you” Goddy said

“I’m telling you, how did this man expect me to solve all this stuffs that I had never seen” Anna said

“I got the answers with me already” Goddy said and started dictating the answers for Tom.

Tom wrote down the answers silently in the answer sheet given to her

She submitted it after about an hour

The V.P Academics adjusted his glasses. He told Tom to sit while he marks her question and determine what grade she should be

The V.P marked and was surprised that Ana got every questions

“Anastasia, we have being expecting someone like you in our school, you are very brilliant, I was actually thinking of placing you in class 7 but not anymore, you are gonna be in class 8.

The V.P ACAD scribbled her name into the names of students in class 8. He informed Josh to lead her to her class

Josh did and went back to his class.

Anna was still putting on mufty unlike other students who were putting on uniform.

She felt odd among them and while she was looking for a comfortable sit, a girl called her with a welcoming smile on the girl’s face

” come and sit with me” the girl said while smiling

Anna naively went to her and sat beside her

“My name is Jane and you?” The girl asked introducing herself

” I’m Anna, nice meeting you Jane” Anna greeted in return

“My pleasure, you are gonna like this school, especially this class” Jane said

“Oh! I hope so, thanks Jane” Anna said and focused on the board.

She saw some scribbled words written in inks on the white board.

She just didn’t understand anything there, she brought her head back and her face met with Bella who was smiling at her

Anna smirked and took her face off her.

Anna turned her head and saw Owen and Collins discussing.

The teachers came according to their period to teach. Everyone of them asking Anna to stand and introduce herself which she did politely.

‘Break Time’

Bella stood up immediately she heard the bell for break and went to meet Anna

“Hi Anna” Bella greeted

“Hi” Anna replied coldly

“No, don’t be so cold, don’t mind what happened yesterday , can we go have lunch together” Bella asked

“Thanks, I’m not interested.” Anna said

“Please she is not interested Bella, Anna let’s stroll downstairs together ” Jane said.

Anna nodded and followed Jane downstairs


Bella smirked and returned to her sit

Collins and Owen decided to take a stroll to Feathers class

Collins abruptly went to meet Bella

“Hi, the greatest witch of our time, may you keep loosing” Collins said and grinned mockingly

Bella maintained a frowned face without responding

Collins left the Class with Owen.


Anna walked side by side with Jane.

“You look so beautiful Anna, I’m sure many guys in the school are gonna be tripping for you” Jane said

“Maybe, but I did not come here to have a boyfriend” Anna said

“What is the name of the country you came from?” Jane asked

“Jeonju Hanok in korea” Anna said

“Wow! But you look like a supernatural being ” Jane said

“Excuse me!” Anna turned her head abruptly at Jane wondering how her assumptions was so close to the truth about her

“I mean , you are as beautiful as a super being” Jane said.

“Oh!” She said and calmed

“Did you know class 7, I wanna go and meet someone there” Anna asked

“Of course, can we go together?” Jane asked

“Why not” Anna replied and they both went to Class 7( Mary’s class)


The bell for break time rang in Mary’s class and Jude who wasn’t listening to all the teachings he had being receiving quickly ran to Mary’s place. He felt like hugging Mary but Mary was indifferent on seeing him

He smiled on getting to Mary’s sit and happiness can be easily seen on his face . It’s being long he sees the only lady his heart desires.

“Mary!” He called with so much Joy in his voice

The joy in his voice was even breaking his voice . He was so emotional

“Hi Jude” Mary greeted slightly

“Oh ! Mary, I miss you, so much, you did not tell me that you are travelling, I even sang a song for you in class to tell the whole class how much I had missed you.” Jude said and blushed

Mary wondered why Jude missed her, it’s not as if they had any relationship that subsist between the two of them

“Oh! Thanks” Mary replied

“I guess you miss me too” Jude said without thinking, he wished that he had not said that cus he is scared that Mary might give him a negative answer which might spoil his mood for the rest of the day

“Erm.. That, actually… Jude, you look handsome” Mary said and neglected his question .

He had Just seeing her after many years and he is happy for seeing her, she should not spoil his mood

“Oh really!” Jude exclaimed and a broad smile appeared on his face. He traced himself from head to toe with his eyes and blushed.

Now he knows that he is handsome, for Mary to have confessed it

Owen and Collins entered Mary’s class. Jude saw Owen and he became furious because of how Owen pulled Mary away from him the other day. He is also jealous that Owen is making Mary fall for him

Jude walked to him and Collins .

“Hey you, isn’t your class large enough to play, it’s best for you to leave this class else I tell our class gangster to beat the hell out of you from this class ” Jude threatened

Owen became scared and he knew that Jude is actually crazy enough to do what he just said

Owen turned his head to Collins to know what he thinks about what Jude just said

Collins knew that Jude is reckless and he could do just that.

“Owen, lets leave” Collins said and turned and they saw Jane and Anna entering

Collins had began to like Anna from the first day he saw her. But Anna detest Collins for whatever reason she can not explain.

She liked Josh but she prayed that she would not fall in Love with Josh.

“Hi” Anna faked a smile at Collins and went to meet Josh

“Hi Josh” she greeted

Josh raised his head towards Anna and his heart beat

She wondered if it was not the same Anna she had being taking from one place to the other for registrations

Anna looked very beautiful and she appeared angelic to Josh

Josh stood up and held her wrist , he pulled her outside

Josh’s emotion is beginning to cloud him , he knew he is being tempted by a force he can not explain.

“I must not fall to this temptation” Josh thought .

Nevertheless , he instructed Anna to follow him to the relaxing room

They got to the relaxing room and he pinned Anna with his two hands with his arms rested on the wall on top of Anna’s shoulder

He was standing opposite Anna

“Anna, I can’t explain what is happening to me , I do not know if I’m spelled or something, my heart is beating for you, I … I…. I love you Anna, I’m sorry, but … I Iove you Anna” Josh said and wish he can run away from the relaxing room, but he can’t help it.

Anna was stunned that the serious Josh can confess his Love for her

The words of Jude were piercing her heart, her heart was bleeding, and she knows she will betray the promise she made to the king of her wolrd very soon, she is scared cus she did not know the punishment that the King of her world will give her

Her heart is dangling, her emotions are fast taking over, the look of Love and innocence showed clearly at Josh’s face whose face his not far from hers

To be continued


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