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One And Only Kiss – Episode 32

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 32

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Lennox is Furious


“Mary, are you alright” Feathers said

Mary nodded

“I was confessed by Bella, she used her power on me so that I can start doing everything that she commanded” Mary said audibly not facing anyone in particular

Bella was surprised to hear what Mary said. Her heart beats faster than usual, her lips parted and dropped. She wondered how Mary got to know

“But Lennox gave me a go ahead, didn’t he see into prophecy that this girl will come back to her senses or he just wanted to disgrace me intentionally. Well, I need to defend myself first” Bella thought.

“What are you talking about?” Bella said feigning ignorance

Feathers heard what Mary said, he tried to make sense out of it, but he couldn’t.

Firstly, she saw her kneeling down begging Owen to kiss Bella, she stopped that and looked at him for some time , and now she is talking about Bella confessing her.

Feathers kept wondering what has gone wrong will Mary.

Owen knew that Bella is a powerful somebody, after all , Lennox is a magician and a powerful one at that, like father like daughter, Owen thought that Bella must have got some of her power from her Father.

So, yeah, If Mary claimed to be confessed by Bella, it may be true

Even Owen is now finding it hard to understand Bella

“Owen, I’m sorry for how I tried to convince u to kiss Bella, please let’s go home” Mary said and entered the car without waiting for Owen’s response.

Owen sighed and followed Mary, he entered by other side of the car.

Feathers watched as Mary drove away with Owen

He still couldn’t comprehend all that had just happened.

“Feathers, don’t mind her, I think she’s having some mental personal issues cus I can’t understand all that had just happened now” Bella said

Features exhaled

“Let’s move” Feathers said to the labour prefect and took some steps to walk away from Bella

“Hey! Feathers, please don’t go, can we go and catch some fun together” Bella pleaded

“No, I’m sorry, I had just participated in a fierce debate , I need time to relax” Feathers said

“Erm.. Can we… Can I follow you home?” Bella requested

“Please do not talk about following me home again, I need time to relax, understand me please” Feathers said politely and walked away with the labour prefect .

Bella felt bad that Feathers left , she wished that Feathers stay, she had always imagine spending time with Feathers would be

She can’t imagine how lunch with Feathers is gonna be

She went home


Feathers use his sword to guide a man’s sword.

The man jump and rolled , he tried to pierce Feathers shoulder with his sword. Feathers guided it the sword escaped him.

Feathers used the opportunity to try to hit the man with his sword at the man’s back. But the man was swift enough to guide it

The man took some steps backward , Feathers watched and stood with his sword like a warrior

“Sufrodaota megris megris adiat” The man casted a spell to the sword he was holding, the sword left his hand and came towards Feathers , the sword was fighting Feathers without someone controlling it.

Feathers exhausted all his energy at some point and his sword fell from his hand, the sword dwelling with him stayed very close to his neck like he is about to be beheaded. He raised his head gently

The man who casted a spell on the sword that was about to kill Feathers walked closer to him and held the sword

Feathers fear decreased and he sighed in relief

The man bowed to Feathers and took some steps away

“Where are you going?” Feathers asked the man

“Follow me” The man said and Feathers followed him like a sheep about to be slaughter

He is not having problem trusting the man now, after all, the man had the opportunity to kill him yet the man refused

The man went to the an old hut , the man entered and Feathers followed. Everywhere was dirty, there were cobwebs at every angle of the room. Everywhere was not properly arranged except the old scrolls that were well arranged inside the shelves

“Where is this place please?” Feathers asked the man

“It’s a place on earth, you need to find where this place is on earth, so you can read the scrolls here, it will teach you how to use your powers.

You have supernatural abilities but you will never know how to use it unless you are being taught.

More so, whenever you are coming to this place, come along with your sister, read everything you need to know about your powers here.

Cus the time has come and the time is now when the dragon and his daughter will come to you in anger ready to devour you and your sister and all that you loved and cherish.

This dragon is a mage who practices white magic, but because of his selfish reason and the vow to protect the temple of his ancestors , he betrayed his conscience and he has formed alliance with his daughter to bring evil upon an innocent son.

Listen this day my son, the battle has commenced, be smart and find this place quick on earth. It’s called the library of powers” The man said and Feathers woke up

It was a dream. Feathers had being dreaming all this while.

“It’s being a while I dreamt and remember every scene of the dream and the words ” Feathers said and quickly scribbled everything that he remembered in the dream inside his diary

He exhaled after he had written down the dream.

Her went to the bathroom, he rinsed his face and stretched his body. He came back to his bed and sat. He kept staring at the dream he narrated inside his diary seriously trying to understand what it meant.


Lennox and his daughter stood before Unknown at the inner part of the temple

“I’m really disappointed in you, just a simple assignment , you can not propel your daughter to accomplish. This has got complicated than we imagine.

I told you then that prophesy says that the twin that will be given birth to by Seven will have supernatural abilities.

The prophesy also says they will fight us with their all their strengths.

Lennox and I knows that that Mary is one of the twin with supernatural power , but we aren’t moved cus we know that there is no way she can ever learn how to use her power.

What we are doing is simple, we are taking Mary out of the way , so we can focus on Owen and accomplish our mission” Unknown said

“What if her twin shows up?” Lennox asked

“I pray he or she won’t cus it’s gonna be a tough battle between us, we just need to be fast in taking Mary out of the way” Unknown replied

“Bella, have you being able to know where Mary live?” Unknown asked

“Yeah, she told me when I confessed her ” Bella replied

“Lennox, go their now and bring Mary here , cast a spell on Owen so he can loose his memory, he will not remember all that happened which include how you came to take Mary, we are gonna keep Mary in our custody as long as it takes till we find her twin, once we do, we keep him too and ensure Bella kiss Owen. Once we accomplish our primary mission which is Bella kissing Owen, we will release the twin to go” Unknown said

“May your wisdom never run dry, I’m on it” Lennox said to Unknown and went out with Bella

Bella and Lennox left the temple at 11:03 pm and went to Mary’s house

They got there by 11:47pm



Owen and Mary sat in the living room playing a game

“Owen, I feel bad for you cus in the next thirty minutes, you are gonna stop talking ” Mary said during the middle of their game

“It’s painful, I just wish I can be so certain of who the right lady is, but I have to be very sure so I would not make the greatest mistake of my life” Owen said

“I always wish I’m the right lady, but anytime I remember the dream I had long time ago , I use to doubt if I’m the right lady sincerely” Mary said

“And if you are sure to be the right lady, I need to be sure too, I know it will take time but I know I will be certain of who the right lady is and have my first kiss with her someday” Owen said

“Owen, I never knew you can be this friendly, you have always be strict” Mary said

“Being denied by nature of what others had is a pain I bear every single day of my life. Seeing everyone around me speaking and yet I can’t speak is so painful, that is why I had never being happy.

I’m scared that once twelve am clocks, I’m gonna return to the boring Owen, happiness will depart from me, the pain of not being able to speak will take hold of my heart again” Owen said and bowed his head, drop of tears streamed from the corner of his eye

Mary walked closer to him and hugged him, she placed her head on Owen’s shoulder. Owen wrapped her hand around her

Mary raised her head towards the wall clock and saw the time

“Owen, it’s 11:47pm, I think we need to rest since we will have to wake early tomorrow to go to school” Mary said

“True” Owen replied

Mary stood up and Owen did too

“Bugradovis bulas bulas mnnnnriiiii mnnnriii agasit

Ye sevens and eights

The powers of baal

Come ye… Asafat” Lennox who was standing at the entrance of Mary’s house angrily casted the spells and the whole door of the entrance to Owen’s house flew away

“Jeez! ” Mary screamed when she saw the door of the entrance flown away

Owen arched his brow in fear and shook fretfully.

Lennox and Bella entered the house furiously

To be continued


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  1. I wonder how feathers will figure out that mary is his twin sister. I wish they don't succeed in abducting mary

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