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One And Only Kiss – Episode 31

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 31

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Mystery of a Twin


“Man, you spoke well, very bold” labour prefect said

“Thanks bro” Feathers said and smiled

They walked outside the hall, many students were dispersing to their various homes already

“Wait, isn’t that Mary?” Feathers said setting his gaze towards a particular direction

“Sure, she is” The labour prefect said and took some steps further

Feathers jugged to where Mary was , she was kneeling down and begging Owen while Bella leaned against the car and watch

Bella saw Feathers and she quickly left the car and came closer to Feathers

“Feathers, Hi” She said and waved her fingers

Feathers ignored and set his gaze still at Mary

“Owen, what did you do to her?” Feathers asked

“Nothing , she is insisting that I kiss Bella, can you imagine?” Owen said

“Funny! Why would she? ” Feathers said and smirked

“Mary is that true” Feathers asked Mary

“Please, Bella said I should convince Owen to kiss him” Mary said and cried

Mary looked up at the face of Feathers, her eyes suddenly became blurry, she couldn’t see Feathers, she was seeing herself

“Mary is anything wrong?” Feathers asked when she realized that Mary kept looking at him and she wasn’t taking her eyes away

Mary remained silent


Flash back!


“I think I should Inform you that I’m getting married soon and I want to confirm if nothing will happen to me or my unborn children” Seven asked Lennox

That was the time Seven, the father of Mary wanted to marry, even though he had lost trusts in Lennox because of how Star betrayed him and nothing happened to her despite the fact they had a covenant. he still had an iota fear and he think he needs to clear things out with Lennox so that any evil will not befall him and his generation in the future

“Star has already forcefully broken the relationship , the curse will be on her first child, but for you, you are free,but I pray you did not give birth to a twin” Lennox said

“A twin? Why?” Seven asked

“Given birth to a twin might made the curse have effect over you as well” Lennox said

“No, I do not want that, I’m gonna get married and give birth soon, preadventure I give birth to a twin , what should I do” Seven asked

“Simple, take your favorite amidst them, take care of him or her , dispose the other one” Lennox said

“Come again please, I pray I do not give birth to a twin, but are u saying if I give birth to a twin, I should have one and throw the other one away” Seven asked

“No, by dispose I mean, give it to the orphanage or give it to any barren couple around you” Lennox said

“Alright” Seven said and stood up. He went away.

Seven got married happily, his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a twin

When Seven heard that it was twin that his wife gave birth to, he placed his hands on his two head and cried

“It was Star that had brought this upon me by making me engage in that convenient and yet betrayed me, now , I will have to give one of my child out ” He thought and his heart was very bitter .

He went to meet the doctor and told him to inform his wife that she only gave birth to one child.

The doctor did as commanded by Seven, he did not bother asking why, after all , he had signed In the wife’s presence before child delivery that he is her husband

Seven called his friend who had being barren for three years since they got married.

The barren couple came to meet Seven at the hospital. Seven presented the male child to them.

The wondered why he is giving them a newly born male child

“My wife gave birth to twin, while you have none, take this kid and have it as your own son” Seven said and gave them the child

The barren couple happily collected it and thanked Seven. They went home happily hoping that someday Seven will not come to claim his child.

Seven saw them leaving happily and tears streamed down his face

“Even if a man has twenty children, he would never have trivialize anyone of them, he watched his new born baby being carried away.

He and his wife went home with the the new born baby left, she is a girl.

She was named Mary

The barren couple named their male child Feathers

But Lennox hide a secrete from Seven, he thought that it is not the right time to tell Seven.

Lennox knew already that Seven will give birth to twin, he has seen into prophecy, he knew that the twin he is gonna give birth to will have supernatural abilities but they will never know how to use it unless somebody teaches then


Back to Reality


Mary felt like a scale fell from her eyes, her understanding became brightened , she sullenly remembered all that has happened, how she was beginning to Obey all the command of Bella, she remembered that Vanessa did the same thing when Bella looked into her eye and moved her mouth silently like someone saying something

Mary stood up from her knees at once and rubbed her face.

she knew at once that the same power that Bella used on her, that was the name power she used on Vanessa

She noticed that not all of Bella’s power can work on her, like the day Bella touched Jude and Jude fell, Bella used that same power on her by touching her but nothing happen to her

“Guess, it is only her confessing ability that has worked on me , but why did I suddenly come back to my senses, why was I looking at Feathers and seeing myself” Mary thought

To be continued


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