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One And Only Kiss – Episode 30

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 30

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Bella, Why?

Owen turned when he heard Bella asking for the fulfilment of promise.

He was surprised that Bella had no iota of shame, despite the fact that they humiliated their class, she still had the got to be asking for the promise

“Bella, ain’t you ashamed?” Owen asked fluently

“I’m not, why would I? Failure is a norm, everybody fails and for the fact that we failed today doesn’t mean we will keep failing, every successful man you see has once failed, so please stop talking about that and fulfil your promise” Bella said

“Owen!” Mary shouted from afar

She approached Owen

“Jeez! Owen, how come! You spoke, I was surprised, whom did you kiss?” Mary asked curiously

“I of course, he had the kiss with me because I’m the right lady that was why he spoke” Bella replied Mary’s curiosity

Mary arched her brow

“Owen, is that true, did you kiss her” Mary asked not wanting to believe what Bella just said

“I’m just about to, we made a deal, she told Lennox to make me speak for twenty four hours after which I must kiss her” Owen said

“Really! Can’t Lennox just tell you who the right lady is?” Bella asked

“He once told me that it’s Bella, but I can’t just kiss her just because he said it, I still need to take my time” Owen said

Mary sighed

“All I’m waiting for is for you to fulfil your promise cus you know what I can do if you do not” Bella said threateningly

“What would you do?” Mary asked boldly

“Seems you are quick to forget that my father is a magician and a temple priest , trust me, you do not want to try us in our family” Bella said proudly

“There is nothing that you gonna do, you just a frustrated b**** on an evil mission” Mary said and grabbed Owen’s hand.

She walked him to her car. They were already done for the day at school. The debate occurred after the school academic activity.

Bella was furious and he quickly pick up her phone to call her father

“Hello dad” Bella said

“Hi dear” Lennox replied

“Owen promised to kiss me if you can make him speak for twenty four hours and now Mary is making him do otherwise ” Bella said

“You mean Mary is not allowing Owen to kiss you?” Lennox asked

.”Yes dad” Bella replied

“Confess Mary” Lennox ordered

“What! Dad, I thought I can’t use my confessing ability now ” Bella asked

“I will handle that, confess Mary quick, you must kiss Owen today, we do not have much time” Lennox said

“Alright dad” Bella replied

Bella ran towards Mary’s car

Mary and Owen had already sat inside the car discussing on either to go home and she cook for Owen or branch to eat at a nearby restaurant

Bella came rushing to their car all of a sudden

“What did you want?” Mary asked from inside the car

“I wanna see you please?” Bella pleaded

Mary looked at Owen to see if Owen would permit her to step down from the car. But Owen himself was confused, he didn’t know why Bella of all people will be pleading to see Mary

Mary didn’t get any signal from Owen as to either she should step down or not, she turned her head , opened the door and step down

Mary leaned against her car

“Alright, I’m here, what did you wanna see me for?” Mary asked

Bella stood directly opposite her, she stared at Mary’s face and casted a silent spell.

Mary wondered what she was doing, but before she could think of what to do, her eye suddenly become darkened, Bella’s eye was absolutely white

Mary was successful confessed by Bella

Bella smiled when she realizes that her power worked on Bella

“Command me my Lord” Mary said and bowed

Mary grinned

“Listen to me, don’t call me my Lord, call me Bella, firstly, describe where you live for me?” Bella asked

“52nd street, Lexington avenue ” Mary replied

“Good, I do not have much time now, I want to kiss Owen , what can you do to help me?” Bella asked

“Anything you want me to do” Mary replied

“Alright , speak to him that he should fulfil his promise of kissing me, convince him, do that now” Bella commanded

“Alright” Mary said and bowed

“Wait, stop bowing for me, that might create suspicion” Bella said

“Alright” Mary said and stepped inside the car

“Owen, I think it is good that you fulfil your promise to Bella” Mary advised

“Why? Why did you suddenly change your mind? What if she’s not the right lady” Owen said

.”she is the right lady, just do as I’ve said ” Mary said

“Why should I do as you have said , are you my commander, is it because I allowed you to be driving me home that made you feel like you are a boss, I’m suppose to be driving myself to school if not because I had being dumb all this while, anyways, suit yourself” Owen said and opened the door, he stepped down from Mary’s car.

Mary opened the door of her side and quickly went to meet Owen, she knelt down and started crying

“Please Owen , fulfil your promise ” Mary pleaded

Owen wondered what has gone wrong with Mary, what is making her behave this way, why the sudden change of behavior

Bella stood and leaned on the car, she smirked cus she knows that Mary will do everything possible to convince Owen to kiss her

To be continued


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