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Monkey Must Come For Banana.

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© Olatunji Opeolu Wale

Monkey must come for banana.

Lions based their kingdoms in Some parts of Asia and Africa and some parts of Europe , there are some other species of lions but not as popular as Africa and Asia species. Lion is the second-largest Cats in the world after Tiger; lions are habitats of grasslands, savanna, dense scrub and open woodland. They are carnivorous animal, derived pleasure in eating flesh of other lesser Animals; hunt for their meals by grabbing the victim animals with their claws and use their sharp teeth to tear their victims apart.

Monkeys on the hand are of different species like : Gorilla, Baboon, Ape, and Chimpanzee etc; Mostly live in a thick forest of Africa, Asia, America and rest of universe. They like jumping or hopping from one tree to anothers in acrobatics and skillful ways. Monkeys like eating fruits in particular banana, a favourite food for Monkeys.

Once upon a time in Sub-Saharan Africa open woodland desert lived Two Monkeys, Sira and Dira,both were orphans; lost their parents to Lions attack. Both watched their Relatives, Parents, Siblings and friends devoured and ate up by lions,Until left alone both as only Monkey specie in the region. Sira called Dira and warned him to be watchful and she reminded him of what killed others, that was inability to be satisfied and contented with what they had on trees. Those that died could have not died if they managed little they were gotten from trees like: Oranges, Mangoes and Pears.

Sira and Dira Constituted laws for themselves:(1) Do not walk alone. ( 2) Do not keep your feelings to self alone (3) Take permission from other before embark on a decision.

These constitutions were manage and guided by both. These Two Monkeys did whatever they wanted on top of trees,They ate from trees, Sleep on trees and Mate on trees, felt like a king.

The other Animals were all relocated or runaway from these predators, They escaped to exist.

The Angry and hungry lions watched both Sira and Dira on top of trees waiting for the day one or both would come down to ground. They had tried it several times to attack them on trees which was impossible.

Tough Lion is the king of Animals, but Monkey is the King when it comes to top races. Monkeys know all trees, the strong ones and the weak ones – the strong ones which they performed excellently on top of them, because it sustained their weight and had strong branches to showcase or display their skillful acrobatics talents.

Sira and Dira managed Orange juice to diminished being thirsty, despised flowing mountain top river in their habitation; they avoided the danger on ground (Lions). They survived on Pears and Mangoes as Foods. The trees had strong branches and stabled roots, therefore they jumped from one tree to the others.

Lions tired, Almost forgotten the two, sometimes traveled distant seeking for foods. Until one day, one of the lions sighted Dira on ground walking majestically,he was angry of manner of arrogance Dira used to display himself, he tried to catch him, but hurriedly escaped into trees.

Unknown to Sira that Dira had been practising to disobey their laws. One day Sira jumped from one tree to others searching for Dira until she jumped to the nearest tree of mountain river and saw Dira climbing a ripe bananas tree, she was trembled and afraid. Dira came back safely and brought three riped bananas for her which she refused to accept from him. She warned him of the danger and also reminded the type of tree banana trees were. Banana was monkey favourite food also its tree was deadly enemy to play with, it didn’t grown branches or had stabled roots, little weight attached could uprooted it.

The Lions saw Dira the very first day but feigned ignorance and pretended as if they were unnoticed. They were happy because they know Monkey must come for banana and within two days they could get both Monkeys for food. Therefore, the best place to catch these two Monkeys should be the banana proximity; Then they hid inside grasses near the banana trees. Lions known that only banana trees could betray Monkey skills and the acrobatics talent.

Dira begged Sira to follow him that if she followed they would eat enough and able to bring enough back. Sira rejected his offer, she told him she would always abide by their laws and seated on top nearby tree watching him going.

Dira walked to the banana trees climbed carefully the one with riped fruits ate enough and gathered some for Sira, he descended to go that was the time the Lions launched the attack, they surrounded him. Dira seen Lions run back to banana trees and jumped forcefully to climb one of the trees in order to be saved, but banana tree denied him protection, but could provided pleasant meals and favourite meals for him. The banana tree couldn’t withstand the force Dira used to jump on it, it fell down, gave Dira to the Enemies.

The Lions attacked Dira ripped him apart, tore his flesh to pieces , used his body for meal.

Sira watched everything, She cried in animal way, mourned her companion,wailed for days, No one to console her, no one to mate her, no one to play with and no one to talk to.All end with Dira.

In a nutshell, I’m not saying we should not take risks but any risk taken must not make us lose our guard. Risks worth taken but guided by safety; without protection don’t take risk. Military faced war with protection as they were fighting for liberation or safety of one country they were protecting self from destruction,because who witnessed the end of the war could be one to narrate the incidents.

Enemies wait not for one under protection, They waited until one lose his guard,Enemy disliked to attack one under protection.

They attacked when one was seeking pleasure or when one was enjoying the pleasure. Hidden behind what one derived pleasure inside most.

What you enjoyed most could be : Woman(Man),Properties, Work, Fun seeking, Fashions, or a particular behaviour that excited you.

Woman(Man): This could be in terms of fornication or adultery whatever, could be your lover without seen him or her you wouldn’t sleep,they know the source of your pleasure. Enemies hid behind these to destroy one.

Properties : Acquired properties like jewelries, Exotic cars, Land and Structures etc. If you love acquiring one particular item so much that your enemies became noticed of it, it could be the tool of your downfall ,therefore be watchful. Just to make brief explanation on what someone derived pleasure in it.

We all know what attached to our mind most, therefore we should know way to keep our secret secret, to know who to open up to,who to disclose valuable decisions to and share secret with .

Your guard might be your brain, ability of thinking and reasoning; your guard might be your mouth, ability to convince others with sweet speech and it might be your religion etc

In conclusion ,Not everything glitter is Gold. A brighten Substance or things could be dangerous. Not everything our mind or heart desired should be always welcome .We need guidance (a reliable person ) to guide and put us through the way of life.

Note: Dira managed with his companion Sira, Whatever both gathered under protection they managed, risked their lives from Mangoes trees to Pears trees from Pears trees to Orange trees just to survive.Dira discovered a pleasant and favourite food, but left his protection and guard behind and the new discovery couldn’t provide protection for him.

Take risks, also have moderate pleasure, but always with your guard, don’t behave like Dira who left his guard behind, move along with your guard and listen to wise ones for advice . Don’t allow your enemies call you monkey who always come to eat banana and despised all the traps on his way.

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