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I Want A Home – Episode 70

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I Want A Home – Episode 70
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“This is no anyone’s work but Valentine and his dues Nathaniel. We could have killed those men like you suggested and now they’ve sold us out. This is all a fu..ck up”

“I thought as much, we’ve had no clash with Ahlam Khalifa for years. No one except Val and Frank could have sent him after us, they must have moved the package to a safe place by now”

“Yeah. They had this too quick and we were too careless dealing with them. Wherever they must have taken Margot I’m sure it’s a hell for her and too dangerous for us. I made a hell mistake involving in this whole thing from the scratch” Vladimir spoke feeling regret and deep his nose into the whiterich substance again. He sniffed it this time longer and breath heavily, he made a blink and staggered backwards consciously.

He turned behind him when he heard some sound in the room and spoke almost the same seconds lord Nathaniel was about speaking.

“I gotta call you back man. I have things to attend to” he interrupted Lord Nathaniel and end the call immediately. He threw the phone on the floor instantly and turned back to the substance on the table.

“Switch off that phone and temporary disconnect with Nathaniel completely” he instructed Stone who had made the faint sound.

He dipped his nose back to the substance and sniffed it again, this time breathing much heavier afterwards.

“My lord, this is the facility” Khora informed Lord Nathaniel immediately he sight him put the phone down. He stretched out a tablet displaying an image to the drug lord and move close to him.

“The facility has been occupied by a small group of company called Oxblue corporations” Khora added.

Ruiz sits comfortably after taking a look at the sealed package placed beside him at the back seat of the vehicle.

Michael and a driver was at the front seats and the vehicle was moving accurately.

Everything had gone back to normal but the crime scene was filled with people and few police officers had gathered under the bridge.

Six corporate new cars were moving speedily on the highway and Ruiz was in one of them.

“Michael, instruct the men to change direction” Ruiz suddenly ordered admist the silence that had emerged since they changed cars.

“Something isn’t right, I feel uncomfortable”

He added immediately with a frown and placed his left hand on the sealed package beside him.

“Where should we head to?” Michael asked feeling baffled after few seconds of turning to him and the driver who was looking at the back seat through the mirror.

“I don’t know man, just change directions and look around for anything suspicious” Ruiz was still saying when all of a sudden more than 7 police cars were fast approaching from both sides of the road, all making a very loud siren.
An helicopter rove few distance away and there was an announcement that all cars at the route should pull over.

More police troops drove to the spot crazily at the same moment and everyone of them came down with different guns.

“All Vehicles should pull over… All vehicles should pull over” There was a repeated announcement from the helicopter instantly and more announcements came from some of the police vehicles that had blocked the entire road.

Inspector Kelvin came down from one of the vehicles, wearing a bulletproof vest, he marched forward with six officers as soon as he came down and there was another announcement from the helicopter that everyone should get down from their vehicles.

“What the heck is happening?” Michael asked rhetorically as they all stared at the whole occurrence.

“Okay. thank you” Steve said into his phone and end the call. He made a deep breath and turned to Joel making a shrug, he nodded and turned to Derrick too.

“We have no other option Steve, there is no way we could find out except we bridge Metlife servers with a physical contact” Derrick spoke up feeling frustrated and made a sigh.

“There is no way we could do that without having to penetrate the company Derrick !! I’m only trying to see if we could do this without involving any physical attack” Steve pointed out with concern.

“We have to get this done with man !! Stop trying to freak out things here. You know there’s no other way to get this done” Joel voiced out loud, giving Steve no contrary thought. He adjusted the laptop on his laps and sat properly on the sofa, wearing a singlet on a dark Jean, he rested his back fully and placed his hand on the arm rest of the sofa.

“We have no other option then but if we are going to penetrate Metlife, we are gonna need a very good plan. I found out since various attacks on their server and the current turmoil, more security have been provided for the company and their server has been upgraded to one which cannot be hacked by anyone whatsoever. If we are going to get inside successfully without been caught, we’ll definitely need two different plans” Steve stated.

“How many cars do we have here?” Inspector Kelvin asked as he moved on slowly with the officers.

“There are about 38 vehicles”

“We have to search everyone on this road and each of the vehicle present here”

“Boss what do we do? I think this is a trap for us” Michael voiced out as everyone began to come down literally to the instruction given by the cops except their men.

Ruiz turned back to see what was happening immediately instead of answering, he saw most of the occupant in other vehicles behind coming down one after the other and more police officers were walking forward with guns.

He turned back few seconds of watching only to see the same thing happening ahead. People were coming down and more officers were walking forward with guns.

“Boss” Michael called again.

“Obey the instruction, we come down as well” Ruiz spoke instantly.

“Uh !! But Boss.. we could fall into a trap”

“Whatever it is we have to come down first, just tell the men to be ready for any attack”

Inspector Kelvin made a quick glance at the first vehicle they approached on the fast lane, the occupant were couples and they had come down immediately the road was blocked.

He barely looked at them before he moved on to the next vehicle behind while the officers followed him.

“What is going on here officer?” He heard a shaky little kid who was in an old woman’s arm at the second vehicle immediately they moved to it.

“We are after some terrorist, I’m sorry for scaring you young man” Kelvin said in a funny way that entails fear in-deliberately into the old woman and the little kid instantly.

“Officers I need you to move onward quickly and join the men. We need to do this faster” he added in urgency and clapped twice.

All of Ruiz men at the row began to come down as well immediately Michael relayed Ruiz instruction through his talkon.

Michael himself came down as well as the driver but Ruiz didn’t get down from the vehicle.

Three officers soon showed up at the vehicle just as Ruiz men at the first car on the lane came down slowly.

“Gentlemen I’m gonna need you to step aside” one of the three police officers coming forward instruct them.

To be continued

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