I Want A Home – Episode 68

I Want A Home – Episode 68
18+ SNVL
Ireti Adedipe

“There’s no record of such my lord, I checked thoroughly”

Lord Nathaniel paused again and folded his arms in deliberation. He turned back to Khora and made a deep breath.

“We all need to eat, everyone of you must be hungry by now” he phrased, referring to all the boys in the room after few seconds of phasing round the room. He took a look at the time, exactly 3pm and none of them had taken in anything or let their guard down in the compound since the attack.

“Its no time to eat my lord, I..” Khora was still intercepting when the drug lord waved him off quickly.

“Everyone here is exhausted Khora, if I’m going to survive this, I’ll need agile men to fight for me” he obstruct Khora and turned to everyone of them.

“You and you” He pointed out to two of the 8 men in the room.

“There are two separate store in one of the rooms in this building, I’m not sure which contains some food items but both of you should go and get us all something to eat” he instructed and turned to Khora immediately.

“Connect me with Steve Jones” He ordered Khora.

“These are the personal laptops used by the hackers. I was checking out some profiles on the laptop late last night when I came across this” Mr. Madison pointed out to an image from the monitoring screen the seated men were watching.

“I discovered the hackers had been working on this secretly for some time now but they couldnt have full access to our servers easily without them been detected or caught by our security system” Madison paused and continued.

“From all my discoveries, I found traces of some illegal transactions and uncleared funds that disappeared apart from the ones we knew about” Madison phrased again and paused.

“If what you are saying is right Mr. Madison, then I think what we have here correspond with few investigations we did on JC Firm. That means there’s something up Mr. Harrison sleeve and I think its high time to invite him over” One of the man standing behind Prosecutor Colan spoke after Mr. Madison conclusion.

“Where are this hackers?” Detective Cougar who had been silent for a moment asked, turning to Madison.

“They are in prison but we need to bring them back now” Mr. Madison answered. He walked back to the long table they were seated and sat down.

“Where the hell do all this money goes? This is damn crazy” Inspector Kelvin spoke too.

“Its high time we invite Mr. Harrison over, prepare yourselves guys, we move in two hours” Prosecutor Colan instructed the two men standing beside him.

Its been over an hour since Steve began to work on his laptop, he had changed position to sit adjacent his previous seat and Derrick was seated beside Vivian.

Joel was seated in his same position but his right leg was placed on the long sofa while he also work on a laptop.

The room was silent and everyone of them was quite busy, Derrick was likewise working on a laptop while Vivian was pressing a phone.

Steve was Verily busy with the laptop when the ringing sound of the phone intercepted the long silence in the room. They all turned to his direction as he took up the phone and looked at the screen. He looked at Joel straightforward and made a quick signal to him.

He answer the call straight away after putting down the laptop.

“Hey Lord Nathaniel” He called out in a stern and serious tone.

“Where the hell is Ruiz? Steve !!” Lord Nathaniel sounded from the other end impatiently.

“I’m sorry but I can’t give you any information about that” Steve replied him instantly.

“Where.. the.. hell.. Is Ruiz?” lord Nathaniel asked again but this time slowly.

“I’m sorry, I just said I can’t give you such information” Steve replied him again, picking his words the same way.

“You were just attacked by the Hinds lord Nathaniel, whoever have sent them to you must be someone in close relation with Ahlam Khalifa, not someone like Ruiz” Steve stated just about time lord Nathaniel was about to speak.

“Whoever had sent the Hinds men after you must be the same person who sent assassins after you at the police custody” Steve added immediately and turned to Joel who was trying to whisper something to him.

“I can help you find him but you have to help me on something”

“And what I’m I doing for you man?”

“its very simple lord Nathaniel, give me access to your drug facility in Georgia”

“The facility had been abandoned for long, why are you asking for access to it?” Lord Nathaniel asked with a frown from the other end after an immediate silence between them.

“I’m offering to help you out here lord Nathaniel, you do not necessarily have to know why I’m asking for the facility”

“Okay then, I’ll get back to you”

Steve made a faint sigh immediately the call ended, he turned to Joel instantly and was about to speak when Derrick interrupted him.
“Guys !! I found it” Derrick belated voice sounded beside Vivian as if he was waiting for Steve to end the call already.

Steve and Joel rushed to his position instantly and they both turned to look at the laptop on his laps.

“This is the man, he’s called Tendango, a name meaning ‘Man Bird’ and basically he’s known as Chairman Lee. He owned the best construction company in Dubai and Mexico and he’s the chairman of M. X. T company” Derrick announced the same information displaying on the laptop with a picture covering some part of the screen while they read the content themselves.

“Boss, we found out the schedule time for the transport” Michael announced to Mr Ruiz who was smoking a tobacco beside the pool.

He waited to get Ruiz attention before speaking again. “What is the scheduled time?” Ruiz asked after turning to him.

“The transport moves today by 12pm” Michael answered and bowed partly in respect.

“Good. Have you get everything I told you?”
“Yes boss. I got everything including the mask, but shouldn’t we alert the police and make a false alarm? We could use the cops to our advantage”

“No Michael, creating a false alarm may disrupt our plans and we have to be careful letting the cops or anyone involve”

Ruiz said and returned the tobacco between his lips while Michael bowed and turned to leave.

Inside the large office were three seated men, Valentine was on a call and he was seated opposite Franklin who was sitting beside Harrison. Two of Valentine’s boys were standing some meters away from them to the door and the conversations that had started 10 minutes ago continued between the dues.

“We have everything under control” Valentine announced to Harrison and Franklin immediately he ended the call and drop the phone beside him.

“Those guys would handle it properly” He added as Harrison stared him a look.

“I made contact with the Minister last night, I must say he’s getting worried. Whatever it is we have to do has to be done onward carefully, we obviously cannot make mistakes that’ll jeopardize everything we’ve worked for over the years” Franklin continued speaking afterwards.

“I agree with you Frank but right now we need to focus on what’s most important to all of us, including the minister himself” Valentine countered just immediately the three of them began to hear a tiny sound far from the door. They turned towards the direction of the door to see one of the two men trying to bring out something from his pocket, he took him more than 7 seconds to dip his fingers into his pocket and finally brought out the phone that made the sound.

GMT 12:04 pm

“Boss, the plane has landed. We sighted three vehicles arriving at the airport already” Michael told Ruiz as the back glass of the car Ruiz seated was wined down partly. Two men were at the front seat and one of them was driving.

“How many are they?” Ruiz asked him.

“There are more than 10 men boss”

Michael answered just as Ruiz took a sharp glance at his wristwatch, its was now exactly 6 minutes past 12pm.

“Good. Follow the men cautiously, we’ll attack them immediately they are out of the airport” Ruiz instructed him.

To be continued

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