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Entangled – Episode 12

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Entangled – Episode 12

A Story By Goddy Francis

I opened my eyes and yawned. I turned around and saw Lorah lying close to me on my bed. She was covered by my duvet. I looked within me and I was naked same as Lorah.

” What the ****.” I whispered.

I checked the time and it was barely 1:23 am. It was midday , I guess the guys will be coming back home in the morning. I was still in shock, I tried to think and I remembered everything. I just hated Lorah that instant , she was just too irritating. I tapped her and she reluctantly shake herself and stretch her bones. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

” Did you have to drug my water ?” I asked.

She smiled and sat up.

” You were good in bed.” Lorah said and smiled.

She caress my back and licked her lower lip.

” Get out.” I ordered.

” What ?” She asked baffled.

” Get out of my room.” I said again.

” Lino what is wrong with you ?”

” You’re the only problem I have in this world. Just do me a favor and get your **** face out of my life. Get out of my room now. Girls don’t force themselves on men , you’re just trying to act cheap to me.” I said with anger.

She sobbed and cleaned her tears.

” It’s fine you just said your mind. I’m cheap to you and I’m the only problem you have in this world. I get it and I think I did a terrible mistake for falling in love with you. I get it..” Lorah said getting up.

She picked her clothes and walked out naked. Jeez what type of temptation is this. I hated myself and I hated everything, I felt guilt all over me. I couldn’t sleep. I wrap myself in my blanket and rolled edge to edge.

Having sex with lorah was the last thing that can ever cross my mind. I don’t felt like seeing her for the now.

I slept and woke up late. Selene distracted me by knocking endlessly on my room door.

I staggered up and lazily opened the door. I was really down with severe illness.

” Angel.” He said.

I refused to answer and walked back to my bed. I took a deep breath and touched my head , head ache wants to rip my brain apart.

” What happened to you and Lorah ?” Selene asked sitting close to me.

” Me and Lorah ?” I asked curious.

” Yes. Lorah has refused to talk to anyone, she’s been quiet since morning. Yesterday she said she has a runny stomach, reasons why she returned to the house. But I was shocked by the scenario that I saw , she’s been crying.” Selene said.

I swallowed my saliva and stood up to look outside the window. It was really bright, Selene stand up and stood close to me.

” This world is a crazy place for good people.” I said and smiled at Selene.

Talking about dating someone who you grew up with I think I’d rather chose Selene. She’s a pure hearted girl with a very pleasing attitude. I like her a lot, her smile was really pleasing , a girl who needs freedom from suffering.

” Did you guys argue about her crush attitude towards you ?”

” Something more to that.” I replied and looked away.

” I’m sorry. Breakfast is ready.” She said tapping me slightly on the back.

” Thanks lin I’m not hungry.” I said.

” Angel you’re sick. You need food.” Selene said.

She always reminds me of my mom each time she calls me angel, it makes me feel like a six years old.

” Thanks, I’ll be fine.” I said and smiled.

” No you’re not gonna be fine. You need to come downstairs and have breakfast. Whatever s*** that happened between you and Lorah last night shouldn’t deprived you of your joy and I’m really serious about that.” She said holding my hand and dragged me to the living room.

Most times she acts like my mom. I smiled at the others and sat down Lorah isn’t present.

” Where’s Lorah ?” I asked.

” In her room. She said she’s fasting.” Alex replied.

” It’s nice she’s getting close to Christ, a toast to that.” Thando said and Selene Chuckled.

” Crazy. Last night was really abnormal.” Alex said.

” What happened ?” I asked.

” You hold the crew lino. Everyone was missing you. I guess that gave Lorah a runny stomach.” Selene said and resumed eating.

” That wasn’t funny.” I said and took a bite from the meal.

” I guess.” Alex whimpers.

” Heard from sky ?” Thando asked.

I raised my eye brows and stare at Thando.

” The last time I checked , when people starts acting really weird it means trouble.” I said.

” True.” Selene responded.

” Okay so I’m the incoming trouble ?” Thando asked.

” I didn’t say that. Just that sky is in a relationship with a millionaire weirdo. And I’m not really into her , like I said earlier I just need money and not a girlfriend.” I said.

” So what makes you think you won’t eventually fall Inlove with this weirdo millionaire’s girlfriend ?” Alex asked.

” I don’t know. My guts won’t allow that.” I said.

” Cool. She’s a nice catch.” Alex said.

” Yeah to change our condition.” Thando said.

We kept quiet and stare at him.

” Okay I didn’t hear that.” I said.

” Me neither.” Selene said.

Alex chuckle silently and continued eating.

I followed thando to his room, he opened his window and walked to his balcony. I followed him and stood side by side staring at the town.

” When are we gonna move to the better side of cape town ?” Thando asked.

” Soon bro.” I replied.

” I hope that soon is close ?”

” Yeah. God is still living, he isn’t dead yet. He sees us and he knows what bothers us.” I said and sighed.

” You know lorah’s attitude isn’t something normal. What happened between you two ?” Thando asked.

” The worst happened.”

Thando was mute , he stare at me and arched his brows Indicating ‘what ‘ sign.

” We had sex.” I managed to say in a whispering manner.

” What ?”

” Yeah. I still can’t get it out of my head. I always wished it’s just a dream.” I said softly.

” Why would you do that ?”

” I didn’t. She drugged my water. I was conscious but I couldn’t stop myself. Thando we ****ed .” I said feeling pity on myself.

” Chill. It’s nothing huge anyways . Just assume it’s just a nightmare, she’s not even your sister.”

” I can’t stay in the same house with her. I felt like packing out.” I said.

” You won’t do that okay. Just assume she’s just some one night stand girl. Forget it.” Thando said.

” I hope I can.” I said.

” How’s your health ?”

” Fine I guess.” I said.

” Thank God.”

Thando and I are were more than brothers. I trust him with almost everything in my life. We are really the closet pair in my house. Lorah refused to come out that day. I still wasn’t happy , I strolled out that night and later find myself in a bridge. Prince Albert’s only bridge. It’s a bridge meant for people who wants to think over their issues.

It was really quiet and calm that night. I stare endlessly at the river as it flows gently. I coughed and sighed. I thought I was having tuberculosis. Someone sneeze behind me, I turned to look and I saw a lady on a long coat staring at the river too at the other extreme.

I walked over to her and smiled.

” Sky.”

She looked at me and kept quiet trying to find a perfect word to say.

” You don’t look fine.” I said touching her forehead.

” Yeah.” Her soft voice whispers.

” What happened ? What are you doing here ?” I asked.

” I don’t even know . I thought I needed some few time.” Skyler said and smiled into my eyes.

” Then let’s go somewhere better.” I said stretching forth my hand.

She smiled and took my hand. I hold her hands and we walked side to side. I took her to a garden close to the orphanage where I once lived. The garden was little and it has a water fall. Little rocks sits by the side of a clean pool. With pure carpet green grass.

” Wow.” She said with her mouth wide agape.

” You like it ?”

” I love it.” She said smiling looking around.

” How on Earth did you find this place ?” She asked.

” When I was little , it was my favorite spot, I love it here. I find peace within this range.” I said.

She smiled and sit on the swing opposite the pool. I sighed and sit close to her.

” You’re amazing you know.” She said and smiled.

” You’re more than amazing too.”

” Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself.”

I sighed and looked beyond the pool.

” My mom has always been my best friend before she died. I was raised in an orphanage and my mom lived with me too. I don’t know what my dad looks like but the little information I gathered states that he’s a robber and he died in an arm robbery theft.” I explained.

” When my mom died I felt that the thing that matter the most to me was gone. I moved on, I was gradually turning into a man and i thought I’d to move out. We moved out me and the guys , the government always pay each orphans of that orphanage a monthly wages. But it all ended when a new one was elected.” I said and winked at her.

” I understand. I never get to taste the bitter part. I spent my teenage life in London and half of youth life. When I turned 21 I thought about facing my modelling career and I moved down to Africa and settled with my family in joannesburg. Justin has showed me the bitter part and I just can’t handle it.” She said and smiled really weak.

I held her shoulders and and cuddle her.

” It’s okay.” I said and kissed her hair.

” You’re too sweet to be single.” She said.

I smiled and Chuckle, I guess I blushed too.

” Relationship is crazy , you call every morning to greet her good morning and then call in the afternoon to remind her you love her so much and call in the evening to tell her you’re missing her already and then at night you call her to tell her to dream about you..” I said.

Skyler was already blown away with laughter.

” That’s more than a 50 Rands job. I can’t . When you don’t call her for weeks she thinks you’re no longer interested and you’re cheating. And then she starts crying sending you bunch of sms.” I said.

” You talk like someone who has experienced a relationship before.”

” No way , I’m just being honest and you know that. You might have nag a thousand times at Justin because he forgets to call you for days.”

” I guess. But we still fight.” Skyler said.

” I understand. You both lack understanding and trust.”

” I don’t think so. I think we are too perfect for each other. He hates what I love and I love what he hates.”

” Weird. You shouldn’t have dated him in the first place.” I said and she smiled.

” I guess.” Skyler said and smiled.

” Is the water safe ?” Skyler asked.

” Yeah. You wanna swim ?”

She gigles and stood in front of me. She loosed her pony tail and smiled seductively. I watched her undress her self, she was completely Eve. She smiled and looked away.

She turned around and walked into the water. Okay I was really shy at the beginning, Skyler was pretty even her nakedness was enchanting. Her chocolate skin shine brightly and her lips were really inviting. Her hips were broad and her butt was really average and it fits accurately. I can’t believe Justin has been toying with such beauty.

She poured the water on her hair , her hair fell on her shoulders and she smiled into my eyes.

” You wanna join me ?” She asked.

” No way , I prefer watching you.” I said and smiled back .

She gigles and dipped herself inside making her not to be seen.

To be continued


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