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Entangled – Episode 11

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Entangled – Episode 11

A Story By Goddy Francis

Skyler got home that day really annoyed. She sip on her wine as she remembered the incident that happened between her and Justin over the date issue.

” Here you’re.” Justin said behind her.

” You know it would be nice if you stop following about trying to tell me your stupid words. Just get out.” Skyler ordered.

She dropped the glass on top of the table and sat down.

” I understand. Just barely one month in western cape you’re already sleeping around. You’re a whore.” Justin yelled.

” b**** don’t come into my house to call me a whore except..” Skyler thundered.

” Except what…what are you gonna do ? Call your struggler boyfriend for me ?”

Jonah who heard the arguements walked in, he was about going out on an appointment.

” And what is going on here ? Two lovers fighting again ?” He asked.

” She went out with a boy. She even slept in that same boy’s house she lied about sleeping in a hotel. Sky has been having flings with some useless guy , I would never take that .” Justin said .

He was a bit vexed up.

” Then just get out of my life if you know you can’t take it . Cause you’re gonna take a lot more than this.” Skyler said.

” Skyler shut up! What Is wrong with you too? Did you go out on a date with a guy ?” Jonah ask.

” I’m not a coward and I’ll bodely answer that. Yes I went out with a guy and he’s not my boyfriend. I have only one boyfriend and that’s Justin I can never cheat on my man I rather break up and have my way as I want.” Skyler said.

She was already sobbing softly.

” Crocodile tears.” Justin whispered.

” Justin that’s enough. You both lack understanding and trust and you claim you love each other. And how is that possible?” Jonah asked.

” He’s the reason behind every of our fights. I can’t go out with anyone, is that called jealousy? He’s just too full of himself, he doesn’t trust me and believes every word from an outsider.” Skyler said.

” Apologise to each other now.” Jonah ordered.

Silence drove by for a minute..

” I mean now.” Jonah repeated.

” I’m sorry sky.”

” I’m sorry Justin.”

” So what are you telling each other sorry for ?” Jonah Asked.

” I’m sorry for always doubting you, I’m sorry for not trusting you.” Skyler said.

” I’m sorry for being rude to you and I’m sorry I’ve not been letting you into my personal life this few days.” Skyler said and gently cleaned her tears.

” Good I’m going out. Just be careful.” Jonah said and left.

Justin took a deep breath and sit next to Skyler.

” I’m really sorry. I always want you to remember that I truly love you. And I’ll always love you, it’s not like i don’t trust you I do, I’m only scared of loosing you.” Justin said.

Skyler turned to look at him and smiled faintly.

” I’m sorry for not letting you into my personal life. He’s not my boyfriend but a friend. I can never lie to you.” Skyler said.

” It’s okay I trust you okay.” Justin said and kissed Skyler on the cheek.

” Wow.” A voice said.

They turned to look at the direction it was Bibi.

” I love this reunion.” Bibi said smiling walking into the living room.

” Hi Bibi.” Skyler greeted.

” Hi sky.”

” How are you Bibi ?” Justin asked.

” I’m good. You guys having fun ?” Bibi asked sitting down.

” Not really , we are sorting out issues.” Skyler said and smiled at Justin who smiled back.

” Thank God. It always hurt me when you guys fight, but I’m glad you guys are getting along again. Skyler I’ll be in your room.” Bibi said and winked at both lovers and walked out.

” So…?” Skyler asked.

” Why don’t you come over to my place this evening and let’s get wet.” Justin whispered exhaling into Skyler’s ears.

She gigles and smiles.

” Alright.”

” Thanks.” Justin said and kissed her on the forehead.


” So how was the date ?” Thando asked me.

” It was fine but Justin showed up and ruined everything.” I said and flung myself on the chair.

Thando chuckled and sits close to me.

” Sorry about that. But I was also thinking..”

” What ?”

” I think she likes you.” Thando said.

” Everybody likes lino.” I said.

” No not that kinda like I mean feelings.”

” Jeez , she has a boyfriend.”

” It still doesn’t change anything. Lino I think she likes you.”

” I don’t love her.” I blurted out.

” Sup angel.” Selene said sitting down close to me.

” Hey Selene.” I said and smiled at her.

” How was the date ?” She asked.

” It was fab but Justin showed up and spoilt everything.” I said.

” So you didn’t get to ask her out ?” Selene asked.

” Yeah why didn’t you ?” Lorah’s voice interrupted.

She smiled and sit close to Thando .

” What’s up with her ?” I whispered to Selene.

” I don’t know.” Selene whispered back .

” What are you guys gossiping about ?” Lorah asked smiling at us.

” Nothing, I guess we were only surprised by your new attitude.”

” What’s up with my attitude ?” Lorah asked and Chuckle.

” I know where you guys are driving at, but it’s cool I’m done with that. So lino how’s the date ? Did you get to tell her you like her ?” Lorah asked.

” I don’t have feelings for sky, and I’m not sure I can.” I blurted out.

” Oh yeah.”

” Hey guys.” Alex called rushing in.

” You look happy ” Lorah said.

” That’s because I’m happy. I’ve got five tickets and we all are going to the cinema to watch a movie.”

” At where? What type of movie ?” Selene asked.

” We are going to montagu to watch the movie. We could probably make a choice of movie when get there.” Alex said.

” But how did you get the money ? That’s expensive.” I said.

” I guess. I visited the casino and make a little cash. So I thought we needed a little fun so I got tickets for all of us to watch a movie, either romance or terror.” Alex emphasize.

” Aww, I want romance.” Selene said rolling her eyes.

” Dumb movies .” Thando cut in.

” Shut up, romance is wow.” Lorah said and smiled.

Seriously lorah’s new attitude is really surprising, she doesn’t care much about skyler and I anymore, I was still in shock. I kept quiet and stare at her new self it was unbelievable.

” So who’s watching ?” Alex asked.

” I’m in.” They chorused.

” I can’t, I have headache and I need to rest.” I said.

” Angel why ?”

” Already stated my reasons. I’m really sorry Alex, i don’t want you to think that I don’t care about you. I do but I need to rest my head I’m sorry .” I said.

” I understand it’s fine. Just take care of yourself when we are gone.” Alex said and I smiled.

” Thanks.” I said.

The guys left and I locked the door retiring to my room. I thought about what thando said , skyler and love. I wasn’t ready, I thought about us and eventually fell asleep.


” It’s been long I visited.” Skyler said throwing her bag on top of the sofa inside Justin’s room. She loosed her hair and let it drop on her shoulders.

Justin reached for her waist and caress her slowly. She smiled and let her hands drop on his shoulders.

” Do you miss me ?” Skyler asked.

” Yeah. I missed everything about you .” Justin said and kissed Skyler deeply.

He slide his fingers behind her and removed her dress. She was left with only bikinis. He smiled into her eyes and made her relax her back on his bed.

” I missed all of this .” Justin said moving his hands to her clits.

He kissed her neck and move to her ear.

” Hardcore right ?” He whispered still leaning on top of her.

” Justin I can’t.”

” Why ?”

” If you want sex then do it like every normal human stop acting like an animal.” Justin said.

” So making it hard is for animals right ?” Justin asked his expression was gradually fading away.

” Justin yes , I want something nice and romantic and not a kinda sex where you had to tie my hands together and cage my legs with a belt meant for bingos.” Skyler said standing up.

” Seriously, I think you liked it .”

” I don’t like it , it makes me feel like a pornstar and a whore.” Skyler said.

” But that’s what I want.” Justin said.

” Then go and **** a whore Justin I can’t .” Skyler said getting up reaching for her dress.

” What are you doing ?” Justin asked.

” I’m leaving.” She said getting on her dress.

” You can’t just turn me on and walked out on me like that.”

” Gone are the days I had to give you hardcore, not anymore Justin I’m out.” Skyler said and walked out.


I was really sick , I coughed and moved side to side on my bed . I got up to drink water. I opened the refrigerator and saw a can water that was already half. I drank it and remained still , I felt i was being dizzy.

I saw Lorah walked out of her room , she was on her bikinis.

” You’re supposed to be at the cinema with the others.” I said I was still feeling dizzy and drunk at the same time.

” Yeah but I came back to have you all to myself tonight.” Lorah said caressing my chest.

I couldn’t resist. I looked into her eyes and all I could see was pleasure.

” What did you do to me ?” I managed to ask.

” Not much. Just come with me.” Lorah said dragging me to my room.

I followed her like a dumb horse. I don’t know what was wrong with my body system. I became aroused and all I wanted that minute was Lorah. Without doubts I know I’m not normal something was really going on but I can’t figure anything out.

I held her close to me and unhooked her bra. Her cleavages stare at me , I find myself touching lorah’s body. She held my shoulders and kissed me on my neck , she moan as I grabbed on her ass. I pushed her on my bed as she helped me unbelt my trousers .

Lorah’s inside was so warm and wet , she cried in pleasure as I thrust deeper. How body was soaked with sweats that felt so good. I can’t believe we made love. I fell close to her and dozed off.

To be continued


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