Entangled – Episode 1

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Entangled – Episode 1

A Story By Goddy Francis

Editor’s Note: This story contains some minimal errors. You’ll find a few errors in grammar and in the use of tenses. Regardless of that, it is a great story with an interesting storyline.

Well life isn’t the way it seems to be. Most times it’s unfair to others and often times it’s fair to others .

Most people are perfect while most times some people aren’t perfect at all, they wished to be perfect.

I’m Angelino, a broke guy with a very awful life. My life has been a mess since birth. I’m an orphan, i grow up in the south side of cape Town. A place for smokers, thieves , drinkers, whores , thugs , infact it’s been the worst place in South Africa. We grew up in a government orphanage, and it’s been in charge of almost every orphans

I work in a supermarket with a non reliable salary, with my other friends. I refer them as family. We grew up together in the orphanage and we also live together in the shack in South of cape Town.

Well lemme introduce myself proper, I’m a thug. At day time I work in supermarket and night we sneak on tankers. Oil tankers and steal the petrol and Diesel and then sell it to the black market for a very affordable price. That’s wow I guess.

My team’s made up of five, me , thando, Alex , Selene and Lorah .

Thando has been my best friend since childhood. We’ve been really close, like we are the closest.

Alex is one cool guy, handsome but really bad.

Then Selene, she happens to be the shy girl with very attractive attitude.

Lorah , is almost everybody’s choice in the yard, most time I think she’s into me, but I feel she just kinda like me.

So you see , that’s just us, paupers who managed by stealing from people’s tankers. Let’s go over to the other side of the story.


” Seriously, I’m really tired. Last night was so crazy. I had to greet all my fans ” She said sitting down close to her best friend Bibi .

” Come on, you’ve always wanted to be a model ” Bibi teased.

” I guess ” She said silently.

” What about Justin ?” Bibi asked.

” He’s cool, we are going out on a date ” Skyler said rolling her eyes.

” Wow, I wished I had my own Justin ” Bibi said looking away.

” Are you being jealous ?” Skyler asked.

” I’m not. He’s really a good guy. I guess the best thing that has ever happened to you ” Bibi said smiling half way .

” Look, Justin is cool. Yeah he’s really interesting but it’s not like I’m complaining but he’s too full with do’s and don’t ” Skyler said.

” He always want hardcore, **** I barely can handle that ” She continued.

” I thought you loved it, Justin has always been your favorite ” Bibi teased again as Skyler scoff.

” I just don’t wanna talk about it ” Skyler said and lay on her bed.

About few hours later Justin showed up, skyler got up and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

” Hey Bibi ” He waved at Bibi who smiled seductively.

” Hi Justin ” Bibi said stretching her hands out as justin take it.

” You look stunning today ” Justin said and winked at Bibi who laugh softly.

” Thanks ” She replied.

” Hey babe, you ready ?” He asked.

” No, not at all. I really need to shower and get dressed ” Skyler said.

” Alright, I’m downstairs waiting” Justin said and kissed Skyler and went downstairs.

” Hot ” Bibi said and Chuckle.

Skyler scoffs and rushed to the bathroom to shower. She came out and opened her closet throwing her clothes on the bed.”

” I’m confused, I don’t even know what to wear ” Skyler said scattering her clothes all over.

” You should go with this ” Bibi said picking a dress and raised it upwards.

” A spaghetti strap ? ” Skyler asked and scoffs.

” It’s pretty and sexy. Justin will definitely fall in love again ” Bibi said and winked.

” Cool ” She said collecting the dress.

She got dressed as her best friend helped her with the dress. She quickly added a light make over and rush downstairs to meet Justin.

” You look so beautiful ” Justin said giving Skyler his hands .

” Thanks ” She replied smiling.

” You ready ?”

” Sure ” Skyler replied as they left with their hands intertwined.


Skyler Roxcell is south Africa’s most paid model with a very standard living. She happens to be almost everybody’s choice. Her father Jonah Roxcell was recently elected as a governor in cape town.

Skyler was based in joannesburg cause of her career, Bibi has been her best friend since college untill they finally graduated. Justin was a popular millionaire with a very horrible attitude. He’s been dating Skyler since college and they both reside in Johannesburg.

” What do you wanna eat ?” Justin ask as he pressed his hands against Skyler’s.

” Baked Bacon and maybe with pancakes and juice ” Skyler replied.

” I don’t think that’s cool ” Justin said.

” What’s not cool ?” Skyler asked.

” I mean bacon and pancakes. I think it will be nice if you take something better like pepperoni cheesecake and cauliflower recipe ” Justin said as Skyler scoffs.

” Seriously, why are you trying to make me eat almost everything you want ” Skyler said.

” No sky, I mean it’s quite better for your health ”

” ****, how do you know what’s better for my health ? You always wanna make me do almost everything you want without making me choose ” Skyler said angrily.

” Why are you yelling ?” Justin asked.

” Because you make wanna yell. I’m sick and tired of you trying to act like my mom, it’s so ****ed up. Allow me to choose. You always want me to drink your choice of drink, Wear your best dress, make the kinda hair you want. And also always wanna **** when you’re horny . You don’t even care if I’m in the mood or not, you just wanna cum at your precious time. b**** I’m out” Skyler said angrily and stormed out.

” Sky , you have no right to walk away from me ” Justin called but Skyler ignored him.


” Stupid b**** ” He scoffs and got up angrily.

” Sky what happened ? Are you fighting with Justin again ?” Mrs Edna, Skyler’s mom asked.

” He’s annoying ” She said.

” What happened this time ?” Her mom asked.

” He always wants me to do everything he wants. I don’t have a choice, he’s so annoying and irritating ” Skyler said .

” Sky , you just need to learn to understand him. Justin is a good guy ” Mrs edna said.

” I didn’t say he’s bad either. He’s just too full of himself ” Skyler said.

” Love is not about quarrelling, even if he wants you to do almost everything he wants. He still loves you, maybe most times you need to concur cause he’s the man. ”

” Mom, I can’t, I love Justin but he always act like a b**** . A greedy b****. If he doesn’t apologize, I won’t forgive him ” Skyler said standing up and left with anger.


” Seriously guys, I just wished we never get caught ” Selene said removing her hoodie.

” I pray so too. Jonah Roxcell caused almost every hunger we’ve been going through. He’s not contributing to the development of the state ” lorah said.

” Well his daughter is cool ” Alex said as almost everyone of us scoff out loud.

” Alex is right. I really like Skyler. She’s my role model, I always wished I was her ” Selene said.

” She’s not even beautiful, she is one proud peacock with a horrible boyfriend ” Lorah said and the guys Chuckled.

” You’re only jealous of her because she’s quite better than everyone of us. She got breakfast serve to her every morning with about 10 slaves who are ready to worship her. She don’t have to steal to feed, we are paupers we steal just to eat. No oils no pay, don’t tell me the little pay from the stingy manager will be able to suit us. I just hate my life ” Alex said and we all kept quiet.

” It still doesn’t change anything. I don’t like her ” Lorah said and walked out caressing me on the chest slowly.

” Are you having flings with lorah ?” Alex asked.

Selene chuckle and walked out.

” I’m not ” I replied itching my hair gently.

” We saw the drama, She’s into you. ” Alex said and thando laughs.

” Yeah, he’s the pretty boy amongst us. With a very unpredictable theft skills ” Thando said and everyone burst out laughing .

” Shut up. We all are thieves, but not normal thieves. We don’t steal because we want to, maybe hunger and Jonah pushed us to the edge ” I said and the guys Chuckled.

” You’re crazy. I always wonder how on Earth we are gonna keep up with the rent, since the government no longer pays the orphans and Jonah Roxcell has taken power. ” Alex said.

” He’s one horrible b******, just like his family ” Thando said and I sighed.

” Yeah, Skyler’s cool. She’s damn beautiful ” Alex said standing up to get a beer.

” She’s your crush ?” I asked.

” No, she’s just a normal girl, I just liked her attributes. ” Alex replied.

” Cool, keep loving. I suck at that. I just wanna make money get a better house and open my own business. No more oil theft ” I said as everyone sighed.

You see !

It’s been cool the previous years before Jonah Roxcell came into power. The government pays the orphans like us per month. The house we lived on was a storey building with very different large and manageable rooms. And now the previous governor is gone and Jonah is now in charge.

We just need to hustle more and pay our bills.

To be continued



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