Corruption – Episode 40

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Corruption – Episode 40

© Akoto Alexander

Mrs Nortey: My superman, indeed you have proven to me that you were very ready for this adventure, hey the way you gave it me twice I hope you won’t end up paralyzing me in this room? See the way I was vibrating as if a Nokia 3310 has been fixed into my body and my legs are wobbling.

Kelvin: I told you to buckle up before you get here and you thought it was one of my sweet talks. Remember I once told you that, when the door is locked and the two of us find ourselves in the room, I can make you forget your name and you will feel like you are flying without wings. You haven’t seen anything yet because what you encountered was a curtainraiser and just a tip of the iceberg.

Mrs Nortey: So is that how you give it to my rival?

Kelvin: Rival? Is that how you see Gifty now? Well I give to ceasar what belongs to him and to God what also belongs to him.

Mrs Nortey: What does that imply because I can’t read between the lines you have drawn?

Kelvin: Well take it like this, whatever you encountered was something I had put in place for my honeymoon. The styles and performance was something I have never unleashed before to any woman.

Mrs Nortey: Then indeed you unleashed the dragon and unfortunately for your girlfriend I was the one who had the best and first share of that honeymoon styles and performance. Talking about her been my rival, of course she is one because anyone who shares or enjoy the golden stick that passes between my legs, that person is a threat or my rival.

Kelvin: Then can I say your husband is also my rival?

Mrs Nortey: Oh shut up my African tiger, have you forgotten you are mining illegally ? You are trespassing and encroaching on someone’s documented property, now let us go and cool off in the swimming pool. I called the reception to bring our dinner into the room and he told me the chef is working on it so I believe by the time we get back, the food might be waiting for us in our room.

Kelvin: It sounds good but as I said, you are in for a great deal, tonight I will unscrew that pump in between your legs

Mrs Nortey: Hey take it easy on me because if I had decided to give birth early, I would be old enough to be your mother. I have decided not to grow and in bed it has been experience I used in surviving the death sentence you threw me into. When we are back from the pool you will tell me the lawyer you hired that stood in for you to ride me like a mad stallion.

At Hon. Nortey’s Hotel room:

Hon. Nii Nortey: My dear I hope you enjoyed the meal?

Gifty: Honourable the food was fantabulous, I enjoyed every grain that entered my mouth and the meat was well seasoned, in short the food was something I will always crave for when we leave this place. The cook at the farmhouse was great with the local meal but with this continental dish, it is something else.

Hon. Nii Nortey: I am glad you liked it, I made the chef prepare it purposely for the two of us. The food was an Israeli jollof and the chef only prepares it for special guest like us when we come here. He is working on a pork that will be served to us when we step out for the live band session.

Gifty: I love band music honourable.

Hon. Nii Nortey: My dear can you drop the formalities and stop addressing me as honourable? Call me by my name which is Nii Nortey or Nii or if possible Rocky Joe.

Gifty: I have heard you honourable, oh sorry Rocky Joe.

Hon. Nii Nortey: If you default again I won’t get you the phone I promised. Now let’s take our shower and join the liveband session. Remember I promised you a great time this weekend, I believe you have passport?

Gifty: I have one but it is a virgin passport, it has not even crossed the Togo boarder before.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Hahahahaha, I was once in your shoes. Don’t worry, in our next trip we will travel to the Emirates, I mean Dubai to be precise, we will have lunch in the sky and sleep in the most expensive hotel that is rooted deep down the sea.

Gifty: Woooow, that would be a dream come true because I once saw the hotel documentary on aljazera and for that glass restaurant, a friend of mine told me about it when she went to Dubai. Honourable; mmmm sorry Rocky Joe, is it true that you can only go to that glass hotel upon reservation?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh that is very true, you have to make an early reservation before you can get the chance to get a seat in there and it moves with time so it means when you are late and it takes off, then it means your money has gone waste.

Gifty: Hmmmm this Arabs are very wise and smart, they have managed to use the oil resources they have to build their country so well but for we blacks and Ghanaians, our greedy and wicked politicians only enrich their pockets and do nothing for us. They have to be taken to hell and receive lashes from the devil himself.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (gazing at Gifty quitely) Are you done with your lectures? Have you forgotten whom you are standing in front and the work I do? Don’t make me change my mind towards young lady.

Gifty: Awwwww please forgive me Rocky Joe, I don’t know what came over me that made me to talk nonsense. I promise never to ulter such unholy words again.

Hon. Nii Nortey: It will be better you guide your mouth and think carefully before you talk to me because such stupid comments drives me nuts.

Gifty: (rubs her hands on Nii Nortey’s face and kisses him) I am very sorry my cupcake, I promise to make it up to you when we are back from the liveband session.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (smiles) Hope you will sit on it again for me when we return?

Gifty: I will not only sit on it but I will ride you for you to sign your death warrant without reading through. Since you have decided to put joy on my face, I have also vowed to put memories in your head that can never be erased even if your mind is brainwashed. Abi you always say we nurses are spoilt, well you have met the captain of the nurses spoilt team.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Bad girl, have you forgotten I might be old enough to be your father? Please take it easy on me before you break my waist, leave a little oil in me so that my wife can also get a piece of me. Let us step out for the liveband, we will use the backdoor so that we get there quick.

At the Poolside:

Mrs Nortey: Baby boy, please let us go back in. I have started feeling cold, by now the food might be ready and I can hear the liveband play, after we are done eating, we can go and enjoy the tunes being played for a while then we come back to the room for a continuation of our mindblowing escapade.

Kelvin: I am in for anything you say or want. I want to delete anything any man born of a woman has ever done to you. By the time I am done with you in this hotel, it is your Will you will start writing.

They left the pool to their hotel room and on their way, they bump into Gifty and Hon. Nii Nortey.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (raises his voice) Becky, is this your sick father’s house?

Mrs Nortey: And you too is this your farmhouse?

Kelvin: Her Gifty what are you doing here with this man old enough to be your father?

Gifty: And you too is this the job trip you claim your so called madam asked you to go oversees? I knew you were up to something when I saw that aphrodisiac pack in the room the night you left.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh I see, so you took a whole pack of aphrodisiac just to come and satisfy my adulterous wife huh?

Mrs Nortey: See the pot calling the kettle black, are we not in the same class? You always lie to me that you are attending meetings, workshops and trips and you end up in hotels with small small girls old enough to be your daughters. I knew it when I drove into the compound and saw that unregistered Benz parked at the restricted area.

Kelvin: Herh Gifty so is that how you are? I thought all this while you were a saint but not knowing you are a b**** and a cheap prostitute who goes about sleeping with sugar daddies. I am very disappointed in you and it is over between us.

Gifty: Oh shut up over there Mr man, if I am a cheap prostitute then what are you? A foolish gigolo I guess? Who told you I was even ready to settle down with a low life like you? Was I not the one pulling strings for you to survive, do you by chance have the slightest idea of the things I do or go through to secure that job for you? I was waiting for the right time so I dump your broke ass, thank God I came into your life, like by now you will be begging on the streets to survive. Idiot!!!!

Kelvin: Is it me you are talking back at like that? (moves forward and tries to slap Gifty)

Hon. Nii Nortey: Try that nonsense and I will have you thrown into jail without trial. You had no shame sleeping with a woman old enough to be your mother and as if that is not enough, with your tough stature your girlfriend has been the one searching for opportunities for you. And as for you Becky, you have no sense of shame at all, isn’t this young guy the same age as your son that you abandoned on your boyfriend when you saw me?

Mrs Nortey: See who is talking about shame here? Don’t try to wash my dirty linen outside because you know I have a 40 feet container of your dirty deals right in my palm. At a snap of my finger, your world will cave in on you. I beg let me go inside my hotel room before I start saying things that will see you behind bars.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You will come and meet me in the house you low life. After lying to me that your father is very sick and needs urgent treatment and taking money from me, you end up in a hotel with a small boy whom your first son is of the same age with. For you youngman, it will be wise, safe and prudent for you to run as far as you legs can carry you because if I unleash the things I have in mind on you, your spirit will even receive a fair share of the affliction I impose on you. You dare eat from the same source I eat from and derive pleasure, ah Rebecca I am so ashamed to have walked you down the aisle. I should have listened to my brother when he was telling me negative things about you from the scratch. I was deceived with your pretty face and curvy body, now see me standing at a hotel with a small boy drilling my ornament. And you too why are you recording or taking pictures of me? (rushes to collect the phone of a lady who was filming the incident but he was late to achieve his aim)

Back at the City:

Lovia: My dear, I will leave for the village this dawn, Nora sent me money just now and I want to go and see my family. Its been long since I set eyes on them, I have missed my kid brother and dad very badly and I can’t wait to set my eyes on them and embrace them in my arms.

Cindy: Well that is not a bad idea though but this short notice is bad, all the same you have been yearning to see them for some time now so I think this is the nicest opportunity to do so. How long are you going to stay over there?

Lovia: Am sorry but the momo alert just came in and I don’t want to waste time on this journey before I end up spending the money she sent. I will be back on Monday evening, I have some follow ups and interviews to attend so I won’t stay long. I just want to have a little time with my brother and father then rush back. If the phone reception was good, I wouldn’t bother going there now because I would be speaking with them frequently.

Lovia: I understand my sister, I have been observing closely, you have not been including your mum in your statement, is she alright?

Lovia: Oh she is very fine just that I miss my dad and brother more, that woman we will be cool this minute and the next moment we will be arguing on something that is not important. I miss her small though.

Cindy: See you now, I wish I could embark on that family reunion trip with you but the bruises I got from that beatings some days ago won’t allow me to travel with you. I will get somethings for you to give to your folks and when next you visit, I will go with you.

Lovia: Thanks so much, I am stepping out to get some few things I will go with, will you need anything?

Cindy: Some fruits will do especially banana or apple.

On Phone:

Hon. Johnson: Eeeeiiii my brother so this girl has klonk you that you have forgotten your distressed brother huh?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Jack there is fire on the mountain ooo.

Hon. Johnson: Why? Has something bad happened to the girl you took to the resort?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Far from that my brother, charlie for the very first time in my life, I got a crush.

Hon. Johnson: Crush? As in what my brother, you are confusing me over here. Can you explain in plain language for me?

Hon. Nii Nortey: If you don’t stop interfering, you won’t get any news. I meant to say I got a crush when I was at the resort, my wife caught me with the girl red handed.

Hon. Johnson: Jesuuuuuuuuuus Christ, that is very bad. But how did she get to that place since that place is far from home or was she trailing you?

Hon. Nii Nortey: My brother there is more to that, can you imagine my wife was not following me to catch me with another woman but rather she was also there with another man.

Hon. Johnson: Sucket!!! Women can not be trusted this days.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Johnson, what pains me the most is the fact that the man he was with was a boy. A boy my adulterous wife can give birth to. Can you imagine a small boy eating from the bowl I bought with hard earned money . My brother I am bowling so much and shivering with enormous venom.

Hon. Johnson: So what did you do to that b******? I hope you gave him a beating of his life or you made your guards discipline him?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Johnson, the bitter truth is that boy is the son my shameless wife abandoned some 27years ago.

Hon. Johnson: Mamami keferedo!!! (What the f**k!!!) You mean your wife has been sleeping with her own child? What an abomination and how did you know that Nii Nortey?

Hon. Nii Nortey: When that child born, he had a birth mark on his left shoulder which looked like the African map, I was so jealous and bitter that I intentionally dropped him on the floor when the mother left him with me to get something in the kitchen. I don’t know if by miracle, he hit his head heavily on the ground but only got a cut at the back of his left eye. That boy whom I saw with my wife was a perfect replica of my wife’s father and what crowned it was the gap between his front teeth. You know my wife has that gap in her teeth also, I didn’t want to soil my hands with a stinking blood.

Hon. Johnson: Sweet Jesus, so where are you now?

Hon. Nii Nortey: I am driving back to the city alone my brother, right now i am on the motorway and the pain in my heart is more than what you are going through at the moment.

Hon. Johnson: I think I can relate to that, since you are alone, please let me leave you so you concentrate on the road, you know the motorway is a dangerous path to drive through. I booked an appointment with the party chairman and he said I should come to his house together with Hajia Ramatu and the former IGP.

Hon. Nii Nortey: I will pass by his end since his place is not far from the motorway. (call ends)

At the Party Chairman Residence:

Party Chairman: You are welcome lady and gentelmen, I am sorry I had to make you wait for a while. I was taking my medication.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: That is no problem sir, I hope your surgery wounds are healing fast?

Party Chairman: It healing in a rapid way that I am surprised of, my daughter in Germany sent some drugs and she told me to apply and some that I take and my dear, the medicine is making me feel like I am in my 20’s. I was expecting Nii Nortey to be here with you as he was the one who called me to channel his greatest displeasure in how Reedolf is taking decisions in his led government.

Hon. Johnson: Sir he will be here in no time, the last time he spoke to me, he was around the Perez chapel area and I believe by now, he is only some blocks away from here.

Party Chairman: Oh that is okay, you guys might also be wondering why I scheduled the meeting to this time of the day?

Kofi Boakye: That is very true sir, I was lamenting on that when honourable Johnson called to notify me on the time the meeting has been slated.

Party Chairman: Let me enlighten you on that, you see as politicians, we take crucial decisions at this time of the day when all normal working class people have retired to bed. This is the time you have less brains operating and the few that are awake happen to sharpen reflexs. This was the very time, myself, Hajia Ramatu over here, Nii Nortey, Johnson, the vice president, Mavis Asantewaa, Copson, Solomon Jawula, Frederick Asare, Agagla and the president himself drew the campaigning strategy that we won with. The president then candidate Mensah always sat where you are seated now.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (walks in) Good evening honourables, sorry I am late for this very meeting.

Party Chairman: Apology accepted Nii Nortey and you are warmly welcome, actually I was telling them the reason why I am having the meeting with you guys at this time of the day. Honestly I have not been a happy man as to the way that things are turning out to be. I don’t know why Reedolf has decided to turn his back on you the guys who campaigned for him day and night as you combed every part of the country. For you Boakye, I know you were fired because under your watch, the director of CID, made an unholy and unpardonable comments that you should have used the power of you as the IGP then to take him to a different and less department. For me that CID boss was suppose to come home with you as his comments were unethical and lacked professionalism. All the same as you were fired, if my memory serves me right, those kidnapped girls have still not be found and crime keeps rising in our once peaceful country.

Kofi Boakye: You are very right sir, I wanted to move the CID boss to the estates and logistic department the very next day but I was kicked out of my office before I could effect any changes.

Party Chairman: Well I understand your plight but also respect the very view of the president. You see someone made that unpardonable comment but you suffered the punishment, same way should a minister do something wrong, the president will be blamed because he appointed that minister.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Sir I understand your explanation very well but still maintain the fact that the youngman didn’t try us fairly. We have all been in this country where past presidents used to change ministers to different sectors when they don’t perform to his expectations. How was our stories different from those people?

Party Chairman: The difference between you and the others is that, for them they were underperforming ministers but for yours, you were caught indulging in deals that you were even supposed to be prosecuted. Hajia, why in the name of God will you import vaccines that were expired into the country? Looking at the validity of the vaccines, it wasn’t that the vaccines expired on its way to this country but rather they had expired even before you imported it. I am reliably informed that you were highly informed about the validity of the vaccines but you still ordered for it to be shipped into the country. Again you were abusing your office by allowing some suppliers to ship things through the portfolio of your office. For you Johnson I must first register my greatest disappointment in you, look at this pictures in my hands, it is boldly written on the fertilizer sack that, “NOT FOR SALE” and you were selling it to the poor farmers at half the price and the painful part is that, the fertilizers itself was of low standard and it will give the cocoa trees problems when the fertilizer is applied twice or thrice to the trees. As if that was not enough, you diverted funds meant to pay the extension officers into your account. I have details of all these things I am talking about in the file before me, I wanted to plead with the president when I heard he had axed you out of his government but after he sent this file to me through his secretary and I went through it, I understood his actions perfectly. What I am now trying to plead with him on is that, he overlooks the monies you guys embezzled and let it go without it coming into the public domain. You know what it means if the news is made public?

Hon. Nii Nortey: But chairman even with all this, he could have still called us to order and cautioned us afterall we all started politics long before he ventured into active politics.

Party Chairman: Did you just make that cheap emphasis? When you were appointed minister to head the roads, highways and aviation ministry, it came out that you resigned but the truth was that, you were sacked by the president. You were also caught in the same financial entanglement and because the youngman didn’t want to embarrass you, he made the whole thing look like you resigned. I respect the president so much for his brilliant move because if he coughed anything out, you were going to be so disgraced all because you were a crusader campaigning for some ministers in the previous government to be prosecuted. There is this question that has been baffling my mind, the question goes to all of you and it is this, “what wrong did Reedolf Mensah do by appointing you people as members of his cabinet ministers?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Chairman but you need not rub my face in the mud like that.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Ah!!!! Nii so you were also sacked? I am now clear on this issue because I knew there was no way, you of all people will resign just like that.

Party Chairman: As I have already stated, I will plead on your behalf so that the monies you guys embezzled will be forgotten. I think we can draw the curtains for this meeting down, the medicine I took is having effect on me. Safe journey to your various homes and please for your own good, let this discussion we had here remain a secret between us because should the information leak, you people will be the ones to face Ghanaians.

Hon. Johnson: Thank you very much chairman for having us in your house this evening and listening to our problems.

Hon. Nii Nortey: We are grateful for your advice and support. I believe none of us will go back to our old ways again.

Party Chairman: I don’t need your promises, please live to expectation and no one will have issues with you. Mind you, I was once like you guys so I understand your exuberance. Nii let me see you before you leave.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (walks to the chairman as the others walk to the main gate) Chairman you called for me.

Party Chairman: Nii Nortey go and put your house in order before it is too late. You are a fine gentleman, don’t let the thing in between your legs drag you to the drain. Someone sent me this embarrassing video of yourself, your wife and some young chaps in a very egregious and compromising state just about an hour ago. You know how powerful and effective the scoial media is in recent time? If you don’t address this matter carefully, your opponents will use it to campaign against you when it is election time. A lot of great men ended their beautiful and hard earned career in a bad way all because they didn’t know how to zip their flaps. Don’t be one of them in this country of ours.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (takes a deep breath) I have heard you sir and I will work earnestly on that. Good night sir.

Party Chairman: Have a pleasant evening comrade and do well to give me updates on how things ends up at your house. My regards to your wife and kids.

At the Car Park:

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Ah Johnson so did you also know that Nii was fired like us?

Hon. Johnson: (plays smart) Hajia this is my first time hearing that ooo and I was even shocked than what you felt.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Woooooow I am shocked Nii Nortey hid it from you his bosom friend. All the same, I know one thing is certain, we all planned to enrich our pockets together and we have all been caught together.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (walks in) Sorry for keeping you guys waiting in the mosquitoes for long.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Oh Nii so you decided to keep we your close associates in the dark side by not letting us know the truth behind your alleged resignation.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (sees the signal Johnson gives him with his eyes) I’m so sorry Hajia but the president insisted that we keep it away from any living being. I wanted to inform Johnson but I just had to keep mute on that.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: So if he cautioned you to keep mute on that issue, why then is the party chairman well informed on the matter. I will not let this matter just end here, I will see the vice president tomorrow for a redress on this matter because we can’t be relegated just like that.

Hon. Johnson: Hajia I would advice you let sleeping dogs to lie because your quest won’t earn you any mark. As you rightly saw, the chairman and the president were all on the same platform so there is no way we can win this battle.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Hajia to add to what Johnson said, if the chairman couldn’t help, what good thing can the vice president do as at now. Please as the chairman promised to intervene on our behalves so that the monies we embezzled will be scrapped off, don’t do anything that would mild the pardon plea we’re all looking forward to. I have used about 70% of the monies I diverted into my accounts and I don’t know where I can raise that amount of money.

Hon. Johnson: Hajia, my brother Nii Nortey is very right with what he said. Please as far as we remain members of parliament, our exgratia is assured and secured. Please don’t make any move that you won’t be proud of at the end of the day.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: If the men I am to rely on are backing down like cowards, I will put down my …….. and put on a battling gear and face Reedolf squarely. Herh Sadiq drop that phone in your hand and take me out of this place right this moment. (sits in her car as it zooms off)

Hon. Johnson: This woman loves creating confusing anywhere she finds herself. She won’t back down for anything she sets her mind on unless she is done even if she fails and I am praying her actions won’t bring consequences to us.

Hon. Nii Nortey: My brother that is the least of my problems right now, you saw the chairman made me remain behind when you guys stepped out.

Hon. Johnson: Yes and I was about to ask you his reason for delaying you.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Hmmmmm my brother yawa don gas!!!! Johnson the ugly incident that happened earlier on at the hotel has gone viral.

Hon. Johnson: You don’t mean it; my brother how did you know that or is it that stupid son of your wife that wants to blackmail you?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Chairman showed me a portion of the argument that took place at the hotel and I don’t think that youngman will be responsible for that my brother. You see as tempers went high, we raised our voices which drew the attention of others. I think I saw one or two people who brought out their phones to capture the argument that was going on so I believe it might be one of them.

Hon. Johnson: Nii so you mean you stood outside to exchange words with your wife and that small boy knowing you were a public figure. Ah Nii you guffed big time, so now that the video has gone viral and trending across all media platforms, how are you going to face the public? I am sure if any minority member gets this video, the privileges committee and disciplinary committee will invite you over. Nii you should have known better.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Johnson what I need now is ideas and not condemnation or any form of lambasting. The harm has already been done and I need help to carry on in this critical period.

Hon. Johnson: Hmmmmm as it stands now, nothing has come to mind but I am glad tomorrow is Sunday which is not a serious working day for the media houses. Let us sleep over it and consult our first best lawyer, the pillow. Please don’t worry or think about this too much, even presidents from powerful countries were caught in such scandals so take it easy on yourself. Please sit in your car and drive safely and straight to your house. So in case you meet your wife home, please don’t confront her on this issue or say anything that will lead to a heated argument or fight. The kids are not supposed to hear of this bad incident, I will come over so we brainstorm together and come up with something positive.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Thank you for always standing by me and helping me with pieces of advice. I will be looking forward to seeing you in the house tomorrow but if I sail through this peacefully, I will hang my gloves when it comes to women issue.

Hon. Johnson: Hahahahaha, indeed something must kill the cat some day. Everything happens for a reason, who knows what lies ahead?

Hon. Nii Nortey: My brother goodnight and thanks for your support. My regards to wifey and the kids. (drives off)

Hon. Johnson; (talking to himself) I didn’t see this coming. Poor Nii Nortey, if the video goes viral it going to create a big problem for his career. I have to advice myself and learn to live with my beautiful wife alone. Sometimes we must take lessons on the stories of others, if it is Nii Nortey today, it can be me tomorrow. Vivian my beautiful and adorable wife, lily of the valley, my darling girl I am so sorry for being an infidel, I can’t confess to you now since I haven’t been caught but into your arms I come. Tonight our matrimonial bed must shake and make noise. I am coming home for you.

Next morning:


Little boy: Sister please that is the house of wofa Kwame Boafo.

Lovia: Thank you very much my dear, take this for koko.

Little Boy: Ah thank you so much sister. (runs along)

Lovia: Agoooo is anyone in this house?

Junior: (comes out to see who is outside) Daddy it is sister Lovia, daddy my sister is here. (runs to hug his sister)

Lovia: Hey junior, you have grown talk and added weight oooo. How are you doing?

Junior: I am very fine, I miss you so much.

Lovia: I miss you too my handsome prince, I got you a lot of things. Where are the old folks, I mean mum and dad?

Twum Boafo: Who do I have here this beautiful sunday morning?

Lovia: (hugs her dad) It is me your only daughter. Daddy you are looking so fresh and handsome, what has mummy been feeding you with and where is mummy?

Twum Boafo: Let us go inside my dear beautiful daughter, there is a lot of catching up to do. But you are not looking bad yourself so tell that young man who has been worrying you that he should prepare very well because before he changes my name to his, he will have to pay a fortune.

Lovia: Hahahahaha, daddy have you changed your mind recently? I remember you always said, it was the Bible you were going to take from him because I am priceless and no amount of money can buy me.

Twum Boafo: You are very right my dear, that word of mine still holds. Junior run and go and call uncle Kwame Adjei for me.

Junior: (runs outside) Captain Twum Boafo behind the wheel here I come to fetch you uncle Kwame Adjei.

Lovia: Daddy I have been here for sometime but still no sign of mummy, why has she gone to the farm?

Twum Boafo: My dear, as you have known your father to be a man of few words who calls a spade, a spade but not a big spoon, I won’t beat about the bush. Your mother fell sick and I together with your brother and my friend Kwame Adjei rushed her to the hospital, as she got better and was about to be discharged, she eloped from the hospital leaving a note behind that she is fed up with our marriage and that she didn’t subscribe to the hardship I am taking her through. In the Bible beside you is the letter she left behind.

Lovia: ( aftet reading through the letter) Ah mummy didn’t try at all and she didn’t show any sign of maturity and motherhood here. So she didn’t think of her children even? Daddy but why didn’t you send a message across to me and how long have you been staying alone?

Twum Boafo: My daughter, what difference would it make if I informed you? She has been gone for about 3weeks now.

Lovia: Daddy so how do you cook, wash and take care of junior? Again how has junior been coping in the absence of mummy?

Twum Boafo: Sweetheart your brother has been phenomenal, he has adapted so fast to the negative things that has been taking place around here that it beats my imagination even. He has been a source of wonder to me as he has learnt how to cook and wash. I would have broken down if not for junior who has been with me. Never have I felt the absence of your mother as you left us here.

Lovia: Awww what a pity, if I had landed myself a job in the city and was living alone, I would opt for you and junior to join me.

Matron: (enters) Eeeiii Kwame so what has occupied you that after knocking severally you were not responding?

Twum Boafo: Hey see who we have here. Adwoa come and take a seat as I introduce my sweet daughter to you. She came in not too long ago from the city, she is called Lovia and my dear daughter, this beautiful woman you see here is the matron of the hospital we took your mother to and she decided to elope. She was my hall mate at the university and she has been of great importance ever since I met her after several years. Before I forget, every sophisticated thing you see in this room was bought by her and she footed all the medical bills of your run away mother.

Lovia: Woooow!!! Good morning ma’am and thank you for everything you have been doing for my dad and the entire family.

Matron: Hello darling, how are you doing?

Lovia: I am very fine ma’am and I trust you are doing same?

Matron: I will be fine if your father will stop stressing me up by rejecting my offer and moving out from here to my end.

Lovia: Daddy I want to prepare something for us to eat since this place looks dry. Before I forget I will leave back to the city before sunset to prepare for some interviews ahead of me. (walks out)

Matron: (whispers) Kwame that is a very pretty lady you have as your daughter and what was it that she said about some interviews?

Twum Boafo: Hmmmm Adwoa, after 2years of completing the university with a first class degree and doing her national service, she has not been able to secure a job for herself and all the big men want to have a piece of her before giving her a job.

Matron: What a pity. Well the reason why I am here this morning is that, as I got home last night my son called to tell me that he wants to open a multimillion dollar company here in Ghana and that he wanted an articulate business administrator to start the work with. Knowing your daughter is job hunting, I don’t know if she would like to tag along as I don’t know the course she read?

Twum Boafo: Adwoa you saw me smiling when you were talking, my daughter studied business administration at the university.

Matron: Ah then what am I waiting for? Give me Lovia’s number so that I forward it to my son so that with immediate effect, they hit hard the ground. I am going to give her my utmost support and 300% recommendation to my son.

Twum Boafo: Lovia my sweet daughter, I think your going back to the city will be suspended because your aunt is about to recommend you to her son who is abroad but wants to set a very big company here and if all goes well, you might be elevated to the rank of an administrator in your aunt’s son business.

Lovia: (goes on her knees) Awwwww may God continue to bless you and light your path also.

Matron: That is okay my daughter, it seems you came here at the right time. I hope you own a passport and you know how to drive also?

Lovia: yes please, I have a passport and I drive very well also. My dad can attest to that.

Matron: Well that settles it then, when I get home tonight I will forward your contact details to my son so that you start with your plans and project. Now let come to you Kwame, when are you guys moving in with me? I am not settling for any excuses so make sure you give me a positive answer.

Twum Boafo: (scratchs his head) Adwoa you have done more than enough for us so I don’t want to be a liability or burden to you as junior and myself move to your end.

Kwame Adjei: (enters) Thunder fire your mouth over there, so now those witches in your family have decided to blind you that you think you are in your comfort zone huh? My brother this village is not your final place of destination, if you dont know, even your corpse doesn’t deserve this place so please pack your things and move to town with madam matron. I heard everything that was been discussed so I am well informed of the discussion ongoing.

Lovia: Good morning uncle Kwame.

Kwame Adjei: Ah morning my beautiful daughter. How are you doing and I hope you bought some city bread for us when coming? Madam matron, don’t worry yourself because so far as I am concerned, Kwame is moving in with you and if he tries to be stubborn, I will personally bundle him into your car so you go with him. Not forgetting, I brought this palmwine to him but since you are here, I will go and get more. Also my trap caught a very big grasscutter which is on the fire now, I will bring it also so that we enjoy together.

Twum Boafo: My brother but you are very much aware of the competition ahead for junior, I have to see to it that he has left before I can leave this village. (hears the town crier announcing something)

Town Crier: Good people of Mansokrom I bring greetings from Nana and his elders. As you all are aware, our festival is around the corner and as we do every 7years, we send our brave boys into the forest to hunt for the sacred fawn. Nana has requested for the kids who will partake in this years competition to assemble in the palace for purification and mentoring. They will set off into the bush on Friday night as the chief priest would by then cleanse and protect them from any evil eye or trap. Parents are hereby advised to get their wards ready before sunset and bring them to the palace. Thank you for listening to me.

Kwame Adjei: I think your question has been answered so tonight as we see Junior off, you also set off to town with madam matron. Don’t try to say anything because your opinion won’t be needed.

Matron: Thank you so much for your words and kind heart.

Junior: (runs in) Daddy!!! Daddy !!!Daddy!!! Did you hear the news the town crier brought from the palace?

Twum Boafo: Yes I did champ, please go and pack your things.

Junior: (excited) Daddy I am winning the competition hands down.

Matron: (surprised) Woooow what an enthusiasm by the superman.

Fast forward:

The president is back in the country to meet a very big surprise of his life.

If you were in Nii Nortey’s shoes, what would have been your reaction as you were also caught cheating?

Was the Party Chairman right with the side he took and the way he rebuked the 3 fired ministers?

What surprise did the president come to meet as he came back?

To be continued


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