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Corruption – Episode 39

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Corruption – Episode 39

© Akoto Alexander

News Anchor: Good evening and welcome to another episode of tonight’s news bulletin at 7. On tonight’s episode of the news, what is making waves and headlines is the changes his Excellency the president did in his government today which will take effect tomorrow. Let us go for a commercial break, the news follows shortly.

Twum Boafo: (listening to his wireless radio) I can’t wait to hear the new development that has taken place.

Matron: Kwame thank you and your friend for the hospitality today. I really enjoyed the fresh palmwine and the pepper soup. I have to take my leave now as it’s getting late and I am not familiar with your roads here.

Twum Boafo: That is very true Adwoa and I must also confess, I enjoyed your company and surprise visit. Since you enjoyed the pepper soup and palmwine, try and visit more often so that I will continue to give you some delicious delicacies of the village. Your foods back in the city is filled with spices that is not good for the body.

Matron: See who is talking about spices here, didn’t you live all your life in the city and ate from this spicy resturants?

Twum Boafo: That was then my dear, I have now seen the light. (releases a loud laughter)

Matron: Let me be going before you lock my ribs with your jokes and funny comments. The next time I will visit, I will come with a solar panel that can produce light and charge a few electronic gadgets that you use here and also I will like you guys to move in with me as I only leave with my maid in that big flat the hospital administration gave me.

Twum Boafo: Adwoa thank you so very much for that offer but I have come to love this new home I find myself.

Matron: Kwame please don’t be stubborn with this offer I am bringing on board, please consider Junior’s health, welfare and the educational standard of this remote village. I saw the school building when coming to this place and almost all the roofing sheets had been pulled down. Junior can’t sit under a tree to learn with the other kids so please join me so that we can at least enroll him in an international school. (walks to her car)

Twum Boafo: I will give it a thought and get back to you with anything I come up with.

Matron: (starts her car) Make sure you come out with something positive because I won’t settle for less or take no for an answer. My regards to Junior when he wakes up tomorrow.

Twum Boafo: I will convey your message to him and also I will give you a favourable response. Please drive carefully so that you don’t hit the old lady you met on the road when coming here.

Matron: Kwame please don’t scare me any further or draw my attention to anything that will make me lose focus. Please get in touch soon and thanks for the lovely reception. (drives off)

Back at the City:

Honourable Johnson’s Residence:

On Phone:

Mrs Nortey: Vivian is what am hearing true?

Mrs Johnson: Hmmmm my dear I just heard it on the evening news myself and I don’t know if it is true or not. You know our media can’t be trusted this days with information they circulate around.

Mrs Nortey: Ah but haven’t you asked him as he came home?

Mrs Johnson: Becky he is not home yet and to make matters worse for me, his phone is off and his driver is not also answering my calls. My dear my mother has been calling me over and over and I dont know what to say to her also because of her health condition. Becky I am losing it oooo and if I don’t hear from him in the next 30minutes, my dear I will step out of the house to go in search for him.

Mrs Nortey: Vivian please take it easy, I can feel your pain and worry, I was once there when I heard my husband had resigned. My dear trust me, I nearly jumped from the storey building to the ground because I felt my world was caving in on me. Please take it easy on yourself and be calm for some problems are blessings in disguise. I would have loved to pass by the house to check up on you but I will be travelling early tomorrow morning on a very important business trip and my husband is not home yet from the meeting he told me he was attending.

Mrs Johnson: Oh don’t worry my dear, I will be fine when my sweetheart comes home to give me explanations as to why the president dropped him from his new team selection.

Mrs Nortey: I like how you have consoled yourself so fast. The president can decide to take the ministerial positions from our husbands but he can’t take away their parliamentary positions from them. Initially I was bothered about what our colleagues in the girls club will say behind us or when we are around but later I realised that girls will always be girls and no matter what happens, they will always have their version of the story. Please go to the bar in your living room and pour for yourself the most expensive wine or champagne you have on the shelf. Life is too short to worry about unnecessary things and comments oooo my dear. Let me leave you as you might be having something important to do. Take care and have a splendid evening.

Mrs Johnson: Thank you very much Becky, your call has relieved me of my stress. My regards to your husband when he comes home and the kids when the wake up tomorrow.

Mrs Nortey: I will convey your regards to them my dear. Good night. (ends call)

Mrs Twum: Becky is a very nice person and nothing gets to her personally. I wish I had a fighting spirit like hers but hey we all come from different backgrounds and we have different upbringing. Let me execute the advice she gave me by taking something strong that will calm my nerves, afterall the kids have gone to bed and I am the only one here.

Mrs Nortey: (talking to herself) Idiot!!! Nonsense my foolish husband decided to resign without any concrete or definite reason which I know your stupid husband influenced him to do and today, your foolish husband has been fired and disgraced and you are there looking for who to console you? Let me go and find myself something to quench my thirst as I prepare my body, soul and mind for Kelvin tomorrow as I also enter the bathroom and get myself properly cleaned. Kelvin if you know what I am bringing tomorrow like you will by now be mixing drinks like “KPOO K3K3 , WOB3TI ATADWE GINGER BITTERS, ALOMO BITTERS, HERB AFRIK BITTERS and all the aphrodisiacs in the world. I hope this foolish maid has not been eavesdropping on me?

On Phone:

Hon. Nii Nortey: Who is this that has been calling me for about 2hours now?

Hon. Johnson: It is me my brother.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Ah Johnson is that you?

Hon. Johnson: Yes it is me my brother, so why have you not been answering the calls I have been putting through?

Hon. Nii Nortey: I am sorry my brother, you know usually I don’t answer calls after 6pm especially when they come from unknown numbers. I tried to call you myself but your phone is off, why what did Opana say when you met him in his office and whose number is this?

Hon. Johnson: It is my driver’s line I have been calling you with. My brother can you imagine the nonsense that idiot faced me with? That stupid fool fired me from my duty post. I had to put my phone off because I know those curious journalists will by now try to be calling me to get my take on this surprise Opana threw at me.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Ah but why my brother? This nonsense this foolish boy is displaying must stop oooo. So does it mean that if that stupid boy calls or invites you to his office then he is about to sack or dismiss you from your duty post? We need to call him to order as soon as possible and I mean now, I will call the party chairman right away to lodge a serious complaint to him so that he can at least call him to order.

Hon. Johnson: Will that work? You know this guy has his own attitude of his own who does not listen to anyone.

Hon. Nii Nortey: If he doesn’t listen to us, he will surely come back to us for us to give him the ticket to run as a flagbearer and that is where we will show him pepper. Bro where are you now? Some things are better not discussed on phone as now the telecos are tapping into people phones.

Hon. Johnson: I am on my way to the club house, I want to cool off the pressure on my mind.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh that is good, I am still around as I feel so exhausted after what a Caribbean girl did to me. Oh boy come and let me fix you with something that will clear your mind and relieve you of your stressed mind.

Hon. Johnson: My brother my libido is dead as I am talking to you right now. I think what I need right now is a hard liquor so I forget about the embarrassment I have been subjected to.

Hon. Nii Nortey: That will be sorted out when you get here my brother. I equally feel your pain so hurry up and get here.

Hon. Johnson: Okay my brother, thanks so much for the love and support. I will see you soon. (ends the call)

Hon. Nii Nortey: (talking to himself) Awww poor Johnson, I can imagine the stress and trauma he is going through by now. At least mine came in as a resignation which meant I resigned but for him, he has been sacked. I am only thinking how those greedy editors of the print media houses are going to make their headlines or front page cover. I didn’t see this coming but for that boy Reedolf Mensah, we will have to find a way of dealing with him because he can’t turn his back on us after some of us had sacrificed ourselves and invested fortunes just for you to win power then shortly after that, you betray us and stab us in the back. He didn’t consider the fact that we were his financiers nor the same party faithfuls? First it was the IGP, then myself and now Johnson and Hajia Ramatu. Who is going to be next? Let me go and freshen up before Johnson will come in, I will speak with the party chairman this evening and channel our anger and grievances to him. We can’t be relegated just like that and not feel bothered. Since the hunter has decided to shoot without missing, the bird has also learnt to fly without perching.

Back at the Nortey’s Residency:

On Phone:

Mrs Nortey: Hello strongman, how are you and how is your evening going?

Kelvin: I am very fine my sweet cherry pie, my evening is as smooth as the way to your golden palace. As planned, I am on my way to the hotel.

Mrs Nortey: Ah baby boy, you were suppose to alert me when you were leaving your end. So are you in a public transport or a taxi?

Kelvin: My sweet cupcake, I am in an Uber right now because I didn’t want to go through the tough process by joining any public transport where people will be asking you to push or be rubbing themselves on my well ironed shirt.

Mrs Nortey: I like that, your statement tells me you are of a high class and I know how high your sense of fashion is but are you having enough on you to sort the driver out?

Kelvin: Mmmmm I don’t have much though but I was thinking of borrowing from the Mobile Money Qwikloan to settle my bill.

Mrs Nortey: I have told you not to be borrowing from people so far as you are my boy and you do the right things for me. I made you quit your job so I must see to your well-being and happiness. I am working on something at my end and if all goes well, the next time we embark on a trip like this, you will be driving yourself in your own car to our meeting point. Hope you know how to drive?

Kelvin: (so exited) Yes!! Yess!! Yesssssss!! I am a very good driver my dear.

Mrs Nortey: That is very good, do you own a driver’s license?

Kelvin: No please, the last time I tried to apply for one, the connection man at the DVLA said it will cost me about 25oo cedis without going through the right process.

Mrs Nortey: Oh Ghana, that is expensive but don’t worry about that, I will send your details to a friend over there so that he will process it for you with immediate effect. Where have you gotten to as at now?

Kelvin: We just passed the shopping mall and just joined the Tema motorway.

Mrs Nortey: Oh that is okay, I will send you money the moment the call ends. When you get to the hotel, tell the receptionist that you made a reservation last two nights and I used your name. Bae when you settle down finally in the room, I will need you to eat, drink and rest for me until I join you there because I am coming with an unquenchable fire to consume you my dear.

Kelvin: Hahahahahaha my cherry pie, let me tell you something, there are many things I can do to you when the door is locked. I can make you forget your name and fly even when you don’t have wings, ah it seems you have forgotten what I am capable of doing so soon. Even when we had a short time the other time you were panting for breath so imagine I am going to spend the entire weekend with you? Please when coming don’t forget to get a lubricant for yourself because even when you are dried up, I will still be trusting deep into you mercilessly.

Mrs Nortey: I love it when you talk naughty, my dear don’t worry about that. I have already packed my things and I have enough lubricant that can last for a month with different scent and flavours. Baby boy, let me leave you to enjoy your ride as I also go inside the bathroom room to shave and clean myself well enough for tomorrow’s great encounter.

Kelvin: Oh bae you know I prefer the place to be bushy, when the place is shaved and it’s growing, the place is very itchy.

Mrs Nortey: Baby boy if I shave today, it won’t give you any problems tomorrow or the day after. You I will design the place for you so that you don’t see the place too flat and bare. Please send me a text message when you get to the place, I want to enter the bathroom and start with my cleaning process right away. Talk to you later my baby boo. (ends call)

Back at Kelvin’s End:

Gifty: (talking to herself) Ah so where from this aphrodisiac pack? Does it mean that this guy travelled with aphrodisiac on him? I hope this guy is not up to anything mischievous because I won’t forgive him if I realise he travelled with another girl or he went to hide in another lady’s room. Let me go and pack my things for the adventure that lies ahead of me tomorrow, at least his trip has given me the free range to roam about and have the best of things life can offer. Honourable Nii Nortey Robertson, brace yourself and tighten your belt well because I will drain all the water left in you. By the time I am through with you honourable, you won’t ever ask for us to go on any sexual expedition with you. I will take advantage of my time with you and get every material thing I want from you.

At President’s Residency:

First Lady: Welcome home my baby boy, you look exhausted. Come to mama my baby boy.

President R. Mensah: Thank you so much my first lady. How are you and my little angel doing? I was missing the two of you like I saw you ladies 20years ago. Please what have you prepared for me my Queen?

First Lady: Your girls are very fine, I just placed your little girl to sleep a while ago. She was complaining that it’s been long you spent time with us. Also knowing you will be travelling this dawn, I prepared something light for you so that you don’t get any heartburn or indigestion. I prepared your favourite tom brown for you so go freshen up upstairs then come back and have your supper.

President R. Mensah: My dear I will take some days off to spend time with both of you, also I would prefer to have my supper now and shower later. You know if I die today I would have someone to bathe me but no one can offer me any food to consume so let me first eat before I take my shower.

First Lady: Okay my king, your wish remains my humble command. I will microwave it for you now so please give me 3minutes.

President R. Mensah: Ah Liuetant Colonel Akatapori are you still standing there with my briefcase? My friend move to the kitchen and fix yourself something because I won’t allow my first lady to serve you. After you are done eating, please rush home, pack your stuff and catch some sleep, we have a dawn flight to catch.

Lt. Col. Akatapori: Thank you your Excellency but I don’t eat after 8pm. I will rather rush home and get myself ready for the dawn flight.

President R. Mensah: If you say so I have heard you, my regards to your wife and kids. Tell her I will give you some days off when we return from our trip.

Lt. Col. Akatapori: I will convey your message and regards to her. Good night to you sir and madam first lady. (walks to the door)

First Lady: (walks in from the kitchen) Ah lieutenant colonel you didn’t wait for me to serve you something?

President R. Mensah: My dear he said he doesn’t eat after 8pm, you know this military people with their strict way of living? He doesn’t want to lose shape and his six pack.

First Lady: Bae I heard in the news that you have done your first reshuffle as you took the highest office but you sidelined Honourable Johnson and Honourable Hajia Ramatu.

President R. Mensah: My dear I need a formidable team and not a redundant one, I told them when I appointed them that if you don’t make the mark I require from you, I will show you the exit. The two of them backslided and I had no choice than to leave them behind.

First Lady: But baby you know how instrumental those two were to you when we were chasing after power. At least you could have cautioned them or move them to another ministry, who knows they could have performed to your satisfaction.

President R. Mensah: Hehehehehe, hold it there my baby girl, the ruling of this country is not a try and error thing. Ghanaians don’t have time for excuses, they voted us into power to help change things in the country. The economy is in a bad state, our cocoa, timber and gold export is declining by the day, the unemployment rate keeps shooting up also. If I decide to give second chances, the other minister will also disappoint and expect second chances also so I need to raise the bar high. Whatever those guys did for me back then was a reciprocal thing, I at least gave them a place in my led government and they guffed. Can I please at least have my supper in peace now, there are a lot of things I have to catch up with when I get to the bedroom before I sleep.

First Lady: Baby but don’t you think that single action of yours can ruin the bond you share with the two people?

President R. Mensah: My dear, the very first day I picked my nomination form, I became a threat to many and I made for myself so many enemies. Some that I know and some that are unknown to me, I won’t allow favours that we think we owe others give them the opportunity to pull me down. If my good intention to lead Ghana will mild our relationship I am okay with that.

First Lady: My king I understand you but please if you paid a little attention to what I was saying like……..

Beverlyn: (runs to the dinning table and hugs her father) Daddy!! Daddy!! Daddy!! Daddy!! I have missed you so much. Everyday you come home late and leave very early to the office or you travel around the world without me!

President R. Mensah: I am so so sorry my little pea, I promise to go on a world tour with you when you come on vacation. I heard this coming vacation is the longest one so don’t worry, myself, you and your mother will spend quality time together very soon. I hope you have been reading you books and studying hard my future astronomist? I want you to be the first Ghanaian and African to step foot on the moon and take selfies there then plant the Ghana flag on the moon.

First Lady: Sweetheart I put you to bed a while ago so what are you doing here not asleep?

Beverlyn: Mummy I had a dream that some bad people were chasing daddy in the bush wanting to kill him.

First Lady: (pick her daughter up) God forbid my dear, no one and I repeat no one can lay his or her filty hands on your dad. He is protected by the almighty God and he has a great security team that is protecting him from any evil person or people.

President R. Mensah: My dear little pea, your mother is very right. As you can see, I am very fine and nothing has happened to me. Its late so mummy will take you to bed as I finish my supper, please don’t forget to pray for me, your mum, grandma and the entire country.

First Lady: (drops Bervelyn) Sweetheart please take the lead, I will join you very soon in your room.

President R. Mensah: I love you so much my honey berry.

Bervelyn: (runs to her room) Love you too my superma.

First Lady: (talks in a low tone) You see what I was talking to you about a while ago? Please becareful on the toes that you step on, no snake will allow you go after stepping on its tail. (walks away)

President R. Mensah: (whispers to himself) Women worry too much on things that are not necessary, our little girl just had a nightmare like anyone of us and just that you start reading into meanings of things that doesn’t exist. I have even lost my appetite, let me rush upstairs and see if she packed all the stuff I need when I am out of the country.

At the Club House:

Hon. Nii Nortey: Jack come over and get the order of my stressed brother.

Hon. Johnson: Nii I feel like my world has come to a standstill or betterstill an end. How could the President disgrace and axe me out from his government?

Hon. Nii Nortey: But what exactly happened when you got to his office Johnson?

Hon. Johnson: Bro do you remember that fertilizer deal?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! The one that I intervened on the lady’s behave to supply. What about it?

Barman: Sir please I am here, what can I please get for you?

Hon. Johnson: Jack get me six shots of the very strong Scottish whiskey you have here with lime and please add some ice cubes to it.

Barman: Okay sir, I will soon be back with your order. (walks away)

Hon. Johnson: My brother, I don’t know who released the information to Opana, my brother he had up to date information on ever transactions I did with the woman and that extention officers money that I took some percentage off as advised by you, the guy had every detail of it.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You don’t mean it my brother, but come to think of it, who feeds him with that minute details of the deals we involve ourselves in?

Hon. Johnson: I don’t know the spy or informant behind all that and as if all is not enough, he gave us 3weeks to reimburse the funds we diverted into our accounts. Talking to you, I used that money to purchase a Range Rover Verla which is on sea coming to the country. I don’t know where and how I can raise that sum of money within that possible time. Hajia Ramatu is also hot because for her, she pumped half of the money she got from importing expired vaccines into the country into her last son’s wedding and honeymoon. The rest she said she used it to order jewelleries from Dubai, you know Muslim women and how they love jewelleries?

Barman: Sir please this is your order, is there anything else you would need?

Hon. Johnson: Nothing else my guy, the whiskey is all that I need tonight.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Ah you mean Hajia Ramatu has also been entangled in this shady act? Bro it seems someone has been monitoring us from afar. Have you observed that the three of us who planned to retrieve the monies we spent during the electioneering period at the presidential ball have all been caught in that shady acts even though we did a clean job or is that, the guy is using juju or some supernatural powers that we don’t know?

Hon. Johnson: I wish I had answers to your question my brother. My mind is overworking itself and it feels like my head will blow right now.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Don’t overstress yourself, I will speak with the party chairman tonight when I get home, for that money am not sure anyone of us will pay. This was the only way for us to get back the monies we spent during the election period, meanwhile let me call my boy so he fix for you a sweet succulent girl. This afternoon he sent over a black Caribbean girl who nearly broke my waist, he said new clean girls from the Caribbean, Asia and our neighbouring francophone countries has been shipped in and he has reserved the best ones for us. I will call him so he dispatches a wild francophone girl with big artilleries to come to your aid, I believe after you have been dry cleaned, your stressed mind will come to normal again.

Hon. Johnson: Nii don’t worry yourself, my libido is far gone as I am sitting here. Infact let me rush home, freshen up and catch some sleep because that is the only best solution now. We will talk tomorrow when my mind is cleared up. (takes a deep gulp of his whiskey and stands up)

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh that is okay by me but I will travel tomorrow to Ada to check on my farm and I will spend the entire weekend with Gifty over there after I am done with my inspections on the farm.

Hon. Johnson: Okay my brother but please take it easy on the girls because the bible says men should not give all their strength to women. Safe journey on your trip and my regards to your wife and concubine. (walks away to his car)

Hon. Nii Nortey: (talking to himself) Oh poor Johnson, look at what this single act of Reedolf has caused him? He is looking pale and dead already as he walks. Mmmm Jack, come for your money as I also take leave, I need to go pack my things and also have a little rest because this Caribbean girl has milked me dry. I hope I can stand the force Gifty will come with?

At the Johnson’s Residence:

Mrs Johnson: Marvin what was the news I heard about you been taken out of the new ministerial positions and why was your phone off?

Hon. Johnson: Woman which one of your questions do you want me to answer?

Mrs Johnson: Anyone you answer will be okay with me because I want answers to my questions at the end of the day.

Hon. Johnson: Well I was avoiding unnecessary questions from the media houses as the news of me not being minister any longer came out.

Mrs Johnson: So please tell me, why are you no longer a serving minister?

Hon. Johnson: Madam what is your own? Did the president ask permission from any of us before he appointed me as a minister? He felt he had to do some changes in his ministers and he successfully did it so why all this questions like I am in an interrogation room. Woman please let me have peace in my own house for once. (walks to the bedroom)

Mrs Johnson: (speaks in a low tone) Ah did I say anything wrong or as a concerned wife, was it a crime to enquire the reason why my husband has lost his position as a cabinet minister? Mmmm my love, please should I serve you your meal?

Hon. Johnson: No you can give it to the gateman, I am off to bed.

Mrs Johnson: Ah why is this man acting strange and paranoid? He has never spoken to me like this before. Let me allow him to be, when he comes around I know he will give me minute details as to why he is no longer a minister. Where is this gateman, he should come for his master’s food.

At the Residence of the Nortey’s:

Mrs Nortey: So are you now coming home after you told me you are attending a short meeting?

Hon. Nii Nortey: So must you always be rude and try to pick up a fight anytime I come home late?

Mrs Nortey: Thank God you know it is late my husband, when was the last time you spent time with your children and wife? When was the last time you went through the books of your children to see if they are performing well at school? You always give excuses here and there but don’t forget you resigned as a minister with the excuse that you wanted to have time for your family. If the kids start to go wayward please don’t blame me because waywardness is not in my family.

Hon. Nii Nortey: If it is not in your family then whose family does it come from? As you came into my family, didn’t you see professors, engineers, medical doctors, lawyers and politicians? Am I not the one who paid your fees to enter the university as you were the first person in your entire family to first step your feet in the university. Please go and get my food for me to eat, I will be going to my farmhouse tomorrow and I am likely to spend the entire weekend there because I want to audit and check things over there.

Mrs Johnson: I won’t also be in the house ooo, I got an emergency call that my father is very sick so I have to rush to the village and get him to the best hospital.

Hon. Johnson: If your dad sick let them convey him to the city for a better hospital and treatment, are you a doctor who will give him treatment? Who will take care of the kids and are you the only child of your parent?

Mrs Nortey: I am the elder’s child so I have to be around to see to the well-being of the man who brought me into the world. For we the Krobo’s we don’t handle family emergencies like that, as to who will take care of the kids, don’t we have a house help that we pay heavy sums of money? Please I will need money for that trip I will embark tomorrow and it must be heavy because my aunts and uncles around will demand for something from me when I get there.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You demand money like I am the governor of the central bank, are you going to see to the well-being of your sick father or you are embarking on charity spree. Haven’t I setup a big shop for you so can’t you take money from that place to spend on your so called uncles and aunts?

Mrs Nortey: Oh you want me to take money from that place so that when my capital drops, you will get the license to call me incompetent? Please don’t go there because you won’t win this argument this time around. Since you are married to me, you are married to my entire family so please don’t go there.

Hon. Nii Nortey: So I am married to miss Krobo so every member of his family is on my payroll. A minute ago you were rocking shoulders with me as to who comes from a decent or better family. Please go and get my food for me because it is late already and I am starving.

Fast forward:

At the Aiport Presidential Lounge:

President R. Mensah: James I am living the country into your abled hands, please handle and stir the country’s affairs well.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: There is no cause to worry your Excellency, I will make sure that I monitor the new ministers very well and stay in touch with you via Skype and any social media that makes communications easy and accessible.

President R. Mensah: I trust your judgement James, thanks for also coming to see me off.

Hon. Asantewaa: I wish you all the best of luck Mr Vice President.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Thank you very much madam Asantewaa, I wish you a very safe journey and smooth flight. I pray you succeed in all the endeavours as to why you are travelling. May the good Lord be with you.

President R. Mensah: And with you also my brother, please govern well on my behalf. (embraces the veep and sits in the car that will convey him to the termac)

At the Nortey’s Residence:

Hon. Nii Nortey: This is 4ooo cedis, make sure your father is given the best treatment and if possible let me speak with him when you get there.

Mrs Nortey: How can a very sick person be talking on phone, I will call and give you updates on his medical condition when I get there and we take him to the hospital. Thank you for the money but when I get there and the condition is critical as my mother was saying, you will have to send me additional money through mobile money.

Hon. Nii Nortey: If it is critical, convey him to the city, I will have qualified doctors who are well exposed take care of him. I am not ready to do any in-law funeral, my regards to your mother. Tell her at the right time I will come and visit them. Call this house boy to get my bag into the car, I will be using the Benz this time around, you can go with the driver and any of the cars.

Mrs Nortey: No I won’t get a place for him to sleep, I will drive myself to the village.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Your father’s big compound house, you mean you can’t get anywhere for the driver to sleep? Well please yourself, I will be back on Monday. Don’t also forget to call me when you get to the village, I am off. (leaves the bedroom)

Mrs Nortey: (makes a cross sign on her forehead) Ah Jesus you are indeed the son of God, see how you made me answer every question he was throwing at me like I knew he was going to ask me that? Kelvin boy here I come, tonight none of us will sleep.

Cindy’s End:

Lauren: Hey you, go tell that witch of your sister that she has not heard the last from me. If you ladies thought you could disgrace and embarass me like that, I am so so sorry.

Lovia: What is that your name again?

Lauren: My name is Lauren and why do you ask?

Lovia: I asked because I want to send a message to your big head, youngman let me warn you, let this be your last time that you stop me and spew that nonsense from that gutter you call your mouth to go warn my sister. If you have any message or threat, you know where to find her. Today I have been gentle and polite, next time you will see the ugly side of me. (hisses and walks away)

Lauren: (talking to himself) Herh this girl is f**king paaa oooo, so she can talk like this and she always walks about this house like she doesn’t know how to talk. If she did this to me, I wonder what her crazy sister Cindy will also do to me when I confront her?

Cindy: My dear why are you looking so tensed up?

Lovia: Can you imagine the landlord’s son met me on my way here from town and he had the guts to send a warning to you through me. He said you have not heard the last from him and if you thought you had successfully destroyed his guitar string; he has five more strings left. He further went on to say you have not heard the last of him.

Cindy: He is mad, if he is man enough he should boldly come and confront me personally. He shouldn’t bring himself for me to channel my aggression on him.

On Phone:

Hon. Nii Nortey: Hello my darling girl, I am almost at the mall, where are you standing?

Gifty: I am sitting at the coffee shop but since you are near, I will walk out to the car park.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh okay that is good, I will park at the bus stop infront of the mall so you can join me so that we continue our journey. I have asked my cook at my farmhouse to prepare something nice for us.

Gifty: Eeeeiii honourable I didn’t know you were into farming also ooo. So please what exactly are you into?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Mmmm I am into animal farming like grass cutter rearing, snail, rabbit and tilapia farming. Also I have a big palm plantation and soon I will enter into dog rearing, mango, pawpaw, banana and plantain farming. You will see all those things I have mentioned when we get there.

Gifty: Woooooow you are really a hard-working and business minded man. I can’t wait to get to the farmhouse and have a glimpse of it. I use to have a white rabbit but my younger brother’s dog killed it.

Hon. Nii Nortey: That is so bad, I will get one for you when we are returning from our fun filled adventurous trip. Also we will passby the mall for me to get you a new phone of your choice, whether iPhone or Samsung. After that I will rent a fully furnished apartment for you so that I can visit you at any day and time.

Gifty: Ah you are a darling honourable, you don’t know what I have in stock for you when we get to Ada finally.

On Phone:

Mrs Nortey: Hello my superman, I hope you slept well and you are warming up for me?

Kelvin: Bae I couldn’t sleep well because I was all alone and my body was on fire and you were not around to quench it for me. I am burnt on seeing you and having you in my arms all alone for the weekend.

Mrs Nortey: Oh really? I am on my way and will be there in 90minutes time so freshen up and wait for me in bed. That fire in you, I am bringing a very big fire engine truck to quench it for you. Don’t miss me too much because I will be with you soon.

Later in the evening, Kelvin and Mrs Nortey after having much fun in their hotel room, they decide to go and swim at the pool. Meanwhile Gifty and honourable Nortey also decided to step out of their room after taking their dinner to join the liveband session which was being played at a corner in the hotel. On their way they met a surprise that I can only share with you in the next episode……………

So why does females/ women/ ladies/ girls laugh infront of their fellow ladies and insult them behind their back?

Do you believe kids sometimes see things that will happen in the future or it’s because they over eat before bed or play too much during the day that is why they go through such things at night?

What lies ahead of the President as he has fired some people who invested a lot for him to become president?

What surprise do you think Hon. Nortey and Gifty came across?

To be continued



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