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Corruption – Episode 38

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Corruption – Episode 38

© Akoto Alexander

Hon. Johnson: They confuse their owner.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (chuckles) They confuse their owner indeed, you two erh, I pray the things in between your legs won’t lead you into trouble some day.

Hon. Johnson: Never ever will that happen ma’am. (presses the elevator button)

In the President’s Office:

President R. Mensah: (on phone) Madam Asantewaa please come to my office right this moment.

Hon. Asantewaa: Okay your Excellency, I will be there in a jiffy.

President R. Mensah: Okay then, please come along with my presidential diary and ask Pearl to get us some soft drinks. Hon. Johnson and Hajia Ramatu should be in my office any moment from now. (drops the call)

Hon. Asantewaa: Gentlemen and lady, please let us reschedule this meeting to some other time, the President wants to see me in his office right this moment. (takes her mobile phone and makes a call)

Danny: Hello ma’am please I am on my way to your office.

Hon. Asantewaa: Good, you will meet me in the corridor. I hope you have the presidential diary with you?

Danny: Yes please, I am done with the work you gave me.

Hon. Asantewaa: I knew I could count on you my boy, I will see you soon. (ends call)

President R. Mensah: (on phone) Hello sir, please drop whatever you are doing and come to my office right now.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Your Excellency you are sounding distressed, is everything alright?

President R. Mensah: You will find out when you join me in my office and please come with the bauxite documents you signed with the Chinese Ambassador. I want to read some sections of the contract and let the Attorney General and some state lawyers work on an important draft for us. You know you can’t trust this foreigners always with some important things.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Okay I will be there right away. (drops the telephone and walks out of his office with a file in his hand)

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (sees the vice president in the corridor) Ah good afternoon your Excellency, I thought you were still at the Savannah region doing some commissioning of projects there?

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: I came back last night Hajia. You know the small boy will be travelling this dawn so I had to rush back to the capital so I can handle things in his absence. How are the folks back home doing?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: They are very fine your Excellency. I believe your household is also in good shape.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: God has been good to us Hajia. You Johnson erh, I told you to come and see me some weeks ago but you have bluntly refused to do so. You think because you are a minister now, you are on top of the world. Becareful so that your name is not erased from my good books when I ascend the presidential seat in some few years time.

Hon. Johnson: (cuts his phone call) Good afternoon your Excellency, please I came over to your house twice but I was told you were out of town and your phones were equally not connecting as I tried to reach you on phone. You know you are my godfather in this game of politics and I can’t do without you sir.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: You be there and sweet talk me with your sugar coated words. Anyway what brings you guys here this afternoon?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency, our president invited us here and we are yet to know his reason for inviting us over to this place.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Okay, I am equally going to his office so let’s go and hear what he has to say to us.

At Mansokrom:

Twum Boafo: Ah junior you are not convincing me well enough with your bow and arrow skills at all. I said hold the bow very firm, target your prey then you shoot to kill. Even if you don’t want your target to escape or die straightaway, you can try and hit it at where it will make it slow down then you pounce on it.

Junior: Daddy the bow is very big and rigid that I can’t pull the arrow very well.

Twum Boafo: Son if the bow becomes lose, you can’t use it in shooting your target. Every good bow must be very tight and rigid, I think the practice we have had is enough for today. Let us go back home so that I prepare something for us to eat. You have to study your books also so let us be on our way home.

Junior: You are the best daddy in the world and I promise to put happiness on your face and make you proud for the rest of your life. (hugs the dad)

Twum Boafo: I am already proud of you and I know anyone who bears the name Twum Boafo, that person is a warrior and a legend.

At the President’s Office:

Pearl: Please sir, is there anything else I can do for you?

President R. Mensah: Nothing for now Pearl, if I need you, I will let you know through the intercom and please cancel all my appointments in the next hour and reschedule it as it follows on the appointment book. I believe you understand me very well?

Pearl: Not really sir.

President R. Mensah: I mean all my appointments is going to be delayed for 1 hour so convey the message to Danny and anyone who the matter concerns. Lastly until I am done with this meeting, I don’t want any disturbance or phone calls. Hold brief for me in all phone calls that comes through the office line. I believe you have understood me very well.

Pearl: Yes please, the instructions given to me has been well received. (walks out of the office)

President R. Mensah: Good afternoon and I warmly welcome you to my office ladies and gentlemen. As you are all aware, this dawn I will be taking a trip to some countries outside the continent to talk on matters that will help the economy and create jobs for our young graduates. With my exit this dawm the clause in the constitution which gives the vice president the power to be the leader of the country will be evoked and he will be at the helms I affairs in my absence for the next 5 days.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Your Excellency, there is no cause for alarm. I will see to the day to day monitoring of the ministers and other projects that the government is embarking upon.

President R. Mensah: I am very confident and certain that, leaving you at post, nothing will go wrong under your watch.

Hon. Asantewaa: Your Excellency, for me I am very happy and super excited that you stood to your word to clump down the galamsey menace. Recently when I travelled to the Eastern region I saw the Densu and Birim river are gaining its colour once again.

President R. Mensah: Madam Asantewaa, if I didn’t see to it for the works of those greedy and inhuman people to stop the galamsey we would in no time import water to drink and the unborn generation would never forgive us for that. If not us, who? If it is not now, when? Next in the pipeline is operation cow leg which will tackle the fulani problem.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Your Excellency, you have to give an order to the military men to shoot the cattle of those fulani to death. We will then throw a national party with the slaughted cattle so that the citizens of this country will for once enjoy and not feel left out or am I not saying your minds.

Hon. Johnson: You are very right your Excellency, I couldn’t have agreed with you less. Those foreigners who are now claiming ownership of our lands, raping, harassing and intimidating our people must be put in their rightful position.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: In my constituency I told some of my boys to lynch any of those fulanis who rape or molest my people and if they are arrested by the police, I will personally step in to assist or secure their bail from the police.

Hon. Asantewaa: I don’t think your boys taking the laws into their hands is the best alternative Hajia. Ghana has always been known to be a peaceful place with harmless citizens who receive our visitors with a warm embrace.

Hon. Johnson: Oh so Hon. Asantewaa we should continue to sit down with our hands in between our legs and watch those idiots assault, rape, molest and murder our people erh? The fact that some of we Ghanaians have been fighting each other doesn’t mean we should allow some foreigners to take over our lands and intimidate our people. The last time, I watched the news, I saw a girl of 13years who had been grusomely raped by 3 of the fulanis and when the girl’s father tried to rescue her, one of them stabbed him multiple times in his chest.

Hon. Asantewaa: Marvin as a mother that news broke me down for days as I watched that news and I feel for that innocent young girl and her mother who has now been turned into an early widow but I believe we should allow the law and the police to do their work as preliminary investigations is ongoing. That is what the constitution has clearly stated.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: My dear Asantewaa, which police are you talking about? The 1cedis police officers or the goat taking judges who have refused to make the truth standout?

Hon. Johnson: The bitter truth is that, Ghanaians have lost trust in the police and the judicial service. The day the police tries to do a good job, the judges go behind them and take bribe then either they set the accused free or give them a lower sentence.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: So that is why the police has so decided not to prosecute any culprit they arrest huh?

Hon. Johnson: Certainly your Excellency, you know those men in uniform won’t risk their lives to apprend the wicked then someone will sit in the comfort of his office and take bribe for their efforts to go in vain.

President R. Mensah: I have been sitting in my chair quietly listening to your submissions and I am so fascinated with what I am hearing. I must first register my greatest disappointment in what Hajia Ramatu said by saying she has given some of the youths in her constituency the permission to lynch any fulani who is caught doing anything bad. You said you will use your influence to bail or release those people out from police custody so how do you expect the police to discharge their services when you use your position to interfere in their work? You ministers, members of parliament, board of directors and CEO’s are the worse people in this country who are not law abiding and you abuse the laws of this country without fear of remorsefulness. This menace will come to an absolute end before my first term ends because I am coming to mount pressure on the Attorney General, Chief Justice, Interior Minister and the acting IGP for this slow pace of justice delivery to change. If the laws are held rigidly and enforced properly, I know most people will think thrice before doing any bad thing. The sentence order must be reviewed and amended swiftly so that the citizen will get the confidence they once had for the law and the police. Mind you, two wrongs never makes a right and if we don’t put the right measures in place for people to do the right thing, our grandchildren won’t ever forgive us.

Hon. Asantewaa: Thank you for this expression your Excellency. You don’t know how excited I am to hear this words from you. You have just hit directly on the nail and I believe soon Ghana will pick her peaceful dress to wear it. Violence has never been a solution to any problem in this country and I know you will equally bring on board the chiefs and elders of those villages to join in making that law a stable and sustainable goal.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency, please don’t be disappointed in me. If you come from my background, you would understand me very well. You can’t go to any Islamic country and be raping their girls like that. When your manhood is chopped off with other parts of your body, when you see a female coming to your direction, you will run for your life. Sometimes we need to be hard, rigid, mercilessly and wicked with some decisions that will make people scared of committing unpardonable offences.

President R. Mensah: If we need to be wicked and merciless on some desicions then without fear or favour, I hereby relieve you of your duties as ministers Honourable Hajia Ramatu and Honourable Marvin Johnson. Hajia at your watch, you imported vaccines that had expired into this country even though I am reliably informed that you were notified and cautioned when that order was made by you. You and your alibies successfully cleared the things at the port without going through the requisite clearing process. As if that was not enough, you used your office as a bait for some suppliers to channel their imported goods into this country without paying the right clearance bill, I have all the documents in question and I am going to see to it that you and those suppliers will pay back every pesewa they were supposed to pay and add penalties to it if not then, you people will face the full force of the law. For you Johnson you have disappointed me so much that I feel betrayed appointing you to the Agricultural ministry. With your background in agric, I was expecting you would assist my government to hit our target and improve on our export products and commodities. I made sure that all cocoa roads were awarded to contractors which would make transporting the cocoa seeds to the port very easy. I gave you the veto power to get the best fertilizers in town for our cocoa farmers and you went in for the worse fertilizer that would even cause problems to the cocoa farmers some time to come. As if that was not enough, you we selling the fertilizers to the farmers at a reduced price which was supposed to be given to them free of charge. With the implementation of the extension officers policy, you have deliberately sat on their salaries for months for reasons best known to you. How do you expect those people to survive as most of them are family men? You see the red file on my desk, I have records of all the dirty deals you signed and I don’t care how you will do it but I want you to return every pesewa you got from those deals if not, I will hand you over to the special prosecutor for him to prosecute you to court. I don’t care if you were one of my financiers during the campaigning period. This are your relieve letters or better still your dismissal letters, you have 21days to reimburse your respective ministry accounts with the monies your diverted into your personal accounts. We are done here, may you enjoy the rest of your day.

Hon. Johnson: (goes on his knees) Your Excellency, please reconsider your decision if not we will be turned into a subject of mockery and we can’t stand the embarrassment. Mr vice president and madam chief of staff, please help us beg his Excellency. At least we can return the monies and stay at our respective post and help him lead us to the promise land.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency, you know I was the chairperson who sat on the vetting committee who vetted you. Even though you had some issues which could have disqualify you as a candidate but I abused my power and allowed you to go through the next round and today you are here. Please this is the time to return my favour and not make me a mockery of in the society. Mr vice president and madam Asantewaa please intervene on our behalf so that his Excellency will reconsider his actions.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Your Excellency please temper justice with mercy and reconsider your decision. You know we need Hajia Ramatu and Johnson in our corner as we will be going to the polls very soon.

President R. Mensah: Unfortunately I wasn’t asking for your opinion on this matter and I want to make it clear here that no one is irreplaceable in my government. If I see anyone backsliding in my government, I will just show the person the exit, the tree that is likely to enter the eye is uprooted and not cut down. I have given my final verdict and that is how it will remain.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: As you wish your Excellency, I believe you have pondered over this issue several before coming out with your verdict. Please let me know what you will decide when you go through the documents I brought.

Hon. Johnson: Thank you very much for giving me the chance to serve in your government. It was a pleasure and dream come true for me and I hold the memories of serving as a minister under you in great esteem. Thank you so much sir.

President R. Mensah: Thank you for accepting to serve in my government. Your names will go in the good books of this country.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: I will be in my office your Excellency. (walks to the door together with Hon. Johnson and Hajia Ramatu)

Back at Mansokrom:

Junior: Daddy whose car is parked in our compound?

Twum Boafo: We are yet to find out whose car it is because I am not expecting anyone or visitor this afternoon.

Matron: Hello father and son. Good afternoon.

Junior: (runs to embrace the matron) Aunty you are welcome and I am happy to see you.

Matron: I am equally happy to see you my son. You are looking much bigger, stronger and handsome. What has your father been feeding you with?

Twum Boafo: Adwoa how did you locate your way here because I remember only telling you the name of this town?

Matron: The golden fish has no hiding place and it was very easy getting to this place because of your popularity in this town. Junior I brought a lot of goodies for you.

Twum Boafo: Adwoa let us go inside and have our conversation there. Junior you can go and play as I and your aunty have a conversation inside.

Matron: Please help me convey the things I brought into the house.

Back at the Presidency:

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency, did you see the gross embarrassment that youngman rubbed our faces into? When did he start politics that he would be talking to us any how?

Vice Prez. Bugri: Calm down and lower your voice, we are still in the corridors of the presidency and walls have ears. Let us go to my office and think of how to face the media and public.

Hon. Johnson: So now when he invites you to his office then it means he is about to axe you out of his government. First it was Nii Nortey and now its Hajia and myself, are we the only corrupt officials in his government? How was he expecting us to retrieve the monies we spent to campaign for him during the election period?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Say no more Johnson for the more that issue is raised, the higher my blood pressure rises. We woke up as ministers today and we are going to bed as only members of parliament. If any mallam told me this would happen, I would have bet with my last pesewa that he was fake and a blatant liar.

Hon. Johnson: I regret ever campaigning for that greedy guy. Your Excellency, please do well to clear yourself from anything that will prevent you from contesting that guy when our party executives opens nomination of flagbearership contest.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: You don’t have a problem at all Johnson, you know if not for that scandal that happened before the party’s elections, I would have filed for the flagbearer position. Before Reedolf started politics, I was deputy minister and a member of parliament for my people. When did that guy start politics?

President R. Mensah: (on phone) Danny come to my office right now with the Communication Director.

Danny: We are on our way right now to your office your Excellency.

Hon. Asantewaa: Your Excellency, if I am permitted to say something, I would say you were too hard on our comrades. They deserved a second chance or a caution, please don’t forget the financial investment and sacrifice our party members did for you when we were in opposition?

President R. Mensah: Madam Asantewaa, my decision was not decided just in a day or two, I consulted some trusted council members of state and they all advised for me to show those two the exit. I won’t allow one or two nuts to destroy the entire soup. How could a whole minister in charge of health import expired vaccines in the country for it to be used on patients that visits the government hospitals. Mind you, our opponents are quite and not talking, wait and see what they say during campaigning and election period. Trust me madam Asantewaa, whatever decision I take, it is for our own good. Ghanaians are wise and after four years, they will either retain or kick us out. I won’t pamper or go soft on anyone who tries to rub my government into the mud.

Danny: (knocks and enters the President office together with the communication director) Sir please we are in as you instructed.

President R. Mensah: Good, I would like you to meet the presidential reports and break the news of the reshuffle that will take place from tomorrow. I want you to be objective and very careful when delivering this important information to them because the reporters will go hard on you with tricky questions as this is my first reshuffling of ministers as I became president. In this file are the names of the new and old ministers, some have been retained, others have been moved to a different ministry whiles others have also been axed out from my ministerial team.

Communications Director: Okay your Excellency, trust me to deliver as always. For the reporters, I know how to handle them so there is no cause to worry about.

President R. Mensah: I know I can always rely on you my abled communications director extraordinaire. Danny I went through the speeches and they are simply good. You did a magnificent job that needs to be complimented. You guys should keep the good work up.

Danny: Sir anytime you compliment me, I fell so honoured because I know I have one of the most difficult jobs in this country but I am privileged you chose me to be your speech writer.

President R. Mensah: My friend get out of my office before you start with a new speech. My regards to your wife and don’t be late for the flight ahead of us.

Danny: Yes sir, permission to fallout sir.

President R. Mensah: Hahahahaha, carry on my gallant speechwriter.

Back at Mansokrom:

Twum Boafo: Adwoa you are welcome to my humble abode, I know it is not comfortable and you are not use to this kind of environment but please bear with me.

Matron: Hey don’t be sarcastic over here, are you the one who invited me over or I chose to come here myself? Don’t you guys sleep when you close your eyes at night? Actually with what you told me the other time, I am even impressed with what I am seeing here. Please offer me water to drink because I am thirsty.

Twum Boafo: Where is junior, he should come so he rushes to buy you bottled water outside the house.

Matron: And who said its bottled water I need? Please get me some of the water in the pot there, don’t forget that once upon the time, I was living in a village much deprived than this village. I believe you burnt some dried palm kernel to give the water some nice scent and flavour?

Twum Boafo: Yes I did and with this request, I rest my case. (gets the water for the matron)

Matron: (after consuming the water) Ah there is no place like home. Everything looks and taste natural from its original source and I miss this taste and flavour so much.

Twum Boafo: Now that I have offered you water, I would ask what brought you here to my village and small home?

Matron: My mission here is simple Kwame Twum, I have missed you guys and as I came on leave, I decided to search for you guys and check up on you.

Twum Boafo: Ah that was so thoughtful of you Adwoa, honestly you have taken me by surprise and I really appreciate your coming here. I hope you didn’t find it difficult to locate this place?

Matron: Kwame I must admit, I went through hell to get here. I nearly gave up after driving for close to 3 hours and getting wrong directions from some people I met on the lonely road. When I almost gave up, I met an old lady with a tall walking stick who directed me to this place and after talking to her, I didn’t see her on the road again. Kwame the way fear gripped me, I don’t know how I held myself to this place.

Twum Boafo: You mean you saw the goddess of this land?

Matron: Goddess? I don’t understand you Kwame.

Twum Boafo: That old woman you met is not just an old woman. History has it that she is the deity of this land who protects us from evil and danger. Trust me, if you had an evil intention of stepping into this village, she would have driven you back by releasing her bees bodyguards unto you.

Matron: So some of this myths are really true?

Twum Boafo: My dear anything that has a name does exist but it’s not anyone or everyone that might come across it.

Matron: Kwame what do you have in the house? After combing the who township I am starving really bad.

Twum Boafo: Adwoa the truth is that I was now planning to cook something, because I don’t have electricity and fridge in this house, I don’t cook in a bigger quantity. I and your boy went on a hunting session. The adolescents of this village once a while go into the bush to hunt for a live fawn before the festival of this village takes place.

Matron: Kwame do you think that is necessary? The youngman going into the bush with the others is a bit dangerous because they are exposed to a great danger. Wild, poisonous and hungry animals can easily attack them.

Twum Boafo: My dear all this questions came to mind but hey this land we find ourselves was a token I got after bringing the fawn back home during my time. His mom kicked against it earlier on but my boy fought her on that decision, I on the other hand respect the views and passion of the gentleman so I gave my blessings and I am training him on how he would survive when they eventually get to the bush. You know the Twum Boafo spirit never gives up.

Matron: Well I respect your decision but have you heard from your wife ever since she left the note at the hospital and fled?

Twum Boafo: My dear I called her uncle who gave her hand in marriage to me and the man said, her daughter came home telling him he was done with the marriage. When he tried to force her back to me, he said the daughter gave him an insult of his life that he would never forget. He told me to forget about her and at the right time, he and his family will return my bride price and the things I brought to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Kwame Adjei: (shouts as he enters the compound) Knock knock my brother, who is the owner of the powerful automobile parked on your compound?

Twum Boafo: Come inside the room and see the owner for yourself my good friend.

Matron: (whispers) Kwame who is that out there?

Twum Boafo: That is my friend who came to the hospital with us the day my runaway wife felt sick.

Kwame Adjei: (enters the room) Mine oooo mine, see who we have here this lovely day. Madam matron you are welcome to our small village, Kwame take this grasscutter and prepare a nice pepper soup for her as I rush to get her fresh palmwine to wash down her soft throat.

Matron: Wooooooow, you don’t know how long I have yearned for grasscutter pepper soup and palmwine. Coming here was a real blessing my dear.

Back at the Club House Suite:

Gifty: Oh honourable I just remembered, I have to be home right now. My aunt will be coming over for my documents to work on some travelling documentation processing for me.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Ah baby but I have told you not to worry about your posting or anything related to work. See even though a portal has been opened for you unemployed nurses, I am going to use my protocol concession to get you your desired place of work. Is it Korle-Bu, Ridge hospital or the new Legon hospital that you want to be posted to? The minister of health is my very good friend who owes me a lot of favours, even if it’s the presidential clinic you want, I can get it for you.

Gifty: Honourable I know you want the best for me but that aunt of mine travelled to this country just for this course and if I do anything that doesn’t conform in line with that, she will raise a fight with my mom. As my mom helped her travel outside the country for the past 17years, this is the first time she is coming back and has offered to assist any relative.

Hon Nii Nortey: Baby but you can’t leave me like this? See the way my manhood has erected and I am so much in the mood to do you right.

Gifty: (phone rings) Honourable please bear with me this time around, I believe she is the one even calling. Please let me go and see her and I promise to spend the whole of tomorrow with you if you are free and ready for me?

Hon. Nii Nortey: You know I am always ready for you but please you allow me to push it in for just 5 seconds and I will be okay, please consider my erected manhood before I develop blue balls.

Gifty: Honourable I don’t want to start anything that we can’t end today, you know I have a long sex drive and that 5 seconds won’t do anything to me. Please today has almost ended so kindly understand me and allow me to go, tomorrow I will be all yours and you can use or have me all for yourself. I will give it to you anyhow, anywhere, anytime and any style.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Even though I am not happy and don’t find myself on the same platform with you, I will allow you to go. Open the drawer over there and take one of the 5cedis bundle notes in it. Since you said you will be with me all day tomorrow, I will take you to one of the nicest resorts in Ada for a lovely uninterrupted moment with you. I will pick you at the Accra shopping mall at exactly 9am, please don’t be late.

Gifty: (takes the money and plants a kiss on Nii Nortey’s lips) You are the best, tomorrow I will paralyze you with some mindblowing styles when we eventually get to Ada. (steps out of the room)

Hon. Nii Nortey: (picks his phone and makes a call) Youngman arrange a succulent clean lady for me right away. I am at my usual suite in the club house.

Caller: Honourable for your spec, the price has gone up lately sir.

Hon. Nii Nortey: What nonsense is that suppose to mean? Ever since I started using your girls, don’t I pay in excess? Now get me a clean girl who knows how to use her waist and I want her here in the next 30minutes.

Caller: Very well honourable, I will send over a Caribbean girl who joined us just last week from Porto Rico.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Caribbean girl? I hope she is clean and not with STI or STD’s?

Caller: Honourable she is as clean and fresh as the oil paint. My doctors cleared her medically clean and fit just yesterday so you are the first client to get her services for the very first time in the whole of Africa.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You be there and be giving me assurances that only God can give, if anything goes wrong medically, I will have you castrated and your balls will be fried and I will have it served to you. Now direct her to my end. (cuts the call)

Gifty: (on phone) Hello baby.

Kelvin: Don’t baby me young lady, where the f**k are you and why were you not answering my calls?

Gifty: I am on my way home and for your calls, I didn’t hear the phone ringing. I have pleaded with you severally to help me get a new phone as this one has been showing signs of getting spoilt but you keep giving me excuses.

Kelvin: Please hurry up to this place, my madam just called me to travel and go and oversee a project of her and I must leave the house by 7pm. I might spend the entire weekend there so please come and prepare something for me to eat before I set off.

Gifty: So you think you can be travelling just like that without a proper notice when we finally marry huh? You I will be home in the next hour or 50minutes time.

Kelvin: I am sorry but it is just for our good, you complained a while ago for a new phone, the travelling allowance and some financial benefits I derive from such trips will be what I will use in getting some of the things we need, I will be waiting for you. (ends call)

Gifty: (talking to herself) Ah what a great relief, this will give me a better opportunity to spend the weekend with Honourable Nortey. I am going to make the very best of the time I am going to spend with him, I believe I will score more points from him before our ungodly escapade ends over there. I can’t solely rely on Kelvin because I know he is stingy with his money sometimes but I love the way he gives it to me and he is a handsome guy who every girl will give anything to have. Hmmm if this honourable knows what I am bringing on board, he would start finding the assistance of a viagra to come and face me.

Kelvin: (talking to himself) Ah God thank you for making things easy for me. Mrs Nortey it is going to be a power packed weekend for you, I will ride you like a mad stallion for you to sign a mindblowing cheque for me. Where did I put this new aphrodisiac I brought from town even?

Back at the Presidency Press Room:

Communication Director: Good day members of the press. Thanks for gathering here after a short notice, in front of me this afernoon is a letter signed by His Excellency President Reedolf Mensah. To go to the purpose why you guys were summoned here, you know the constitution of this country gives the President and the Commander in Chief of the Army a legislative power where he can appoint, reshuffle and if possible fire anyone who he appoints to head or lead a ministry without answering to anyone. Today his Excellency the president has decided to exercise that legislative power to do some changes in his led government.

Journalist: (interrupts) Excuse me sir, so has the president fired some members of his cabinet again as he did to Honourable Nii Nortey Thompson?

Communication Director: Mmmm what is your name and which media house do you report for?

Journalist: Sir please I report for Gold Coast Media House and my name is Nii Teiko Papafio.

Communication Director: Nii Teiko, before you interrupted me, I was about to give out names of the ministers who had been reshuffled and the new ones who have been called upon to head some ministries. As to where you got your information, I don’t know my brother. Now let me go back to where I was interrupted by your colleague…………………..

How will Communications Director go about things without stepping on anyone’s toe?

Did the president do well by firing Hon. Hajia Ramatu and Hon. Johnson after all the investment and sacrifice they did for him during the electioneering period?

If you were in the shoes of Hon. Hajia Ramatu and Hon. Johnson would you take the dismissal likely or you would go in for a revenge after all the investment and sacrifice?

So what is the fate of Gifty, Kelvin, Mrs Nortey, Hon. Johnson and almighty Hon. Nii Nortey?

To be continued



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