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Corruption – Episode 37

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Corruption – Episode 37

© Akoto Alexander

Kempenski Hotel:

Karl Simpson’s Suite:

Karl Simpson: (talking to himself and watching the mirror) Gosh I overslept, it’s already 1pm and hey that idiot really gave me a hell of a beating last night. Look at how my forehead and right eye is swollen, my right cheek has also swollen, my lips and my nose is broken, ajeeeeeeeiiiii!!! I can’t even open my mouth, even if I was a thief, would I be subjected to such beatings? Hell no, I must teach that brut a lesson he will never ever forget in his miserable life. I will let my police officers lock him up and torture him, the hands that he raised against me must be dismantled and the tongue he used in challenging me must be chopped off. He will know he has stepped on the tail of a viper and he will never go scort free without tasting a portion of my venom. I won’t clean myself up, I am taking myself like this straight to the police station. Even if I didn’t spare my own father’s life for slapping me, how much more an idiot who has no future to beat me like he own kid. (grabs his car key, bottoms his shirt and steps out of the room with bloodstains in his singlet)

H.R. Manager: (meets Karl on the corridor to the elevator) Hello good afternoon boss, I trust you are enjoying your stay with us in our hotel?

Karl Simpson: Which stupid enjoyment do you expect one to get when you have employed the services of a monster to work in your hotel. Look at my handsome face and tell me to my face if you think I had a great night last night?

H.R. Manager: (plays smart) Sir you don’t look okay to me at all, you have bruises on your face and your face is swollen.

Karl Simpson: Thank God you can see what my face looks like. This is what one of the fools you have employed here did to me last night. That nonentity had the efontry and audacity to enter into my expensive suite that I paid for in dollars to subject me to this inhuman beatings. Hmmmm by the time I am through with him and this hotel, you will know who Karl Simpson truly is. I will sue this hotel and it’s management to it’s last pesewa.

H.R. Manager: Sir please kindly calm down and talk to me, can you identify the person who did this to you so that we handle this matter like adults that we are?

Karl Simpson: Handle which nonsense, hey you, wait a second, are you trying to persuade me so that we sit and talk about what that idiot did to me? Stay away from this matter and becareful I don’t press charges against you also when I get to the police station. Now get out of my way this moment before you see the ugly side of me, do you have money to stand infront of me and talk trash to my hearing? Go and get your company lawyers ready because I and my bench of lawyers will sue this hotel to it’s bankruptcy. (walks away)

H.R. Manager: (talks to himself) Joe messed up big time, how do I face the board of directors if truly this man sues this hotel. Should I inform Joe so he absconds or I should keep it a secret for the law to catch up with him? Hmmmm he is the only child of his parent too ooo and I understand he is the breadwinner of the family. Hmmmmm I find myself between the deep blue sea and the devil, God as Jesus once prayed to you that, if possible let death pass him by, so am I praying for this issue to also pass me by.

At the Police Station:

Morris: Good day officer, is the station master in his office?

Police Officer: No please, he is in the commander’s office. Please is there anything I can do for you?

Morris: Maybe you can assist us when the station master joins us here. Daddy please let’s take a seat and wait for him, with this medical report in our possession, I am going to file a case at the high court then serve him with his summons letter.

Station Master: (walks out of the commander’s office) Oh lawyer Ampah you are in with your dad. I was just discussing your case with the commander as to which swat team to go for the arrest of Karl. Please let’s go to my office, constable please tell detective sergeant Oppong to stop anything he is doing and come to my office right now, he will be working on this case as well.

Karl Simpson: (drives in and walks to the charge office) Ah station master it is good I have seen you here. Look at what some idiot working at the Kimpenski hotel has done to me. (turns and sees Morris and his dad)

Morris: Oh so there is an animal in the jungle whom the lion is scared off, you brutally assaulted my father, a man older than your late father and the man behind your father’s business success just for no logical reason. Someone whom I believe is your age mate fights you and you run to the police station to come and report huh? Station master please you know what to do.

Station Master: (takes a deep breath) Mr Karl Simpson, you are under arrest for assaulting an elderly man for no provocation against you. You have the right to remain silent until your lawyer comes in and anything you say will be used against you in the court of law. Constable arrest him and lock him up.

Karl Simpson: (tries to resist arrest) Ah station master, have you forgotten whom you are dealing with? Have you forgotten I was the one who built this very police station and equipped it with everything in it? Have you forgotten the tips I sent to you and the commander? You can’t do this to me now that I need your help most, order your boy to stop this harassment he is engaging me in. You can’t allow him to throw me into that smelling place with those thieves and hoodlums.

Station Master: Am sorry to disappoint you Mr Simpson but nobody is above the law.

Morris: Karl remember I once told you money is very good and powerful but there is something that has only been written down and it’s powerful than almost anything in the world and that thing is the law. I can assure you that, this time your money can’t save you.

Cell Leader: (screams from inside) Foolish man, you built this stupid building for people like us to be locked in and when it’s time for you to join us here, you are lamenting. You will come and meet me and my boys inside here. You will smell pepper inside here with us.

Second Leader: (sees Karl) Allah alkubar, baba nagode, senior this is the foolish man who got me arrested and refused to let me be granted bail just because he had influence on the police. Papa police hurry up and lock this wicked man up for us, we have an unfinished business to transact with him inside here.

Morris: It seems you will enjoy your stay inside the cell very much. Next time you will learn to respect your fellow human being. Cell leader I am going to leave 150 cedis for you and your boys as motivation when I am leaving this place.

Cell Leader: Ah thank you chairman, officer put 50 cedis into my account then 20cedis each into my boys’ account and Invest the remaining 20cedis into the cell dues.

Karl Simpson: Can I at least call my lawyer before you lock me in the cell? I now know how ungrateful some human beings can be, after building this place and stocking it with ultra modern equipments, you ungrateful people turned your backs on me. I know my lawyer will bail me out of this place.

Morris: When you built this place, were you thinking it’s only armed robbers, gangsters, pickpockets and low lives that were going to be brought here. After you spend some time in there, you will learn to respect your fellow humans beings with no strings attached.

At the Club House:

Hon. Nii Nortey: Marvin, have you heard from your president again?

Hon. Johnson: Since when did he become my president and not our president? Don’t give me reasons to believe that you are keeping malice with him after what happened between the two of you? To answer your question, I am to meet him this afternoon. I will be leaving here very soon.

Hon. Nii Nortey: my brother, if I tell you that I don’t have hatred for him then I am the biggest hypocrite on earth. Marvin you saw how I rallied behind him and campaigned for him day and night. You equally know how much money I invested in his campaign to the extent of selling family properties. Yes I know I guffed big time but didn’t I deserve a caution or second chance? How was he expecting me to pay the loans I took to campaign for him and was he expecting me to sell the little property I had made for myself and family for free? Bro don’t bring this matter up because it only brings bitterness and anger to me when these issues pop up in my head. I started doing politics when that small boy was still in secondary school and today he’s up there so he had the impudence to call for my resignation if not, he would let the media know what I engaged myself in. Can you imagine the audacity from that small boy?

Hon. Johnson: Hmmmmm this issue has twist and turns, once you are still a member of parliament, I know there are benefits and privileges you will still enjoy. After all, he was not paying ministers who doubled as parliamentarians and there were no allowances coming forth too, don’t forget that, if the monkey decides to pick malice with you, its your banana that gets saved. You now have ample time for yourself and you don’t stress yourself chairing meetings and attending ministerial meetings or functions. As I leave to his office erh, if he fools around with me, I will only tender in my resignation letter as well so that I will be free like you my brother.

Hon. Nii Nortey: My late mother used to say that, when you weed with your mouth, no grass cuts you. You haven’t gotten there yet so you are here exaggerating and rocking shoulders, go and meet him now before he will say to you that you are late. You also know he is very time conscious and articulate, I am waiting for my Kumasi girl.

Hon. Johnson: Is it the nurse you said is called Gifty or another Kumasi girl?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Yes I am talking about Gifty, I didn’t know you had memorized her name into your head like that?

Hon. Johnson: Jack truth be told, the girl is fine. I don’t really like slim girls but for her, the way she is slim with broad hips and big boobs, I wouldn’t mind taking a bite of her. You can give me a back pass when you are through with her.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You are mad, who told you I am going to finish with her anytime soon? The way that girl is sweet erh, it’s a long time project I have doing with her and if she plays her cards well, I wouldn’t mind making her my second wife or baby mama. Now leave this place before you incure my wrath you greedy b******.

Gifty: (walks in) Good afternoon honourables.

Hon. Johnson: Hellooooo, good afternoon pretty damsel. How are you doing? Don’t just stand there, come and give me a hug.

Gifty: (reluctantly gives in) Okay sir.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (after some few seconds) My friend it is okay, you have gotten what you requested for so please start leaving as there is a crowd. Call me after you are done with him at his office.

Hon. Johnson: Before I leave, Gifty I have a question for you, do you have a twin sister or another sister?

Gifty: No please, I am the only female amongst my siblings. Please why do you ask, is anything the problem?

Hon. Johnson: I will tell you later my dear, I will see you guys later. (walks away)

Hon. Nii Nortey: Baby girl, you are 35 minutes late. What kept you?

Gifty: I am sorry honourable, I misplaced my purse when I left the house to drop my particulars at the National Service Secretariat and I couldn’t afford a taxi because I wasn’t having enough money on me.

Hon. Nii Nortey: My dear, when you are with me, please cut the protocols and formalities because it makes me feel so bad and also you should have charted a taxi to this place so I foot the bill.

Gifty: Honorable, erm sorry darling, I called you severally but you were not answering your phone.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh I forgot to take my phone from silent mode. I am so sorry about that my baby girl, I will compensate you for that so don’t worry. Let’s go inside so that we have a quality time together.

Gifty: Honourable I am sorry I am not in the mood this afternoon because of my missing purse. I lost a lot of things which were in my purse, my ID’s and money I was supposed to use to buy medicine for my sick dad.

Hon. Nii Nortey: You know with me, money is not a problem. Let us go in and have some quality time together. I believe 7500 cedis will be enough to sort you out right?

Back at the Police Station:

Morris: Station Master, I would love for you to file this case to court by tomorrow.

Station Master: Lawyer please can I say something ?

Morris: Please go ahead.

Station Master: Lawyer, I will plead with you not to push for this case to be taken to court. We can resolve this issue out of court for all parties to be happy.

Morris: Hold it there Mr station master, are you by chance trying to persuade me from pursuing this case in court? Have you forgotten it is my father who was molested and assaulted by that spoilt brat? Please if you have any personal interest in this case then I would advice you to look elsewhere because I am going all out in this case.

Station Master: Sir, please speak with your son so he understands what I am saying. That young man in there is having connections and knows people, if this case is filled to court, it might end up in his favour because he will pay his way through and no compensation will go in your favour.

Morris: Station master, even though our legal services has been compromised in a way, there are committed and devoted judges who are always willing to protect the constitution any day, any time. The police doesn’t resolve issues so please be professional and discharge your duties with integrity as the motto of the police service states.

Station Officer: Lawyer, sorry to ask, so what if his lawyers comes in to bail him?

Morris: Did you just ask this dumb question? How can you allow his lawyers to bail him when the case has not yet been taken to court.

Station Master: Excuse me lawyer, the fact that I have descended low for you doesn’t mean you will teach me how to do my job. This case in question is not a non-bailable offence so don’t make me behave partial, I have gone out of my way to put him behind bars even though he could have been kept behind the counter until his lawyers come in and I refused him of making a call which is against his rights as a citizen of this country.

Inside the Cell:

Cell Leader: Guys bring him out from the toilet so we deal with him. The way he paid for me to be locked up here for months without trial, this is my chance to revenge and make him beg for mercy. Every pain he took me through will be reversed today, the law of karma is still at work and today we will enforce it here.

2nd Cell Leader: Cell commandos, bring that idiot here right this moment.

Karl Simpson: (brought in by the commandos) Forgive me for treating you badly sometime ago Sammy. I didn’t know what I was doing by then. I only wanted the workers around by then to be scared at the mention of my name when they see me coming.

Chief Commando: (slaps Karl from behind) Foolish man!!! Are you God for your fellow man to be scared at the mention of your name? Today you will eat your s*** and drink your urine inside here. Do you think saying sorry will change anything huh?

Cell Leader: Take it easy on him chief commando, let us listen to what he has to say first. Don’t forget this, two wrongs never make a right. I was once bitter about this man as to how bad he treated me but with his first statement he made as he was brought before me, I have realised that to err is human but to forgive is divine, before I was brought here to this police station, I had this perception that only criminals and bad people were brought here but after listening to the stories of most of the guys here, I have come to realise that the police station is just like the hospital that anyone at anytime can be admitted or brought here. Guys let him be, allow him to sit anywhere he wants to sit.

2nd Cell Leader: Chairman are you sure you don’t want us to give him a little cell reception? The commandos want to display their agility on wicked people like this man here.

Cell Leader: Let him be my brother, if we decide to pay evil with evil, the world will be a bad place to live. Whatever brought him here, I believe is to teach him something about life. He is a young man with ego and youthful exuberance, let no one trouble him as long as he remains here.

Karl Simpson: Thank you so much for having mercy and compassion on me. I have learnt a lot over here and I promise to turn a new leaf henceforth. I will see to it that anyone who is here because of debt or anything I can help to resolve, I will play a major role in taking that person out of this place.

At the Presidency:

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Hello Johnson and what are you doing here this afternoon?

Hon. Johnson: Good afternoon Hajia, I was equally about to ask you the same question seeing you here. Well to answer your question, I was invited here by his Excellency.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Well I believe he has something juicy for us as we are trying our best to help him achieve his Ghana beyond aid agenda.

Pearl: (walks in) Hello honourables, please Mr president is ready to see you in his office.

Hon. Johnson: Oh okay, thank you very much Pearl. You are looking ravishing and stunningly beautiful this afternoon. What have you been consuming lately that your beauty keeps increasing every rising day?

Pearl: (blushing) Honourable it’s banku and rice oooo.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (clears her throat) Johnson, Mr president is waiting for us so cut the pleasantries and let us go. Young woman, don’t forget my colleague is married so stop flirting around with him, Johnson after you please.

Hon. Johnson: Oh Hajia, your statement was a bit harsh. This is how Nii Nortey and myself play with her anytime we come around. There are no strings attached to our comments to her.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Don’t I know my boys again? I know the two of you like the back of my palms and I want you to complete this proverb for me. Birds of the same feathers…………

Why does the President want to see Hon. Johnson and Hon. Hajia Ramatu?

Do you believe the story of Gifty as she claimed her purse got missing and it contained a huge sum of money?

Do you believe some troubles or problems are blessing in disguise?

Let the discussions start across the various platforms and you know I am always available for a discussion when the need be.

To be continued


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