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The Need For Continual Improvement

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The Need For Continual Improvement

Growth is the essence of life. Growth with respect to living things represents the increase in the quality and functionality of life. All living things grow and true growth represents IMPROVEMENT. Now, just as biologically we expect growth so also we ought to expect growth in other aspects of our lives… Why?
The proof that a living thing is functioning normally is Growth.

Continual Improvement

True growth represents improvement and increase in capacity and functionality. Growth makes life meaningful. The opportunity for growth makes you know that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. Biological growth occurs spontaneously but growth in other aspects of our lives has to be INITIATED AND SUSTAINED.


If you desire growth in any area, the first mindset you must embrace is – I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY GROWTH.  

John C Maxwell in his book “The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth” states the first Law as “The Law Of Intentionality” meaning “Growth doesn’t just happen.” This is a belief system that you need to embrace if you want to see true growth initiated in any aspect of your life.


To grow you must be INTENTIONAL and you must have a strategy. So look into your life and firstly determine were you desire to grow. Then, know your current level in that area. You have to be brutally honest about this. If as a Student, you desire A grades and you are having majorly D’s, don’t ignore that! You have to firstly face your present reality before you can change it. Afterwards, you need to come up with a growth plan. This will require you acquiring new knowledge, a change of attitude and having new actions. Your knowledge, attitude and actions have to be commensurate with your goals. If they don’t line up, then there will be no growth. So learn what you need to do, have a change in attitude towards your growth and take the right steps.

Growth is not magical but growth is strategic and intentional!


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