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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 62

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I Want A Home – Episode 62
® 18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

“Please do have your seats gentlemen” Mr. Colan ushered Mr. Madison and Detective Cougar after an handshake.

“Thanks for giving us an opportunity to meet you Mr. Colan” Madison smiled and sit beside Detective Cougar who was seated already.

“And thanks for helping me out with this investigation. I’m sure with you guys the whole stuff would be quite faster” Colan remarked as they all settled.

“Yeah so let’s get to the main point we are here for”

“Ahh Yes before we continue, I think I need to show you what My men discovered” The Prosecutor started.


Their seating position hasn’t changed nor did any of them moved or speak. Steve was still on his knees right in front of Vivian who was seated on the bamboo chair.

Joel was likewise in his same position and Derrick was standing, “Vivian” Steve Jones called out almost in whispers as Vivian’s eyes lurked with he’s after returning his ringing phone into his pocket.

“Viv… I” Steve was still saying when Vivian rose up suddenly. She didn’t let him continue speaking nor had it bearable to lurk eyes with him. She walked past him towards the door and opened it almost the same seconds Derrick tried to stop her from walking out.

The door made a bang sound few seconds after Derrick felt the tensed situation even though none of them spoke and Vivian was out of the room immediately she jerked from Derrick’s hold.

“Common man, go after her” Joel was still saying while Steve was already on his feet, he step backwards and hurry to the door, he opened it too and stepped out.

“So tell me Derrick, how long have you been living in this deserted building?” Joel stated few seconds after Steve got out while Derrick watched in confusion.

He brought out his phone and doubled tap it, he drag down its drop down menu for any notifications but there was none except two new post reminder from the kipwriting website. He returned the phone into his pocket after swiping the notifications sideways.

“As far as I’m sure safe from the cops” Derrick answered wrongly and took few steps away from his position.

“I asked you how long boy”

“I’m no fuc..king boy of yours Joel. Eight months”

“Alone?” Joel asked making a chuckle immediately Derrick walked to the only table in the room, he watched him brought out a cigarette after taking the fire lighter placed on the table.

“I must say you have become very skillful Joel, you had me surrender to you faster earlier on. Next time will be quite different” Derrick sounded confidently as he dipped in the cigarette knowing fully well Joel was partly about to take the advantage. He heard Joel made a chuckle immediately and watched him stand up on the second bamboo chair in the room.

“There won’t be next time Derrick, I’m gonna pull the trigger on your goddamn head if that fuc..king happens again, praise your luck Steve recognized you on time otherwise you would have been on a journey to hell by now. You look like a pit man, this small a****le building doesn’t fit a proper living” Joel retorted in his American accent, he walked over to the table too and picked up the fire lighter Derrick dropped on the table, he stretched out his hands and Derrick gave him the pack of cigarettes, he picked out one and light it.

“Vivian.. Vivian.. I’m sorry” Steve called and tried to hold Vivian’s arm immediately he closed the door.

He had held unto her arm just immediately Vivian turned backwards to face him, she slapped his face and jerked her hands from him the same time.

“You’re what? Sorry? Did I just hear you say sorry?” Vivian charged at him after the sharp sudden slap on his face. She turned back to hold one of the string arm rest towards the sides where logs of wood were placed, she burst out and screamed.

“Vivian, Vivian..”Steve called out immediately she screamed, he stepped close to her, trying to stop her as she continue Screaming.

“Viv” he called again and quickly step close to her.

“Stay back man, let the dues both figure that out” Joel told Derrick who wants to rush outside immediately they heard the scream just immediately Cyrus who was on the bed moved his finger, conscious alas.

“Mr. Doss, you have a call from your father”
“Tell him I’m busy man”

“I told him already but he ordered that I give you the phone no matter where you are or what you are doing”

“I do not want to speak with my dad James, hung up the phone right now”

“But sir I…”

“Hung up the damn phone James, do not question my authority here or I’ll have you fired” Doss shouted on his personal assistant and moved out from the weight bench where he was having his morning exercise with annoyance.

He shone his assistant who quickly bowed to apologize before he ended the ongoing call with Chairman Kim shun, Mr. Doss biological father and returned the phone to its previous position.

Doss who was dressed in his exercise outfit hissed and bend back on the weight bench, he was about to speak when some footsteps sounded from the entrance.

“Connect with Madison straightaway, I have few instructions to give him” he ordered and looked at the entrance.

Kinsflee Hospital.

Aunty Rhoda husband opened the door and entered the hospital room with a pack of food. He closed it behind him immediately he got the attention of the occupant in the room when they heard the sound of the door.

Aunty Rhoda and Margaret alongside one of their neighbor was in the room, they made eye contact with Mr. Stephen and back at Mr. Kruger who was on the bed.

“Hey ma’am, thanks for staying up with us the whole time” He greeted their neighbor first before Margaret and finally his wife.

“I brought you food darling, you need to eat” He phrased afterwards and stretched the pack of food out to his wife.

“What is the latest from the cops Uncle” Margaret asked as she helped aunty Rhoda up with the food pack stretched out by her husband.

“The cops are still investigating, I hope they finish up and find Vivian”

“Gosh uncle, its been over 92 hours since the incident and the cops aren’t found anything”

“The cops are trying their best to find them Margie, we all have to be patient and let them do their jobs perfectly” Mr. Stephen urged and took a look at his wife who reluctantly collected the food Maggie brought out for her in the pack.

“He’s gonna be okay and Vivian would be found. I’ve taken some steps and I’m sure its all gonna heed well” he stated after taking a look at his wife and at the old man on the bed, from his tone could it be deduced that he was assuring the three of them in the room and not only his wife who was deeply sober than any of them.

Inspector Kelvin peeped through the gate of the building first and entered fully when he sighted no figure and after confirming if its was safe to come into the compound. He returned the phone he held with his left hand into his side pocket while a pistol was on his right.

Mary who was walking behind him stepped into the compound too and they both partly closed the gate.

“Let’s go” The inspector phrased and began to walk towards the front balcony of the building.

“What’s up with him inspector?” Mary asked as they began to approach the front door.

“He’ll be joining us here in 10 minutes but I need to see those guys first” The inspector answered and held the knob of the front door.


Vivian let in the powerful bliss as she let out a loud yell, her fingernails and her toes became still and cold all of a moment, her eyes pop instantly in a sought of unbearable torture and deep.. Deep unexplainable fate.

She raised her fingers up as she gradually reduced her screams when her voice could no longer take her. She smashed her left hand on the armrest and swiftly turned to hit Steve chest with the right hand when he moved closer to her.

She hit him again on his chest and hit him again continually, she began to hit Steve’s chest with her fist the more he moved closer and the more she tried to make the hit harder.

She screamed again and burst into an extreme tears as she continued to hit Steve’s chest till he finally hold her hands.

“Vivian, Viv.. Please listen to me, Viv” Steve pleaded in a stern and loud voice, he held unto her hands as she tried to jerk her hands away again but she couldn’t, Steve firm grip on both arms were stronger.

She tried to wriggle herself but she couldn’t likewise till she gave up not without the flows of tears rushing down her face.

She suddenly fell on Steve chest as he tried to calm her down, she went into his arms and screamed the more till Steve let go of her hands.

“Hit me, hit me again and again.. I have cost you more pains than it is, I am unworthy for you and that is more reason for you to hit me harder. I’m sorry Vivian” Steve pleaded as she went into his arms, he closed his eyes and felt her heartbeat, he reopened his eyes and that was when Vivian wrapped her hands around his waist, she began to sob.

“Welcome back boy” Joel remarked with a chuckle when Cyrus finally opened his eyes. Cyrus scanned the two strangers in the room at first before he tried to look around the room. He turned swiftly to Derrick who was with a cigarette in his mouth but he was someone he doesn’t recognized, he turned to Joel who was also with a cigarette likewise but wasn’t someone he recognized.

He tried to raise himself up swiftly when the two men stared at him with the way he was moving sideways. He felt a sharp unbearable headache and back pain immediately he raised himself from the pillow, he equally felt a sharp pain from his right lap and that was when he realized he was unclad.

He managed not to look around swiftly again due to the extreme headache but he didn’t sleep back. He slowly tried to move himself and that was when Derrick spoke up.

“Its better not to move your head man” Derrick warned as Cyrus turned to him.

He moved closer to the bamboo chair Vivian was seated earlier on and tucked the remnants of the cigarette into a bin.

“You’ll die doing that” He added and moved backwards just immediately Joel stood up from the second bamboo chair.

Derrick turned immediately and walked towards the door, he opened it instantly and peep through to see what the dues outside the house were up to, alas !! Vivian’s lips were on Steve’s.

To be continued…

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