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Creative Expression

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Growing up I was an avid dreamer. I remember loving to imagine and create in my mind. In fact I had such a deep internal world that I could be in a place and be oblivious of what was said or done around me thus many will label me “non-observant.” I was also very fidgety and loved to express myself.

There was a particular scenario I would never forget when I was 5. I happened to watch the movie “Chicken Run” and saw how birds in view of their fight for freedom built an Aeroplane.
Boy! Was I inspired 😁

So as soon as the movie was over, I went to the backyard. My parents were building a chicken farm there so some zincs and woods lay there. I looked at the zinc materials and saw them as suitable to build the wings of my plane. I began work with it and within 5 minutes of work I found myself crying… What happened?


My sister heard me and came to the rescue. I can’t remember much of what happened afterwards but I remember I cried myself to sleep.
I woke up to meet my parents at home. They comforted me and counselled me not to play with zinc again.
Definitely, since then pain has caused me to wise up.

Now, that was at age 5 but now over 15 years later I have found myself trying to do the same thing but not with Zinc with the materials I find around me. There is a continual burning passion to create and innovate. But what makes the difference between then and now?
Apart from the fact that I was really young and had little wisdom, a major drive for me now is PERSISTENCE. Lately, I have embarked on goals and visions that have taken me to the borders of risk. I am not ashamed to say that I have received some cuts which have come in many forms. However, I haven’t chosen to cry myself to sleep. I am always aware that the visions I have at heart are beyond me and are to serve my people so I use that as a motivation to keep pushing. I use mistakes as a guide to learn and strategise better.
The more I make room for creative expression, the more I learn about who I am and God’s ability to help me. The same can be true for you too. Perhaps you have embarked on a project and experienced a downturn… Don’t just cry yourself to sleep.


Creative expression allows room for mistakes but mistakes does not connote failure. Perfection is possible but it’s a phase we grow into. Learn from your process now. Be diligent about what you do… Don’t let naysayers limit you!

At the end of the day what counts is not what you dreamt or said but what you did!
So let’s climb the towers of greatness to achieve remarkable feats for God and our generation. We can do it together 🥂🥂


Written By Tosin Iyanda
Innomathor Services

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