Corruption – Episode 20

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Corruption – Episode 20

© Akoto Alexander

CID Boss: Good afternoon to you members of the press and various media houses. This afternoon my boss called for this short meeting because we know you the journalist want information to share across to the ordinary people or your followers and viewers. Without much I do, I will hand over to my boss for him to brief us on anything new we have been able to gather so far. After he is done, we will take some few questions from you then we will go back to our office because there are a lot of things on our table to do. I will hand over to my boss now so he addresses the matter, sir please you have the floor now.

IGP: Thank you COP Okine for the introduction and good afternoon to all media personnels present. I won’t beat about the bush over here because time is of high essence to us now. As you all know, some few days back, news broke in the Western Region that some girls had been kidnapped by some people. When the President heard of it, he declared a State of Emergency in this country and tasked me to get to the bottom of it, I followed his instructions and formed a special unit for that very important operation. We picked up intelligence shortly after that special unit was formed and it led us to the apprehension of one of the brains behind the kidnapping. Immediately we apprehended the suspect, we conveyed the suspect to the headquarters for further investigations and interrogation. The team that went for the operation had a personnel wounded but he is at the hospital at the moment receiving treatment and equally responding to treatment. The unfortunate part right now is that, the suspect is not cooperating with us. He has refused to utter a word to us and as professional as we want to be, we don’t want to torture him or do anything against him which violates his fundamental human rights. Some of my men are still on the ground scooping and digging for informations that will lead to the whereabouts of the girls. I want to assure the families of the missing girls that I and my gallant men are not leaving any stone unturned and I promise that we will get to the bottom of this mystery in no time. Thank you very much.

CID Boss: Members of the media and press, you heard my boss address the matter on board. At this moment we will take a few questions from you guys then we will call it a day. I can see the hand of the gentleman in smock and after him is the man who is in the African print, please you introduce yourself before you ask your question.

1st Media Personnel: Thank you for this opportunity and good afternoon, my name is Yaro Kassimbata and I represent Ghana Today Media House. Sir we heard from a reliable source that the suspect in your custody right now was once arrested and he escaped from police custody, how true is that?

IGP: That is very true and as to how you heard it, I know you are journalist so it is not surprising. The police station where this incident took place is under investigations and all officers on duty on that day are on interdiction helping the headquarters CID and PIPS personnels with information.

2nd Media Personnel: Good afternoon sir, my name is Kennedy Osei and I report for the Daily Informant. Sir how soon are we to see the kidnapped girls with their families?

IGP: I wish I could project an accurate day for you Kennedy but you know that is not possible. My men and I are seriously on the grounds trying to find out where the girls have been kept but I know it won’t be long before we we get the girls to their families.

3rd Media Personnel: Good afternoon, my name is Sophia Atsu and I represent Trust News. Sir if he escaped from police custody then don’t you think some people in the police service or some big men are behind this kidnapping?

IGP: My dear, in our line of work we don’t assume. The laws of this land states clearly that until you are proved guilty you are a suspect, I don’t want to rush in making any statement that will indiet or tarnish the image of anyone for now until I have solid information on my table.

4th Media Personnel: Good afternoon sir, my name is Roselyn Oppong and I report for Ghananba Multimedia. Sir we had the suspect is not a Ghanaian, can you please tell us which country he is from and his name?

IGP: My dear yes I can attest to the fact that his not a Ghanaian but for his nationality, I can bring it to the public domain now. We are still running a background check on him so in due course you will be given updates on that.

Kofi Dumor: Good afternoon sir, my name is Kofi Dumor and I report for TV1 and Radio1. Please sir we heard this is not the first time the suspect has been involved in such a heinous act. Sir why has he not been sentenced and you made mention in your earlier statement that he is being stubborn and is not cooperating with you so how do you gather informations as to where the girls are?

IGP: That is great question Mr Dumor, for we the police we are only enforces of the law. Our job is to gather information then hand the suspect or culprit over to the law court where they take it from there, we have no say from there because our powers or authority given to us can’t go beyond that. Also you were talking about how to gather information, my brother it is high time Ghanaians start to reason with we that police that, we are not God or Superhumans who see beyond the normal. Myself or none of my boys can conjure magic for us to know or see things that are hidden. Until that youngman says something to us or we get an information from you citizens or an informer, the girls will remain where they are been kept.

5th Media Personnel: Sir good afternoon, my name is Naa Atswei Klottey and I represent Kasapreko tv. Sir from the way you are talking don’t you think someone in a high office like yours can be a brain behind this recent kidnapping because something doesn’t seem right here.

IGP: What sort of foolish question is that supposed to be? How do you expect me to answer this foolish question you just threw to me. (rises up from his seat and leaves the room the press conference is taking place as the media personnels call after him).

Kofi Dumor: Well viewers that is what just happened at the police headquarters with the exclusive pictures you just saw a short while ago. The press conference didn’t end well as the Inspector General of Police got angry with a question a fellow reporter threw at him.

TV Anchor: Okay Kofi then I am going to leave you and please do well to update us on any new development that takes place at your end.

Kofi Dumor: Certainly Wendy, I will send any new development that pops up across to you and our cherished viewers. This has been Kofi Dumor reporting live from the Police Headquarters.

Back at the Hospital:

Matron: Kwame please sit down.

Twum Boafo: Adwoa my mind is not stable as at now because of my wife’s health, I need to be with her right now.

Matron: What you are saying is indeed true but even if you rush to her now, you won’t be allowed to go close to her. The nurses will have to check her pressure and run some other test on her to ascertain the problem. You don’t look okay to me, is anything the problem?

Twum Boafo: Adwoa I wish I could say everything is fine but I leave everything in the capable hands of the most high God. I wouldn’t like to bore you with my grace to grass story this afternoon.

Matron: Kwame I am all ears for you, you know that favour you did for me some years back needs a reciprocal gesture. I know you did it generously but I feel this is the time for me to return the favour. I will go and check on your wife if her condition has been stabilized then we will go to the cafeteria and talk over lunch.

Twum Boafo: Thank you very much Adwoa Amoakoah, your time and concern has brought back a little hope and assurance into my life. May God bless you and your household.

Back at the Guesthouse:

Mrs Nortey: Ah that was a very powerful and quality sex, you have made me feel like a 16years girl again. I was never wrong with the decision I made.

Youngman: Madam Becky you have made me to cheat for the very first time on my girlfriend, I hope you are happy and satisfied?

Mrs Nortey: Kelvin don’t be silly, do you think I didn’t see the excitement on your face when you were banging me like my thing was your inheritance. Tell me you didn’t enjoy me and I will never bother you again and stop addressing me with the madam title when we are together, it makes me feel like an old woman.

Youngman: (speaks in a remorseful tone) I enjoyed you but it’s just that my conscience are battling me right now. I just slept with someone’s legally married wife and it is one thing that is very dangerous on this earth, aside that, you are also far older than me.

Mrs Nortey: Drop that sermon youngman, didn’t it enter when you pushed it in or you needed an age clearance before you enter? This is not the time to show me how remorseful you are, by now I should be in your broad chest saying thank you for sparking a light in me once again. Honestly I feel your remorsefulness but that is how every rational human being will feel when they are in you shoes but at the right time you will come to terms with it. I promise to take very good care of you if you prove yourself worthy to me, indeed you have done so by giving me 4 multiple orgasms non-stop. Take this two thousand cedis for an energy drink when you leave here, also this is my complimentary card, text me your account details so I start sending you money. Let me tell you something, if you play by the rules, in no time your friends will be debating about you as to whether you are into fraud or money rituals.

Youngman: (smiling as the money is handed to him) Thank you very much Becky for this, I never saw it coming.

Mrs Nortey: Hey this is not a proper way to show appreciation youngman, climb back into the bed and show me that you are happy.

Youngman: (climbs to the bed but his phone rings to destract him and he answers the call and puts it on loudspeaker) Kingsley charlie what’s up?

Caller: Guy it is over an hour when you lunch break elapsed, where are you because the principal will be coming back very soon.

Youngman: I am in…… I am…….. Mmmm I dey……

Caller: Ah since when did you become a stammer? My friend talk and stop wasting my airtime.

Mrs Nortey: (whispers) Tell him you have quit the job and that you will turn your resignation letter in tomorrow.

Caller: Charlie you nor dey fit talk? Massa hurry and get here before the oldman finds out that you are not in the school premises.

Youngman: Kingsley the truth is that I have quit the job.

Caller: Whaaaaaaaat? Jack do you remember today’s date? We have passed 1st April days ago so cut that crap and get here before it is too late. You know how we suffered before we got the job even though the pay is not that good, we are managing it like that until we get a proper job which will pay us better.

Youngman: An not joking my guy, I mean what I am saying. I will turn in my resignation letter tomorrow God willing.

Caller: Hey have you landed yourself a new job or what? Have you forgotten the school rented the place you are occupying now for you? How are you going to take care of your sick mum and younger siblings? How are you going to……..

Mrs Nortey: (snatches the phone from Kelvin and cuts the call then turns the phone off) This is not the time for that lecture, you were told that he has quit the job and you are now coming to talk plenty. What is the fish problem when it is raining? My friend I want you inside me right now, you have opened my libido gate and I wouldn’t mind if you give it to me all day. I have been starved of strong, long and quality sex for long, please give it to me right now.

Youngman: Be prepared for a very long ride because now all my attention and strength is going to be chanelled towards you (as Kelvin is about to go closer to Mrs Nortey her phone rings)

Mrs Nortey: Wrong freaking timing, who could be this calling at this ungodly time of my life?

Can you guess who the caller is?

Will you follow the steps of Kelvin if you were in his shoes?

Am sensing some form of affection from the Matron’s end to Twum Boafo, are you also seeing that?

Was the IGP right by walking out on the media personnels at his press conference?

Drop your comments so we have some fun here because reading and not commenting is very boring and you know that. Stay tuned for more revelations about to hit your screens.

To be continued



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