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Corruption – Episode 18

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Corruption – Episode 18

© Akoto Alexander

Youngman: (drops the wine glass) Madam but please you are a married woman? My mum and religion kicks against it. My mum has warned for me not to use my good looks and stature to take what doesn’t belong to me especially when the person in question belongs to another man legally.

Mrs Nortey: Oh spare me that cheap sermon, are you not in this country where some powerful men of God sleep with their junior pastor’s wives? Are you not in this country where married men are sleeping with young ladies for employment? Now as I said, will you be my sex partner where I will be paying you handsomely for banging me properly?

Youngman: But madam won’t your husband do something to me when he finds out I am sleeping with you?

Mrs Nortey: My husband finding out? Are you the one going to inform him or I am the one going to do that? See if you are willing to do my bidings, I will transform your life and even let you stop that foolish work you are doing in that school. I will rent a new apartment for you and furnish it with sophisticated interior and every modern thing a youngman will need in his room. I will take you along to every outside trip I go and give you money five times the salary you are taking from your workplace. Now would you accept my offer or not?

Youngman: Madam as I already told you, I am in a serious relationship that will be leading to marriage. I don’t want to cheat on my fiancee.

Mrs Nortey: Hahahahaha are you listening to yourself? Do you think that young lady will have time to wait for your broke ass? Do you even by chance know what she is doing behind you? If you are willing to accept my offer, is now or never, the ball is your court.

Back at the Highway:

Junior: Wofa Adjei, in my hand is three hundred and seventy four cedis.

Kwame Adjei: You don’t mean it my son? This officer was even saying today’s market was not good and he is having such amount on him. Why didn’t I even join the police when my late uncle was forcing me to do so? All the same I am happy we will get money to buy fuel and the rest will be used to do a top up on your mother’s medical bills. But hey, how did you concieve that idea to scare the police officer that way?

Junior: Wofa Adjei I don’t know how it came to mind, I only saw myself talking all of a sudden.

Twum Boafo: Son please never ever in your life should you try to pull that stunts again because you might not be that lucky next time. If you don’t know, it is a big crime to impersonate someone especially when you try to deceive a government official.

Kwame Adjei: Name please don’t scold our boy too much because if not for his timely conviction, like we will still be at that place with that thief in uniform.

Twum Boafo: I know that my brother, but always I try to teach my son the good from the bad so that it informs him of the decision he wishes to take. When you know the go from the bad you become a law abiding citizen in any part of the world.

Junior: Daddy I am sorry for my actions, I promise never to repeat that thing again.

Twum Boafo: Apology well accepted my boy, I like the way you accept your mistakes and flaws then you quickly apologise for that. That is the hallmark of a gentleman and when you continue to do this, you will never find yourself in trouble. It is good to know when to say “I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you”, this adjectives are very difficult for people to say and trust me, all those who find it difficult to say it, end up in a total mess.

Junior: Very well noted daddy, thank you for teaching me new things always.

Kwame Adjei: Gentlemen please let me buy fuel here before the car stops on the way, my fuel gauge is not working and I can’t tell the amount of fuel left in this car.

Twum Boafo: No problem Kwame.

Back at the City:

As Cindy makes her way back to the house after she had gone to deliver the baskets they used for their shopping, she bumps into the landlady which makes the woman to drop the handbag she was holding in her hand.

Landlady: Hey young woman, you better watch where you are going. Who is pursuing you that you are in a haste to the house?

Cindy: Good morning landlady.

Landlady: Good morning by this time of the day? Young lady is everything alright up there? I asked who was after you as you are rushing to the house?

Cindy: Good evening ma’am, mmmm sorry good afternoon landlady. No one is after me, I only remembered I have left my soup on fire for long as I went out to buy airtime onto my phone. Sorry for bumping into you and making you drop your back.

Landlady: Hmmmm if you say so I have heard you. Hurry up and go and check on your soup before you burn my house down, this are the things you people do that cost others mighty things.

Cindy: (speaking to herself as she moves to her door) I hope this woman is not going to her shop right now because if she does, all hell might break lose in this house. I know how crazy she can be when she decides to go rough and raw.

Landlady: (also talking to herself) I hope this girl has not started doing drugs because her actions looked so weird to me. Can you imagine she was greeting good morning and evening at this time of the day? Well let me go to the shop before I proceed to the market. Ah see, she even dropped her necklace as she bumped into me, let me go and give it to her before I step out of the house.

Lovia: Hey what’s with the rush, who is chasing after you?

Cindy: My dear you won’t believe what I just went through? That foolish guy refused to give me extra money as I tried persuading him to hand some cedi notes to me. It resulted in a little exchange of words where I warned him never to cross my path again. As I left the shop to this place, I bumped into his mother and I became very confused because the woman was looking at me suspiciously.

Landlady: (screaming on top of her voice from outside) Herh where is that girl? Cindy where are you? Come out righ now.

Cindy: (starts to recite psalm 23) The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul. He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thy is with and thy staff they comfort me. Thou prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. He anoints my head with oil; my cup runneth over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen.

Lovia: I never knew you were good with bible verses like that, this is a great surprise to me because I have never seen you with the bible before.

Landlady: Herh Cindy, didn’t you hear me calling you? I say come out!!!

Cindy: Lovia you better go out there and meet this mad woman before she joins us in this room, you know she can barge into this room if she wants and we are in this together.

Lovia: So what do I tell her when she ask of you? I don’t want to get into the bad books of this woman on this compund ooo. (opens the door to meet the landlady)

Landlady: Young lady call your sister for me right now.

Lovia: Good day madam, I am sorry but my sister is indisposed at this very moment.

Landlady: What do you mean by she is indisposed? I met and spoke with her just some few minutes ago so where from that big grammar.

Lovia: Madam I mean to say she is on the phone.

Landlady: Oh so the phone call is important than me erh? You children of today have no respect for your elders.

Lovia: Madam landlady please don’t get me wrong, she sent an application to some company and they just called her to talk business with her. That is why she has not been responding to your calling.

Landlady: Well if it is work related call then I don’t have any problem with that. When you go back into your room, kindly give this necklace to her. She dropped it when she bumped into me as if she was been chased by her shadow but I want to warn you ladies, this month if you delay in paying your utility bills, I will make my son cut you people off. (hands the necklace over and turns to leave)

Lovia: (goes back to the room) Hey you can come out from where you are hiding, the landlady is gone.

Cindy: (dust her body) Lovia, what did she say to you? Has she found out that we went to raid her provision shop? Is she bringing the police to arrest us? Was she so angry? Was she…….

Lovia: (cuts in) Hey take your time. Which question do you want me to answer first? I told you that going to that place was a mistake in the first place but you didn’t listen to me. If you care to know the woman is so mad at you that, if she came to meet you here erh, she would have redesigned your face all over again.

Cindy: My God, what have we even engaged ourselves in? Why this problem now?

Lovia: Objection my lord, the woman’s aim was only on you and not us so please choose your words carefully.

Cindy: You are kidding me right? Now that there is trouble you want to heap everything on me erh? Okay no problem, if the woman comes here again, I will just hand everything to her. After all we haven’t touched much of the thing that we took from her shop.

Lovia: Hahahahahaha so something in the world could scare you Cindy Aboagyewaa Thompson? Look at how you are sweating under a running fan, the woman only came to deliver your necklace that fell down when you bumped into her as if you were being chased by your shadow. Here take your expensive necklace.

Cindy: (touches her neck to check if truly her necklace was off her neck) Ah how did this thing come off my neck and this woman too, why should she be screaming my name if she only came to deliver my necklace to me. Hmmmm if I fainted or collapsed, it would have been a foolish thing.

Lovia: That is why you must do the right thing always. Let me go and pack the things in the cabinet before anyone walks in here………

Kwame Adjei drove the Twum Boafo’s to the hospital and as the got there something happened.

Can you predict what happened at the hospital?

If you were Lauren, how would you defend yourself when finally your mother joins you in the shop?

If you were in Cindy’s shoes what would you have done when you heard the landlady screaming your name?

To be continued



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