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Corruption – Episode 16

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Corruption – Episode 16

© Akoto Alexander

Tv Anchor: Good afternoon to our cherished viewers in the comfort of your homes and offices, sorry for cutting in on the lovely Ghanaian movie you are enjoying. We just had an information that one of the kidnappers behind the kidnapping of some three girls in the Western Region has been napped by the Special Unit the Inspector General of Police formed some days ago after the President declared a State of Emergency in the country. I have my colleague Kofi Dumor at the Police Headquarters right now so I will switch over to him so he gives us update on the current matter. Kofi if you can hear me please give us an indebt update on the arrest at your current location.

Kofi Dumor: Hello Wendy, as you rightly said a short while ago, I am currently at the CID Headquarters of the Ghana Police Headquarters. The Inspector General of Police just walked into this building from his second floor office in that building on my left. We the journalist here tried to engage him in a little interview but he said he will talk to us later in the day. He said he will have a session with us as he wanted to be briefed properly on how the kidnapper was arrested in the place he was hiding.

TV Anchor: Kofi apart from the IG have you had the chance to speak with any officer?

Kofi Dumor: Well Wendy before the IG walked in, the commander in charge of the Special Unit that led the operation to arrest one of the kidnappers had a few things to say and the Director of the CID also said a few things. The little I was able to gather wa that, the kidnapper who is currently in police custody is not a Ghanaian, again we were told that this is the second time that he has been arrested. The commander said he was arrested some weeks ago but he escaped when in police custody in one of the police stations in the Western Region, as to how he escaped the CID boss said that very police station is under investigation so when they got him this morning, they didn’t waist time in conveying him to the CID headquarters because he is very slippery.

TV Anchor: Kofi your line was breaking but if I heard you right, you mean the kidnapper who is currently in police custody was arrested some weeks back and he escaped whiles in police custody and that he is not a Ghanaian?

Kofi Dumor: Exactly Wendy, we were told he is very dangerous and that he even shot one of the police officers who went on the arrest mission but luckily for the officer because he was wearing a body armour his injury is not that serious and he is responding to treatment in the hospital. A pump action gun, M16 assault rifle gun, 16mm Russian made pistol, 37 empty bullet shells, 3 cans of pepper spray, 11 andriod mobile phones, 2 walking talker, 3 laptops, 2 jack knives, samura sword, catapult, polythene bags which contains marijuana, different types of syringe which had some substance suspected to be heroine, different African currency, amulet, different maps of the regions in the country which had some red markings on some place, a talisma and 4 gerenades were retrived from the place he was hiding.

TV Anchor: Wooooow so you mean all the things you metioned were found at the place this guy was hiding? Well has the police given his name out or given a clue as to whether this kidnapper operates alone or works with some other guys?

Kofi Dumor: Wendy, I think for now the name of the kidnapper will be hidden from the public as intensive investigations is about to take place and with your question as whether the youngman works alone or not, I believe he works with some other people who are fortunate they are not in the hands of the police. I believe the IG, the CID boss and the commander who spearheaded the unit for this operation will throw more light on this issues soon. Wendy looking at the entrance of this great institution, a car has just drove in and I think it is the Interior Minister who has joined us here. You know this very matter led to the President declaring a State of Emergency and as his Excellency is not in the country yet, I believe the Minister is here to get vital informations that he will convey to the President before his returns from his African Union meeting.

TV Anchor: Okay Kofi then I will leave you for now as you gather more information on the breaking news of today.

Kofi Dumor: Very well Wendy, I will keep you and our cherished viewers informed with any new development that takes place here in the Police Headquarters. This has been Kofi Dumor reporting for TV1 and Radio1.

TV Anchor: Well viewers if you just tuned in, my colleague reporter just gave us a reportage on a ground breaking story about the person behind the kidnapping of some three girls in the Western Region. This was due to the State of Emergency declaration made by our President some days ago. I believe our girls will in no time be brought out from the place this kidnapper has kept them. If you want the first hand information of any new development that takes place on this matter, then don’t touch your television remote or radio set. Please enjoy the rest of our programmes.

Mansokrom Villager:

Twum Boafo: (taking to himself) This is what I call swift movement, so if the President didn’t step in like this senior officers will take slow steps in getting the people behind this unacceptable act.

Junior: (rushes out to inform his father of something) Daddy!!! Daddy!!! Mummy is lying in the room shaking and sweating at the same time.

Twum Boafo: (jumps to his feet upon hearing the bad news) Jesus Christ of Nazareth, what is wrong with your mother. Hey Adjoa don’t fall sick at this difficult time of our lives, please get up for me my dear.

Junior: Daddy is mummy going to be alright?

Twum Boafo: (tries to consoles his son) Junior mummy will be alright, she just need some medical attention from the hospital. Run and go and call me my friend uncle Adjei to help me convey your mother to the hospital.

Junior: Okay daddy I will be right with him. (runs out on the errand assigned to him)

Twum Boafo: Hey where koraa did I put our health insurance cards? Oh God come to my rescue now because if you don’t intervene on my behalf and anything happens to my wife I don’t know how I will explain it to her family.

Back at the City.

Mrs Nortey: Olivia who is that youngman seated at the corner of your restaurant?

Olivia: Becky I don’t really know him but he comes here often to eat lunch and supper.

Mrs Nortey: Mmmmm, I think I like him. His muscles and nice looks has caught my attention and I think he can be a good toy for me.

Olivia: Eeeeeiiiii I trust you Becky, you have eyes for good things. I will let one of my waitress invite him over to our table, who is even around? Herh Emefa come here.

Emefa: Madam please you called me.

Olivia: Mmmm you see that youngman at the corner, monitor him for me. As soon as he is done eating and settles his bill invite him over to our table.

Mrs Nortey: Oh don’t worry about his bill, I will take care of that so bring it to me.

Emefa: Yes madam, I will get his bill ready and also notify him that his attention is needed here. (walks away)

Mrs Nortey: (looks at the guy and licks her lips) Looking at his stature he can rock my body very well and when I get him I will make him lick me till I run dry.

Olivia: Eeeeiiii Becky, do you want to kill that youngman? Are you not the same person who said when honourable pins you down, you beg for mercy?

Mrs Nortey: Olivia he gives it to the way I like but the issue is his time now, can you imagine since farmer’s day last year that I forced him to give me a quickie in the bathroom he hasn’t touched me again.

Olivia: Eeeiiii then sorry for you, I thought I was going through hell after my husband starved me of sex for 3 weeks.

Mrs Nortey: Ah when we are talking about sexual problems, yours is not counted amongst it. We are in March now oooo so calculate how many weeks that place has been dry, because of that I have even decided that I won’t even shave the place again until the day I get a hint that a visitor is coming over.

Olivia: Hey are you going to use that place as a forest reserve or what? Becareful so that grasscutters and rabbits don’t find their way there.

Mrs Nortey: I don’t have a problem with that since Accra is no longer having a zoo, I can use that place as a forest reserve for the animals. Olivia the sight of seeing that guy alone has raised my libido and if he will succumb to my offer right now we can have a date in your guest house this evening. You don’t know how it feels for you to sleep on the same bed with a man for months and he doesn’t even notice your presence.

Olivia: Ah but what has been the problem or excuse that honourable has been giving?

Mrs Nortey: He claims the work load in his ministry is too much so he is always tired and secondly I have added weight so he’s not seeing me sexy as I use to be. Olivia tell me the truth have I lost my shape?

Olivia: Well I think you have added a little weight and I can’t tell what is down beneath your cloth he sees. I will advice you register for the gym also.

Back at Mansokrom:

Junior: (runs back to the house) Daddy your friend said he will be here soon, he just came back from the farm so he said he will change his farm cloth and rush here in no time.

Twum Boafo: Junior did you see where I kept our health insurance card?

Junior: Daddy I don’t have any idea as to where you kept the health insurance cards but I will search through your bag that has all your important documents.

Twum Boafo: That is very good as I find something appropriate to wear. (they hear a knock from the door)

Kwame Adjei: Is anyone home? Who is here?

Twum Boafo: Name please come in, our wife is very sick and I need your help so that we can rush her to the hospital in town for treatment.

Kwame Adjei: That won’t be a problem, luckly for me, the Peugeot 207 car you gave me about 25years ago was finally repaired yesterday after 8months of been taken to the workshop. We will only have to buy fuel in it and everything will be okay, please try and get her outside as I rush to the mechanic’s end to get the car. Kwame don’t worry she will be okay so please don’t think and stress yourself too much, you city people always blow things out of proportion. (runs out of the house)

Twum Boafo: I have heard you my good friend, by the time you are back with the car we will be ready waiting for you outside. Junior please hurry up with the search for the national health insurance card, I don’t wofa Kwame to come and wait for us rather.

Junior: I have seen mine and yours but I am not seeing that of mummy’s.

Twum Boafo: Keep searching, I believe it will be somewhere around where you saw ours. I am changing into something else so hurry up and get something nice to wear before wofa Kwame comes.

Junior: I have found it daddy so I am also going to change into something nice but daddy why don’t you call sister Lovia to inform her of what mummy is going through.

Twum Boafo: Oh it’s too early to start making calls to your sister, I wouldn’t like her to rush here whiles we have not gathered enough information about your mother’s health and besides she has not even landed herself any job so informing her now will be a bad option knowing how fond she is with her mother. As a man you must learn to soak and absorb pressure, the only time you go out to tell others about your problem is when it has gotten out of control or your grip, now hurry up.

Kwame Adjei: (lamenting on his way to the mechanic’s place) Hmmmmm the world is not sweet at all ooo, see my friend Kwame Boafo who was very rich and helping people even when they had not come to him for help, someone who was just doing very well in life some few months ago. Today he is living in a small room with his entire family and I am sure they can’t even afford three square meals in a day. I doubt even if he is having enough money to pay for the wife’s hospital bills? Well the little money I got yesterday from thematter market, I will use part to buy fuel when we are on our way to the hospital. I hope this mechanic will also give me the car so that I come and pay him later. (gets to the workshop)

Mechanic: Ah master Adjei, I was about to send my boys to your house. See erh your call has drained all the money I had saved to go and pay my girlfriend’s bride price. I had to go to town to buy a new head gasket, alternator, cabriator, radiator, radiator coolant, fuel pump, brake pad, filter, door handle, key nob, hob, shocks…….

Kwame Adjei: (cuts in) Master Atsu it seems where you are heading to, you virtually bought every part of my car and I won’t be surprise if you tell me you bought a new engine and car body for my car. See if you are saying all this just to drain everything on me then I am sorry I will disappoint you big time. The day my car was towed into your shop you took money from me to buy head gasket, alternator and some other parts and today you are here telling me a different thing. What I have here on me is 20cedis, take 15cedis out of the amount whiles I go and try the car if it is working to my satisfaction. When I return we will sit and talk about the things you bought and the amount I owe you.

Master Atsu: Oh but the amount you gave me is nowhere near the money I wasted on your car. Even my transportation to town to get the parts for your car is 12 times the amount you have given to me.

Kwame Adjei: I never said the money I gave you is the total cost, I gave you the money so you know I will pay you when I am satisfied with the job you have done. When I brought the car the fuel was almost full in the tank, I hope you haven’t used everything in my car?

Master Atsu: Ah boss how were you expecting us to fix your car without using the fuel in it, I had to take the car on test on different occasions and I had to use the highway so I could check on how the new cabriator was working in your car. Even I bought one gallon myself just yesterday when I did the final test on the car.

Kwame Adjei: You, no problem, give me the key so I also go and test the car if it is working perfectly.

Master Atsu: Master Adjei if you don’t add some of the money to it, I am afraid I can’t give you the key to the car.

Kwame Adjei: Is that what you are telling me? Let me ask, you have been on this land for almost 14years, how many times have you paid rent to me?

Master Atsu: Ah but your late father gave me this land to me for free, he said I can stay and work on it all my life.

Kwame Adjei: Ah are you listening to the nonsense coming out of your mouth? If my late father gave you this place did he add any land documents to it for you? See erh we will sit and do some checking and balancing when I am back from my trial with the car you claim to have worked on. Now are you going to give me the key or not?

Master Atsu: You know you are not being fair to me but God is my witness so I won’t talk. Herh where is this boy, Kofi Okoto come here.

Kofi Okoto: (runs to where his master is) Master please you dey call call me, here I dey.

Master Atsu: I dey call call you, where have you been all this while as I was calling you? I hope you were not sleeping as you do always. Where are your other colleagues?

Kofi Okoto: Master I beg I nor know where them dey?

Master Atsu: Hmmmm get me the car key of the Peugeot car over there and for you people I will deal with you later.

Twum Boafo: Akua please sit under the tree as I get money inside the room, we can’t put all our hopes in the health insurance card.

Mrs Twum Boafo: Kwame Boafo, if anything happens to me my spirit won’t forgive you. See the hardship you have submitted me to.

Junior: Mummy nothing will happen to you so please don’t be saying bad things with your mouth.

Kwame Adjei: (driving his car) Ah if I didn’t use my head like how was I going to get the car? Honestly my car is now going smooth when driving and the vibration in the car has also stopped. (he gets to Twum Boafo’s end)

Twum Boafo: Junior help me get your mother into the car so we take her to the hospital.

Mrs Twum Boafo: (in a low tone) Kwame you don’t expect me to sit in that tetanus car to the hospital, what if the car cuts my body?

Twum Boafo: Adjoa you better shut your mouth before my friend hears the nonsense coming out of your mouth. Can you walk from this place to the roadside even?

They sit in the car to the town hospital but on the way to the hospital something happened..

To be continued



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