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Under Her Shadow – Episode 21

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 21

© Bunmi B. Gabriel

#Sardonyx’ POV

I drummed my fingers as I waited for the doctor to finish rummaging through his files. We were at the hospital and I must say that his office was impressive. Idris was typing on his laptop to spend time or to avoid me

‘Sorry for the delay’ he said standing up as he wore a gloves.

‘No problem Doc’ Idris smiled closing his laptop. The doctor walked to our back and surprisingly pulled our hairs. ‘Ow!’


‘That’ll be all’ he said casually like he didn’t just pull someone’s hair out of the blue. Idris had the same shocked expression on his face. ‘Sardinia you can go but Idris please stay’. I ignored the fact that he didn’t get my name right and frowned

‘I thought we were here for the whole blood thingy’ I said still in shock

‘Forget that. I have what I need’ I stood up and left his office. I saw Cynthia walking somewhere so I followed her to the highest floor in the building which was filled with silver suited bodyguards

‘This is an unauthorized area miss, please leave’ I rolled my eyes because I knew who was talking

‘Seriously David?’

‘Just doing my job love’ he smiled

‘Please let me in, I wanna see my sister’ I pleaded

‘Please spare my life, I don’t wanna lose my job’ he replied playfully. I pouted. ‘I’m sorry dear but orders are orders’

‘At least tell him so I can come in. Why can’t I see my own sister? This is unfair!’ I exclaimed

‘Be quiet’ he whispered. ‘Any sharp sound will send her to the world of the dead’ I cupped my mouth and muttered ‘sorry’

‘If she was your sister you wouldn’t have done what you did’ my subconscious snarled at me. I smiled loving the guilt that was eating me up

‘David please help me beg him’ I pleaded. He sighed and walked to the door. I waited for almost half an hour before he came out with Cynthia

‘We won the battle’ she whispered. ‘You can go in’ she smiled. I hugged her and David gratefully before walking to the door

‘Wife number sixteen, you didn’t bring me food today’ I heard David said to her before I closed the door behind me. I breathed in and out heavily and plodded down the long foyer. The gentle beating of the cardiac machine graced my ears with it painful melody. I walked closer with a pounding heart to the open red door to see the horrible result of my jealousy

Ammy looked so peaceful on the bed but what hurt was the number of pipes or whatever that is, that were attached to her body. A soft sobbed escaped my mouth as I made my way to the bed. I could hear a shower running so I assumed Lucien was in there

‘My little tweeny, I’m so sorry for what I did. This is all my fault and I’m sorry. I want you to wake up and hate me with passion, to hit me endlessly so this pain can go away. I miss you so much but what can I do? I caused it all. I’m so sorry my twin’ I cried resting my head on her chest. I held her hand and sat up again. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll do anything I can to make you forgive me after hating me, I will die if that will help but please just wake up. I’ve hurt you so much and I seek your forgiveness so wake up so I can confess my sins and get hated’ I gasped when I felt her hand holding mine back. ‘Tweeny I will be here for you until you wake up and when you do I will be your doormat if you wish so you will forgive me’

Her grip got tighter. Something sting me on my neck making me scream out in pain. The cardiac machine lost it gentle beat and I panicked.

‘What have you done’ Lucien whispered yelled behind me

‘I didn’t mean to I swear’ I cried. Ammy was shaking badly. He ran to a big red button and pressed it

‘Softie please stay with me’ he sobbed holding her hand and pinning her down. Dr Red ran in with Idris and Cynthia

‘What happened?’ Dr Red asked shocked

‘Just save her please’ Lucien cried. I walked backward cupping my mouth still I hit a wall

What is wrong with me

#Lucien’s POV

Dr Red and the nurses tried their very best to stabilize AJ she was jerking terribly and gasping for air. The machine suddenly gave a long ear piercing sound which made me laugh humorlessly

‘Red, why is the machine making that sound?’ I asked smilingly

‘Lucien’ he called with horror

‘No, it’s broken. Fix or change it’ Idris held my shoulder comfortingly but I shook it off. ‘Hold on first. Red stop staring at me like that and get back to work’

‘Get me something that will put him to sleep’ he whispered to the nurse

‘Why will I sleep? Red do something’ I said and laughed again. My head was hot like a pot of hot lava was on my head

‘Now!!!’ Red yelled at the nurse who flinched and ran out. I looked at AJ

‘This isn’t funny my love so stop this joke. Haven’t I suffered enough? You can’t suffer me more. I’ve said I’m sorry, please forgive me and behave yourself. I know you are not dead but I need you to move a little to show them that I’m right. Aliyahna I said you should move and stop being so still’ I said pleadingly staring at her intensely

‘Lucien she’s gone’ Cynthia sobbed

‘No you are gone not my Softie so shut up before I kill you myself. Red she’s fine right? Look at her sleeping peacefully so she has to be okay’

‘I’m sorry Lucien but you have to calm down’ he said tears rolling down his cheeks. What’s with him? My love isn’t dead, the machine is broken. SK ran to the bed and sprayed something on Aj’s nose

‘Are you kidding me! You murderer!!!’ I yelled furiously

‘She’s not dead. She held my hand before I screamed. She’s not dead’ she cried. I stood up furiously ready to strangle the living life out of her

‘Achoo!’ A cute little sneeze made me freeze. ‘Achoo!’ It was AJ. She started sneezing uncontrollably. It felt like a bucket of water was poured on me seeing she was okay. The cardiac machine was beating again tho not gently. Red tried to stable her again

‘What did you spray on her nose?’ Red asked frantically still trying to pin seriously sneezing AJ down

‘My perfume. It always made her sneeze uncontrollably because she’s allergic to one of the item used in making it’ SK said lowly wiping her tears. Red muttered something to himself and did something to her neck, the sneezing stopped and AJ laid still again

‘Red?’ I called panicking again

‘Don’t worry, she’ll be fine now’ he smiled tiredly. He gave Idris a look, like a secret message and Idris nodded sadly before walking out


To be continued


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