Under Her Shadow

Under Her Shadow – Episode 20

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 20

© Bunmi B. Gabriel


#Dorinda ‘s POV

I sighed heavily as my ears slowly got adjusted to my surrounding. Where am I again? Oh yea, my house. I sat up lazily with a yawn before staring at my lover with disgust, he’s so ugly; why can’t he be as handsome and wealthy as like Lucien

I stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash off his filth. The only person I really want making crazy love to me is Lucien but he can never be mine, he’s hung up that stupid water goddess Amethyst or whatever her name is. I hate her sister more than I hate her but seeing her get hurt is so satisfying

Sardonyx was the beauty queen in high school back there, she and Alice. They were known as the Alidonyx, weird name but they were really popular. I so wanted to be like them, to walk like them, talk like them, sing like them, eat like them, to do everything like them. I was so envious of them. Boys flung themselves on them especially her like ants to sugar

I somehow ended up becoming her friend, the third member of the Alidonyx which is turned it to the A and D’s, Alice, Dorinda and Sardonyx. We were fabulous! They were so nice and friendly, by they I mean mostly Alice. Everything changed the day Nelson Carrier came into the picture

I fell madly in love with but he was crazy over Sardonyx, she knew I loved him but yet she dated him not caring about my feelings. He used and dumped her and she came crying but by then I already hated her with passion so I vowed I always destroy her relationships, to make her feel the pain I felt watching her make out and date the live of my life

At first it was as difficult as hell but slowly she became gullible and stupid, very stupid. She aborted her babies because I said so her boyfriends dumped her because I said to. Am I great or what?

Then the whole Lucien thing came and it got me furious but fortunately, he didn’t love her. Her sister came back, that beautiful demon who I got really jealous of but thankfully her jealousy gave me the perfect plan. Anyways, ilk expose her once the time comes and she’ll be sorry. Thank God Alice wasn’t around to counter me

I walked out of the bathroom drying my hair. That idiot was up, he smiled at me but I snorted

‘Good morning honey’

‘Tell that to your ugly wife’ I scoffed and he smiled like the idiot he was. ‘What are you still doing here?’

‘I was hoping you could make me breakfast before I leave’ he said nervously

‘As your what?’ I snorted contemptuously

‘As my…ehm…love’

‘I’m a mistress not your wife so go home to o her if you need food. My job is to satisfy you in bed not to please you so please leave my house’

‘Okay’ he murmured. His phone rang while I went to dress up for work. ‘Dorinda!!!’ He yelled angrily

‘Why are you calling my name like that!!!’ I yelled back. He stood up and wore his cloth before stomping to me. ‘What is it? I’ve warned y…. ‘ a hot slap sent me to the ground. ‘What t…’

‘So you have been using my money to take care of your boyfriends!!’

‘Trust me, all my boyfriends are wealthy’ I said scoffingly which earn me a kick on the stomach. ‘What is wrong with you!!!’ I cried in pain but he only beat the hell out of me. I almost died. After he left me in my own pool of blood I called Sardonyx to come she came in a hurry

‘What happened to you? Who did this?’ She asked worriedly

‘Nobody serious’

‘Nobody serious did this to you? Are you kidding me Rinda, do I look like a fool to you?’

‘Just help me to a hospital’ I cried

‘Help you? Dorinda I want to kill you as in right now’ she said laughing evilly. my o heart skipped

‘What do you mean?’ I asked shakily because the sinister look on her face wasn’t a joke

‘Oh you think I don’t know about what you did to mean? Making most of my boyfriends dump me, using me to hurt my sister’ she said smilingly evilly and gave me a big punch ‘I will kill you myself but I will leave that for the wives of the men you have been sleeping with, one of them will kill you tomorrow but don’t worry, I’ll attend your funeral’ she said sweetly. ‘That’s if you don’t die here right now, see you later in hell Rinda’

‘I don’t know what this is all about’ I yelled innocently. She slapped me

‘And you don’t know anything about how dangerous I am’ she whispered smilingly and stood up ‘bye forever Dorinda’ with that said she left me there. I stood up shakily trying to take myself to a hospital. Outside my compound three black jeeps pulled over and three men walked out

‘Who are you?’ I asked with fear. They ignored me and bundled me into the car before placing a white hanky on my nose


#Sardonyx’ POV

I smiled as I watched Dorinda being taken away. Serves her right. In her next life she will never mess with me again. I drove to the hospital Cynthia sent to me, she said Lucien will not let me in but I had to try at least. Well they didn’t let me in unfortunately so I called Cynthia

‘Hey!’ She chirped

‘How are you?’

‘I’m fine. Just tired’ she sighed

‘How’s my sister?’

‘No luck, she’s still in a coma’

I sighed and sat down on the floor

‘Will she be okay?’

‘With time, I hope’

‘Yea I hope so too’ I whispered.


#Lucien ‘s POV

I opened my eyes slowly but closed them back because it hurts. My head was worst and my back ached from sitting too much. I pushed myself forward from the headboard lazily and winced at the piercing pain in my back, even my legs felt numb. After cracking the bones in my body back to their position, I stood up and did a little stretch which increased my headache

I walked to the window and pulled the curtains aside to make the dark room a little brighter before finally opening my eyes to get use to it. (Yea my eyes were closed before). I sighed heavily when my gaze dropped on AJ who was still sleeping peacefully on the bed with no worries at all, not even bothered that she might die soon if she makes no progress in her health.

Hell in earth is what I faced the past weeks. I never left her side once for fear that when I leave something bad will happen. Cynthia brought me my clothes thanks to Lucy and some food because she couldn’t come in, you know how loud she is and noise can end Aj’s life.

‘Good morning my love, it’s me again, Lucien. I hope you get better soon because it’s starting to kill me’ I said softly to her even tho she couldn’t hear me but hopefully she can. Cynthia walked in and bowed. ‘Hello Cynthia, how are you doing today?’

‘I’m fine I guess but you don’t look good, you look sick’ she said worriedly

‘Scratch that. Any news about the sender?’

‘No, Andrei said the person is really clever but he will figure it out later because he has other important works to do’ she said calmly sitting on the sofa by the window. ‘Here, Lucy said to give you this’ she dropped the bag on the empty seat on the sofa and smiled

‘What?’ I asked puzzledly

‘Nothing. I tend to smile when I’m sad’ she said lowly. I nodded

‘Did you give the files to Mr Eugene?’ I asked calmly returning my gaze to AJ

‘Yes but I’m confuse now, who’s PA am I? Yours or hers?’ She asked drily. I chuckled. ‘Why can’t Sandy see her own TWIN sister?’ She asked curiously exaggerating the twin

‘One, my spirit is mad at her for reasons I can’t pinpoint and two, Idris said never to let her in no matter what’

‘Idris!’ She exclaimed incredulously

‘Yea’ I said nonchalantly shrugging

‘Hmm, this is serious’

‘I might be wrong but my instinct never lies to me, it says SK is responsible for all this’ I admitted. She snorted

‘Nay! Don’t think so’ she said dismissively. I sighed and kept shut. I’ll surely find out later

‘Good morning Lucien’ Red’s voice whispered, I chuckled and turned to the door

‘You don’t have to whisper’ I smiled

‘I’m the doctor here small fish, I know’ he said winkingly. ‘So how’s her body today? Any improvement?’

‘I thought you were the doctor here’ Cynthia said repeating his words mockingly. He chuckled and walked closer to the bed

Dr Red isn’t a kid, don’t be mistaken. He’s in his mid fifties or something and have been my personal doctor for twenty two years so he’s like family. His real name is Randall Bricks but he was nicknamed Red because of his stricken red hair and love for red, a very cool man if I must say. He’s married of course, with three children who loves me more than they love their dad

‘Good news’ he announced calmly. ‘Her pulse is stronger than before so if she keep at this for let’s say three days, she’ll wake up’ he said happily. I smiled brightly, an actual real one which I haven’t experienced for weeks. ‘Now Lucien you need to treat yourself, you’re sick’

‘I’m okay. Until she wakes up, I won’t get treated’

‘Why? Are you that eager to die?’ Cynthia asked quizzically

‘Yes. It’s my punishment for what I did to her’ I said nonchalantly

‘Lucien it’s not your fault so stop with the blame hugging’ she said frowningly. ‘You had every right to have acted that way, especially when you had trust issues so please stop it. Imagine she wakes up and you are dead, how will that make any sense?’

‘Take the treatment or I’m calling your dad’ Red said sternly. I groaned and nodded. ‘Good boy. Now the last thing I need is Idris and Sardinia’

‘Why do you need them?’ Cynthia asked curiously

‘Well you see, Miss Jefferson….’ I glared at him making him cackle. ‘I mean Mrs Alexandre lost a lot of blood but still had enough to sustain her then, now she needs a donor for her sake’

‘Idris will be back in two days, I’ll tell him and SARDONYX’ Cynthia said calmly exaggerating SK’s name

‘Sardinia sure whatever’ he said nonchalantly. ‘Now come with me Lucien so I can get you treated’

‘Treat me here’ I said adamantly and he smiled pitifully

#Sardonyx’ POV

I stared at the big wardrobe in Aj’s room in tears. Memories of the day she gave me her wardrobe replaying in my head. That’s all I’ve been doing for weeks, come to her house and stare at the ruined to remind me that I caused it, to torture my conscience for what I did, to bring back the real me.

Idris literally hates me now, he never called back or even cared. I deserve it, I deserve to die. Alice sent me encouraging emails everyday since I won’t pick up her calls. I hate my life

‘Why cry so much?’ Idris’ voice startled me. ‘Isn’t this what you wanted?’

‘Idris’ I sobbed turning around to face him

‘Don’t call my name. I know you sent those pictures San, Andrei is not stupid. He found out the day AJ got admitted but he kept shut, he only told me’

‘Idris I….’

‘I said don’t call my name! Don’t interrupt me. This is the reason why everyone showed her more love than you. Yes they wanted her luck but she was a sweet and kind girl as well. You were always the quiet and mean one. Tell me, when all the neighborhood kids came out to play did you play with them like Amethyst did? Were you ever nice to everyone? Did you ever try to be friendly? No, you didn’t. You never did. You were a born snob so everyone stayed away from you’ I remembered how I was as a child and he was indeed right, too right

‘Tell me, if you are a parent and your child keeps complaining about one particular person, will you like him or her? You never tried to help any elderly person or even mingle with them, always redrawn and quiet to everyone except Alice. Who did you expect to love you with that filthy character? Just answer these questions’ he said angrily. I choked on my tears but he didn’t care. ‘Thyst will always be better than you not because of her beauty, brain or charms but because of her heart. Upon all the praises and love showered on her, even tho her beauty and all were intimidating she never let it get into her head, she was never proud or conceited. She was just her. Amethyst Lizzy Krieger, a normal kind hearted girl but you were her opposite and still is. So don’t blame her for the misfortune you created for yourself. Get ready, we are going to see the doctor tomorrow morning, be at the hospital by 10’ he said coldly before walking to the door. ‘Oh before I forget, I won’t tell her but you will when she wakes up’ and he left me to drown in my tears

To be continued


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  1. Sard or sand abi what your name serves you right.. U deserve to be treated like a trash, u open down your stupid brain and decide to be used by the devil dorinda.. Her name even sounds like devil sef..

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