Under Her Shadow

Under Her Shadow – Episode 19

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 19

© Bunmi B. Gabriel

#Lucien ‘s POV

I stared at the empty spot which the cab that brought Aj once stood in shock. I couldn’t shake off the ominous feeling that she would never be seen again on earth. The house was stuffy for me so I went for a ride, a race rather only to find her at my gate looking wrecked and frustrated. The way she left made me felt extremely empty, like I’ve lost her forever

‘Mr Alexandre’ a voice called softly behind me. I turned to see Andrei, Aj’s sort of uncle. He owns a big technology company

‘Andrei? What are you doing here?’ I asked confusedly. ‘Is this about Aliyahna?’

‘Yes, it is’

‘I’m afraid I can’t listen’ I said coldly

‘No you will listen and that’s final’ Cynthia who I didn’t notice there before said irrevocably

‘I don’t care Cynthia, please leave my premises’ I said rudely

‘You ignorant… Ehm….ehm…troll! Shut the f**k up and listen to what I have to say!’ She yelled stomping her feet. ‘How can you believe that she will ever hurt you? How can you even think of hurting her you bas***d!!!’

‘Cynthia please calm down remember who you are talking to’ Andrei whispered warningly

‘I don’t care!’ She exclaimed stomping her foot some more. ‘Do you really think she’ll cheat! How can a virgin be sleeping around!!!! Take a proper look at the pictures Mr Lucien Alexandre idiot. If that was her body won’t it be far more impressive? I mean come on! Aliyahna is the sexiest girl I know and the pictures don’t even match at all’


‘Don’t just stand there idiot number two! Show him’ she snapped at Andrei. He jerked and brought out his phone

‘Please ignore the face and observe the bodies of each photo properly’ he said shakily. I don’t blame him, Cynthia looked like a three headed monster ready to attack. David ran out with some guards

‘It’s okay David, you can go back inside’ I assured him but like the him I know, he stayed back and sent the rest inside. I took the phone and cringed at the pictures

‘Ignore the face you moron’ Cynthia snapped again. I exhaled and checked the pictures carefully, I really wanted to believe that it was true. I want my Softie back

‘The bodies aren’t the same!’ I exclaimed after studying it for a minute. My mind flashed back to that day, I got a clear view of her torso and she had a birthmark above her left boob and a beautiful star mark under her bellybutton. Her nipples were slightly pinkish purple not pure pink or whatever color this is. ‘Who sent this!!!’ I thundered furiously, God I’m such a fool

‘Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten that info yet’

‘No one cares Andrei! Now listen here Mr idiot, you knew she was a fragile person yet you did this, better go find and apologize to her because if anything happens to her I’ll make sure to ruin your reputation’ Cynthia threatened angrily. I wore my helmet quickly and drove off to her place. She always go there when she’s having a hard time

I got to her house in thirty minutes and left my bike outside her gate. I ran into the compound and into her house, thankfully, I knew her password. The house was ruined, everything destroyed

‘Aliyahna!!!’ I yelled anxiously running carefully in the mess to her room. ‘Aliyahna’ I called lowly, she was at the balcony her back facing me. She suddenly slumped on the ground. ‘Lia!!!’. I ran to her and carried her head on my lap. Her nose and mouth were bleeding seriously. ‘What have I done to you’ I sobbed. ‘I’m sorry, please answer me’

I brought out my phone and switched it on. I called my doctor instantly

‘Anloine, don’t tell me your head still hurt’ he said jokingly

‘Red please get the emergency room ready, my girlfriend just passed out so I’m bringing her in’

‘Isn’t she the one who broke yo….should I send an ambulance?’

‘No. I can manage. She’s bleeding from her nose and mouth’ I cried

‘What! Bring her here quickly. Is she breathing?’


‘Hurry up’ he said sharply. I’ll call you back. He hung up. I carried her out of the house carefully and thankfully Andrei’s car drove in but Cynthia was the mad driver

‘What did you do to her!!!’ She yelled

‘Shut up and open the damn car’ I snapped. She pouted and Andrei opened the car, I put her inside and Cynthia drove off again

Will you ever forgive me for what I’ve done to you my dear Softie



#Sardonyx’ POV

I stretched on to my full length yawningly before cracking my knuckles. I closed the files and walked to the bathroom to take a bath before I go deliver the files to Lucien. I pray he doesn’t murder me this time

I spent twenty minutes in the bathroom before walking back to my bedroom to answer my ringing phone. It was Idris. He called sixteen times so it must be serious

‘Where’s the fire?’ I asked jokingly

‘Cynthia called me few minutes ago and told me that Amethyst was found unconscious in her room, she’s in the hospital now….’


‘So go check on her! I’m currently in Chicago working on the project Lucien gave me, I can’t come so please go make sure she’s okay’

‘Relax Idris, it’s just a little fever from thinking too much. She has been having issues with Lucien because he caught her cheating on him’ I lied grinningly. Over the months, Idris gave her more attention and forgot about me so lying to him won’t hurt

‘What! Cheating? Don’t tell me you believe that because we both know that Amethyst have never been with a man before’ he said as a matter-of-fact. I rolled my eyes

‘We weren’t with her for sixteen years Idris, we don’t know what she did with her life’ I said acidly. He scoffed

‘I see where this is going, you are happy she’s sick huh?’ He asked skeptically. I gasped because I wasn’t expecting him to think that fast. ‘You are really insufferable and selfish Sardonyx, how can you imag…..your twin sister is dying in a hospital and you are happy’

‘She’s not dying, it’s just a fever’ I yelled angrily, he’s always taking her side

‘Just a fever! Someone who was found bleeding from her mouth and nose!!! Sardonyx where is your heart? You know what, save it’ he said furiously and hung up. I stared at my phone still in shock. Did Idris just leave me too?

I burst into tears because I knew I had chase Idris away, he doesn’t get mad but once he did, he automatically hate that person and I just joined that list. My phone rang again but this time it was Alice. I’ve been avoiding her since I went all psycho stupid.

Ammy was in a hospital but I was still mad at her, Idris got mad because of her. If possible she should die there and leave my life for good but deep down I felt guilty but couldn’t dare to accept it because guilt was my strongest weakness. I held my forehead which was pounding seriously

What have I gained? I knew Rinda was using me yet I let her, am I not a fool? Jealousy and greed really used me through Rinda. Is Amethyst really that sick? Did she try to kill herself?

Memories of the first time she told me about Lucien before I even knew it was him replayed in my head, how happy and ecstatic she was about him, how I knew him hurting her will kill her.

My Lord! What have I done! Why did I let myself get used to this extant? She must be really dying in that hospital

God what have I done

I cried even more remembering all the good times we shared, why didn’t I remember it earlier. This is my fault but mostly Dorinda’s, if she didn’t poison my mind I would have let Lucien go because I know I didn’t really love him fully. Dorinda you will pay for this with your life, I promise you this

#Lucien ‘s POV


Cynthia kept pacing around and cursing under her breath. Andrei left earlier to continue tracking down the person like I begged him to, I also begged him not to let Chris and Lula Jefferson know about this for now.

I don’t know how to explain me. I was a mixture of solid quietness, calmness, silent tears, pounding head, shattered heart, emptiness, guilty conscience and a suicidal mind. Do you have a clear description of me.

Red had been in there for six hours, not a single word of hope said. I knew she was the delicate type, over emotional like Lucy and frail hearted yet I let my past get the best out of me. My pain blurred out my logic, I’m sure other men will behave that way especially when their first love did something like that to them before but I couldn’t stop blaming myself. I should have given her a chance to explain herself first

She loved and trusted me with her life but I destroyed that the moment I saw the pictures. I never trusted her because if I did I would have known better. I was so buried deep in my mind set that she might be another Renée that I didn’t realise I was pushing my soulmate to her grave. If she dies I will never be able to forgive myself, I will never survive it.

What will I tell Idris who trusted me with his sister? How will I explain what I did to Chris Jefferson? They will never forgive me if anything happens to her

I felt warm hands wrapped around me and a head lean on my shoulder, her scent made me know who the person was. The exact person I needed

‘It’s okay Charming, let it out’ she said softly, her voice sounded exactly like mom’s. The same calmness that always push the pain away. I sniffed. ‘Don’t hold it in, let it out’ a soft sobbed escaped my mouth, she patted my back. ‘That’s it’ she placed my head on her chest and caressed it until I slowly broke into tears

‘It was Liliana. She has always taken the part of the mother even when mom was still alive. She had mom’s voice, method of advice, aura, character and even cooking skills. It was strange but she was connected to everyone one of us, whenever we feel any pain she feels it too and is always there to support us. She was the pillar of the family, the soul.

‘Liliane?’ Red’s voice asked quizzically. My head shot up immediately. ‘When did you get here?’

‘It’s Liliana’ she corrected

‘When have I ever cared’ he muttered

‘Hello! Dead girl in there, what is Aliyahna’s condition?’ Cynthia yelled. Red turned and gave her a once over before shaking his head

‘She’s out of danger for now but when she will wake up is what I don’t know’

‘Did she try to kill herself or something?’ Cynthia asked frantically

‘No, it’s a delicate heart condition that seems to have been there since she was born’

‘But her body was soaked with blood’ Cynthia said frowningly

‘From the glasses that pierced her skin’ I said lowly wiping my tears

‘Her system is so familiar, just like my older brother’s missing daughter’ he said thoughtfully. ‘Have she ever complained about any heart problem before?’

‘She gets occasional heart seize for a minute every month’ Cynthia and I said simultaneously

‘My brother’s wife was given a pernicious poison which should have killed her but it didn’t. The poison affected her unborn child’s heart an….’ he trailed off

‘Red’ Liliana called softly

‘I’m sorry. The pain is what made that heart problem come out with full force. I can treat her because I’m familiar with this case’

‘Can I see her?’ I asked shakily

‘Yes but only you can and note that you have to speak softly because right now her vitals are sensitive. Any slight sharp sound will send her into a severe state of shock and that will be an unpredictable situation’ he said warningly. I nodded. ‘But wait a little so we can move her to your special ward’ he added absent mindedly

I just hope she’ll be okay

To be continued


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