One And Only Kiss – Episode 1

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One And Only Kiss – Episode 1

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Editor’s Note: This story contains some minimal errors. You’ll find few errors in grammar and in the use of tenses. Regardless of that, it is a great story with an interesting storyline.

Story commences

Mary is a young girl of sixteen years old. She is tall and white in complexion ,she has a very white eye and a coal –dark eyeball, she is fleshy a little bit , she is neither too fat nor too slim .

She likes noodles a lot . she attends Ministers staff school. She lost her mother when she was two years old, she had being living with her father since then, her father chose not to marry another woman because of the love he has for Mary’s mum and Mary

Her father always tell her that all he wants is for Mary to be happy always even if it meant not marrying another woman for the rest of his life. Mary is the only child of his father

Mary and her father are living in a duplex .

Mary is beautiful but she is dull, she use to be among the last ten students in her class, she is never embarrassed about it because her father has never scolded her for failing in school.

She has two friends in school named Lydia and Kitty .

Lydia is also dull but good in baking of cakes , she is fat, she has a round a face

Kitty is slim and tall, she is beautiful , she has a red face and a triangular shaped face , she is skinny , she is averagely good. She is not too good in school, she is not too dull either, she is an average student

Mary, Lydia and Kitty are best of friends , they live in their parents house and they are in the same class ‘CLASS 7’


OWEN is neither too tall nor too short , he is average , he is white in colour , he is very handsome and cute , he takes lead in his class, he is always taking the first position in class, every girls in school likes to associate with him, he has no male friend . He doesn’t talk to anyone not even the teachers

Owen loves reading a lot

He has a mother and a father and a little brother , his little brother is a very handsome boy named Bennet, Bennet is still in the primary school, he loves to play puzzles

Owen lives in a bungalow with his family , only his family knows that he is dumb.

His parents communicate with him through sign language and he responds with sign language .

Owen’s mother has prayed severally to Zeus , Zeus is the deity they serve , Owen’s mother has always prayed that Zeus will make her son speak one day by making him meet the right lady that will give him his kiss him and make him speak

Owen is in class 8.

Ever since Owen was born , he has never spoken , on the day his mother gave birth to him , his mouth was closed , he wasn’t crying , the doctors try to make him cry but he didn’t ,, when they see that he wouldn’t respond , they assume that he is probably dumb, and true enough , he is dumb. Owen has never spoken since he was born

His parents noticed that earlier and enrolled him since he was just two years at a special high school where he learnt sign language till he was ten years

Sign language is the use of body reactions especially hand to communicate instead of using the mouth

Before Owen was born , Owen’s mother dreamt. In her dream, she saw a man , the man called himself Lennox. He prophesied that the child inside Owen’s mother is gonna be dumb , but he can be cured if he finds the right lady who will kiss her .

Owen’s first kiss must be from the right lady , If Owen receives his first kiss from the wrong lady , he will never speak for the rest of his life

Lennox warned Owen’s mother to tell Owen to stay away from ladies, Lennox did not describe how the right lady will be , he only said the right lady will come at the right time

Mary was in school on a Monday . It was afternoon, Mary and her two friend were on their way to catch a movie at the school cinema, they had being listening to lectures since 8:0 am that they had started receiving lecture

“ what did you guys think of the movie we are about to watch?” Mary asked turning to her head as they walked across the hall way of the school that leads to the school cinema

“ well, I can’t wait , I can’t wait to see my favorite actor there” Kitty said

“ I really do not know why you guys like the movie so much , anyways , let’s just hope that it’s gonna be interesting “ Lydia said

Lydia doesn’t like watching movies , all she likes to do is too bake cakes.

The girls smiled at one another and faced straight , they were anxiously anticipating to watch the movie , they walked a little faster , the three girls walked more faster and faster , as they do that , they kept smiling

“ let us see who will get to the cinema first” Mary said and walked faster , her leg slipped and she almost fell, her back were already loosing stamina, she was about to fall with her back almost crushed to the floor when a masculine hand helped her , the hand was placed at her back when she was about to fall.

Mary closed her eyes expecting herself to crumble on the floor only for her to notice that a masculine hand held and helped her from falling , while resting her back at his hand, she opened her eye and her eyes met with a frowned face , very handsome , cute , and attractive .

His smell radiated her nose and at one she felt like not standing up from his hands again

The hand helped her up and walked away with a gloomy face

Mary looked at him as he left , she admires his walking posture , for Mary , he is the most handsome guy he has ever seen , she couldn’t believe that she had never seen him in school

“ how come he wasn’t smiling “ he thought as he watched him fade away

He turned to his friend who were looking at her amusingly

“ who is that ?” Mary asked

“ That is Owen , The best student in Class 8 “ Lydia replied

“ really?” Mary asked and looked again at where Owen passed till he was out of sight

“yes , how come you did not know the prince charming of every lady on campus , he is very sweet and handsome and to top it all, he is very brilliant , he is always topping his class” Kitty said

“ Oh! Owen, Owen ! I like the name , he helped me and he didn’t wait wait for me to thank him “ Mary said facing her friends

“ well, I think he doesn’t talk, his classmate said they have never heard him speak “ Lydia said

“ that is not possible , Is he dumb?” Mary asked

“ No one knows” Kitty replied

“ You said he is in class 8 right? “ Mary asked and Lydia nodded

“ I’m gonna have to visit him in class to express how grateful I am “ Mary said and his friend made an expression that tells her that what she said is alright by them

“ the school closing bell will soon be rang , if we go watch this movie , we might not be able to see him to appreciate him ,what did you think “ Mary said facing her friends

“ I really do not like watching movies in the first place , so , if u are no more going to the cinema , it’s alright by me “ Lydia said

“ Mary , you should know how long I had being longing to watch this movie” kitty said

“ me too, but we can come to watch it tomorrow “ Mary said and made an expression on her face that tells her friend that they should follow her

“ alright , lets go “ Kitty said and Mary smiled

The three friend smiled and dashed gorgeously to Owen’s class

They waited at the entrance and peeped into the class, fair enough,Owen was the only one in class

Owen was bowing his head and reading a novel .

The three girls looked at themselves . Mary arched her brow in fear that she did not know what the guy that helped her from falling will say . The other girls were expressionless for some seconds and later nodded their head signalling for her to take courage and walk towards Owen

Mary arched her brow the more and walked boldly to Owen’s class

She entered in such a way that will make Owen noticed her presence but Owen never raised her his head up. She was wondering in her heart why he didn’t even bother to take a look at who entered the class

She proceeded more and moved closer to where Owen sat , she hesitated for a while but later spoke after crossing her heart and blowing an heavy air out to ease her nervousness

“ Hi “ Mary greeted

Owen kept on reading the novel with his head bowed

HI” Mary greeted again

Owen remained silent . Owen was now feeling inconvenient , he hates ladies being around him , his mother has warned him that he must be careful with ladies , he knows that he can only speak by receiving her first kiss from the right lady , and he also knows that he may never speak again for the rest of his life if he gets kissed by the wrong woman . Owen had lived with fear and confusion all his life , hooping that Zeus, their family’s god, will make him know who the right lady is when she comes around

He has discerned at once that the lady standing in front of him is the same lady she helped from falling

“ what did she want , why will she trace me to my class “ Owen thought and kept staring at the novel. He couldn’t read the novel again

” why aren’t you talking to me ?” Mary asked with respect

Owen felt disgusted by her words , he hates himself anytime people ask him to speak but he knows that he couldn’t .

Owen stood up at once , he didn’t bother looking at the eye of Mary , he stood up , he walked passed her and walked away

He saw some girls hiding at the entrance , he sensed that they were Mary’s friends , he ignored them and walked away

Mary felt bad ,she had never being rejected in such an awkward manner by anyone

“ Am I ugly , Am I rude ?” she thought , she was confused

“ why would he help me and also despise me in such a way “ she thought

Her friends came inside the class to meet Mary after they had watched Owen disappear into thin air

“ Mary , how was it ?” Lydia asked

“ what did he say “ Kitty questioned without waiting for Mary to answer Lydia question

Mary looked at them and bite her lips , she squeezed her face and sunk at the chair

Mary placed her head on her palm and her friends looked at one another wondering what Owen had done to their friend

“ Mary “ Lydia called , the friends waited for few seconds for Mary to respond and she finally does

“ I’ve never felt more ridiculed than this day , this day is the worst day of my life “ Mary said and bite her lower lips

“ did he say anything hurtful “ Lydia asked

“ I wish he had done , I wouldn’t have felt as bad like this , he didn’t say anything, he walked out of me as though I do not exist “ Mary said and looked at her friends

Mary wishes her friend would know how much pain she felt because of Owen ignores her

“ I said it already , the guy doesn’t talk “ Kitty said

“ true , his classmates has testified that they had never seen him speak “ Lydia added

“ The humiliation I received is much but maybe I should not have come to thank him “ Mary muttered silently to herself and her friends sighed

“ I have an idea “ Lydia said and raised her tiny finger in the air

Mary looked at her with her thin eyes and nodded for her to tell her the idea

“ well, since , he would not reply with words , I think we should write him a letter to thank him and you can express how you felt in the letter “ Lydia said

Everywhere became quiet , Kitty and Mary were trying to find sense in what Lydia suggested . And yes , they found it

“ yeah! Nice idea , but he is gone now” Mary said and smiled a bit then frowned back

“ well, he is gonna be coming to school tomorrow, let us write the letter now and put it under his locker , whenever , he comes tomorrow, he will see it and read it and I think he should reply” Kitty said

“ Let me do just what you guys suggested “ Mary said

Mary wrote the letter

“ Dear Owen ,

I do not like how you treated me today , I do not come to say any hurtful words to you , I only came to thank you for helping me from falling , and I want to tell you that you are handsome , I like you, please be my friend



Mary wrote the letter and showed it to her friend , they affirmed that the letter was well written and placed the letter inside Owen’s locker

Mary and her friends walked away

Second day at school

Owen came inside his class as usual , he saw few girls who are his classmates discussing , they already knows he doesn’t greet ,he walked straight to his place and sat , he opened his locker to get his books so he can revise some topics before the lecture commences

He saw a letter placed gently in his locker , he took the letter

Owen reasoned that those ladies are the only people that could be so reckless to write him letter , he took the letter outside and walked towards a litter bin

His plan was to tear it into pieces and throw it inside the litter bin

Mary and her friend came to school early unlike other days , they were staying near his class , peeping and seeing if he will read the letter or not , but to their surprise , he came out with the letter , with the way Owen held the letter , anyone would easily notice that he didn’t bother to open it not to talk of reading it

“Mary, he didn’t read this letter” Kitty said

“ Its obvious “ Lydia added

Mary bite her lips and shook her heads in pain

“ see him , he is gong near the litter bin to dispose it “ Lydia said almost shouting.

Lydia and Kitty looked at Mary from the corner they were hiding to see what Mary would do

Mary can’t stand Owen disposing his letter just like that, She ran towards Owen just when Owen was about getting to the liter bin and ready to tear the letter

Mary’s friends stayed behind to see what will transpire between the two of them

“ Please, don’t throw it inside the liter bin “ Mary said from behind

Owen who was backing her, facing the liter bin and ready to tear the letter stayed stiff

He recognized May’s voice and refused to turn back intentionally

“ what does this girl want from me “ he thought.

He wished he could ask her but he could not talk

“ Owen , please turn to me , I mean no harm “ Mary said

“ if you mean no harm, then leave me “ Owen said that in his heart , he wised he could say it audibly

Owen refused to turn to Mary and wish he can just tear the letter and walk away

Mary held Owen by his shoulder and with a little strength, turned him to her

Owen didn’t resist. he didn’t want anybody to know that he was dumb , but with this girl drama, people might find out soon about his pathetic state of not being able to speak

He didn’t resist Mary’s Pull , he turned to look at her

Mary’s face was not far from his

“ why are you ignoring me ?” Mary said

Owen remained silent

“Do you hate me ?” Mary asked

Owen remained silent and expressionless

“Please say something , your silence is killing me “ Mary said

Owen remained silent

Mary saw that Owen remained stiff and silent, her eyes drifted to his lips , she noticed the pink and sexy lips of Owen

She moved her lips closely to Owen’s lips, Owen did not resist, she placed her lips on Owen’s lips and began to kiss him with deep affection

To be continued


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