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I Want A Home – Episode 54

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I Want A Home – Episode 54
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“Are you here with my stuff?” Movil Cyrus repeated his question with a settled face on Steve. He crossed his fingers and leaned away from the chair, he placed both fingers on the desk in between him and the suppose Gavin Dosh and Tracy.

“We have your stuff here okay” Steve answered again with a Sharky voice, he made few hand gestures in support of what he was saying despite that his mind had traveled few metres away, the continuous giggling from the left side row in the big restaurant continued to ring loud within him and the lousy laughter that came afterwards seemed to be a big distraction.

“Where is it? I aren’t seeing no boxes man” Cyrus asked immediately Steve answered him.

“Its.. Its in the car.. Its in the car” Mary, who was seated beside Steve took a sharp glance at her left instantly.

She narrowed her face and quickly turned to Cyrus, wondering why Steve sounded Sharky and Stammered when he answered.

“The package is in the car, you’ll get your hands on it if you let us have the USB drive” Tracy quickly added to stop Cyrus from asking them more questions.

“And may I ask Why you left the package in the car instead of bringing it along?” Movil Cyrus asked another question. He frowned and leaned back on the chair. He maintained his narrowed face and faced Steve in particular.

“This is a public place Movil, we can’t make this kind of deals in here while we are been watched” Mary quickly pointed out the response to his question.

“Oh is it? Okay then” Movil Cyrus exclaimed and made an evil chuckle. He dipped his hands into his trouser pocket few seconds afterwards and brought out a small USB drive. He smiled and stretched it out to give Steve.

“We made a deal Gavin” He said as Steve stretched his hands to collect the Drive, he was about to give it to him when he suddenly stopped and fold his fingers. He withdraw startling Steve and Mary who was looking at him as he paused instanter.

“Sorry Gavin but I cannot give you the drive without confirmation of my stuff” He told them and brought out a phone almost the same seconds he placed it on his ear.

Mr. Kruger managed to conceal his laughter at the silly jokes made by Aunty Rhoda immediately Margaret ended her story.

He looked at the angle Vivian had moved to with her plate of food and smiled. Its wasn’t the same round table they were seated but the one next to them.

“Come back here Viv, oh don’t be a silly Jackol” Mr. Kruger voiced out jokingly as the children seated beside him giggled.

“Hey Viv, I’m only joking… Its wasn’t like I wants to tell the children you know” Margaret also joked. She burst into laughter as Aunty Rhoda giggled likewise.

“You could have told me I was coming to be the main subject of discuss” Vivian who had just finished up the food on the plate joked and smiled.

She looked at the children who were still giggling and staring a funny look at the way she chew, she smiled and stand up instantly. She hadn’t take a step backwards when a heavy gunshot sounded in the restaurant.

(Flashback, Few seconds ago)

Movil Cyrus smiled mischievously and returned the phone into his pocket immediately he ended the call he made.

He fixated his gaze on Steve the same way he looked at Mary who was seated beside him.

“You are wasting my precious time Cyrus” Steve called when he wouldn’t stop staring at them instead of handling the USB drive over.

“Give me the drive and you have your boxes” he added

“You know what Gavin” !! Movil interrupted, he rest back comfortably on the chair and made a chuckle.

“Take a good look at all the people in here, how would it look to have them burned?” Cyrus asked. He brought out a small mechanical device which looked like a trigger from his side pocket the same seconds and raised it.

“Spare me the bulls..hit man, I know both of you are cops” He shouted loud afterwards in surprise.


There was an heavy scream in the restaurant immediately Cyrus suddenly raised a gun and fired in a swift movement.

Two standing security men at the main entrance of the restaurant was shot immediately the first gunshots sounded. Steve and Mary rolled under the desk luckily as Movil fired more towards their direction recklessly and quickly hurried up from their table.

“S..hit” Steve cursed as he bent down behind the desk with Mary who had rolled behind another to dodge the gunshot.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen” Mary shouted heavily under the desk she had quickly hide herself. She brought out the gun carefully placed behind her instantly and at the same time had to roll backwards without getting hit from Cyrus bullets.

Steve cursed again and brought out a gun, he fired first and adjust his squatting position under the desk in the process.

The emerging gunshots got tensed as the glass on the entrance doors shattered. Two different men rushed through the door and began to fire at the desk Steve and Mary had taken as cover immediately Movil Cyrus started shooting.

“You take the side perimeter, I’ll handle this side” Steve shouted to instruct Mary under the table admist the heavy screaming in the whole place.

“S..hit” Movil Cyrus cursed and quickly bent down as Mary began to fire at him from her distance. He had hurriedly jumped over three different tables and quickly had to hide behind the fourth.

“Officers !! There are explosives under those fuc..king tables and you are all gonna burn in less than three” Cyrus shouted loud as two different bullets pierced the chest of the men coming from the entrance of the restaurant.

“You all fuc..king keep shut. Go on your damn knees” Cyrus shouted again and fired at two women who had bent down behind the table he rushed to take cover from Mary’s bullet as they attempt to run behind him.

“Movil Cyrus, those are civilians. They aren’t got anything to do with this, surrender yourself now” he heard Mary shout out as she fired at the other entrance where two men had rushed from immediately she saw Cyrus fired at the women.

She managed to crawl out under the table and swiftly move forward. By then three different gunmen had started shooting from the same entrance she had shot two men.

“What the hell” Steve exclaimed immediately he fired the fourth man coming from the entrance after he caught a glimpse of an explosive device beeping under the same table he squatted under. His eyes caught three separate points and same explosive under three other different tables.

“We gotta get out of here” He screamed aloud and crawled out from the table instantly.

Mary shot the first man who came rushing into the restaurant on his knees and shot another into his chest, she fired another bullet into the chest of the second gunman likewise the third man rushing up behind the second man.

The first two bullets she fired at the fourth man missed at first but the third pierced his skull.

Steve who had crawled out from the table also shot two more men at the same entrance and another man at the window side of the restaurant, completely shattering the glasses. With that, he quickly stand on his feet and began to shoot the table Cyrus had hidden behind. He moved forward instantly and stepped beside Mary.

Seeing the level of the gunshot, pedestrians around the restaurant had all ran for their lives and motorist driving the road.

There were more screaming inside the restaurant as a bullet mistakenly pierced the skull of a woman who was with a little kid from the men trying to aim at Steve and Mary through the window from the outside.

“Daddy” Junior screamed as blood splash on his fingers, he wrapped himself quickly under the shadow of Aunty Rhoda who was extremely frightful and partly leaned on Margaret who was beside her.

“Stay calm everyone and try not to move” Mr Stephen shouted loud as he held his hands across Mr. Kruger who was trembling in fright beside him.

“Vivian, remain in your position. Do not move” Stephen shouted under his breath, he stretched his arms like he wants to reach for Vivian’s hands just like Mr. Kruger and bent more lower as people’s loud scream continued.

“Honey” Rhoda called on her husband with extreme fright, she was breathing profusely as her children screamed loud.

Steve frowned immediately he saw two more men shooting on from the outside, he quickly change position and fired back, he strapped a new bullet into the pistol he held and cocked it.

The first shot he fired pierced the chest of one of the men and the second bullet he shot pierced the second man’s skull.

He stood up and began to walk forward confidently, he directed all his shot at the position of Movil Cyrus just as Mary did likewise.

“Everybody get out, there is a bomb in here” Steve shouted loud.

“Get out… Get out… Out now” He began to shout repeatedly as he boldly stood up.

As expected, more screams sounded in the restaurant as Mary continued shooting at Cyrus position.

Its was an awkward moment and a little bit hard to believe as Vivian looked up to see who was waving all the people in the restaurant to get out.

She opened her mouth and swallowed in as people who had bent down began to rise and run out of the restaurant frightened.

More screams sounded as both entrance door of the restaurant was smashed opened and jam-parked by the large crowd who in one way was trying to get out of the restaurant at once.

“Vivian” Mr. Kruger shouted loud as he was helped up by Mr. Stephen immediately people began to rush out from the restaurant.

Like a twinkle little star, Vivian suddenly fixated her gaze at Steve. She didn’t move unlike everyone had done and didn’t respond to Mr. Kruger screams.

Its was as if she was in an imaginary world instantly and only echoes sounded from her whole nervous system. She saw Steve shooting and moving back and her head dazzled for an uncontrollable moment.

“Vivian” She heard her name been called again but its suddenly sounded as echoes, her face still fixated on Steve as everybody ran for safety.

“Vivian.. Vivian.. Come on let’s go” Margaret loud voice sounded as she ran. Her voice also came as an echo, aunty Rhoda shouted too but her cries also came as an echo as she hurry out of the restaurant with her three kids.

“Vivian” The loud sound from Steve finally jerked Vivian off as Movil Cyrus grabbed her by the neck while trying to change his position and escape out through the window.

“Get back or she dies officers?” Movil alarmed fearfully and quickly tightened his grip on Vivian’s neck as Mary sprang up from her position when she saw him run.

Mr. Stephen had stepped back from the entrance after ensuring his family and Mr. Kruger was out of the restaurant and he had picked up a gun at the entrance.

“Let her go now” he shouted less than a minute later with the gun pointed at Cyrus position.

Vivian let out a scream and realization totally struck her off as Cyrus pulled her to himself.

“I’ve been unknowingly giving you cops information that wasn’t supposed to be spilled out. You both are not the Gavin Dosh and Tracy I ought to meet today. You guys are cops disguised as Gavin and Tracy” Cyrus shouted as he dragged Vivian who he considered as an ordinary civilian with the intention of scaring away the cops.

“Let her go now Cyrus” Steve said in a sharky voice, he stepped forward twice and stopped beside Mary who was already telling Cyrus to drop his gun and surrender himself.

“You !!” An exclamation sounded from Mr. Stephen immediately he recognized Steve.

Steve who took a glance at him felt another surge within straightened, he made a deep breath when his eyes met with Vivian who had stop trying to forcefully jerk herself from the gunman whose grip was firm on her neck.

“We necessarily don’t have to do this Cyrus, let the innocent lady go” Steve managed to say after Mary told Cyrus to let the lady go and surrender himself.

“There’s an explosive that’ll blow off in few minutes officers. Drop your guns or we all die” Cyrus shouted out to alarm them.

“Step back officer, take a step forward again and I’ll pull the trigger” Steve heard Cyrus threatened when he took a step forward.

“Drop your guns all of you” Cyrus shouted afterwards and tightened his grip on Vivian’s neck the more.

“Shut the fu..ck up b****” He shouted again on Vivian who let out a yell due to her difficulty in breathing.

To be continued…

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