Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 7

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Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 7

© Goddy Francis




I was at school premises and I was in the library. Hugo walks in and pricked my waist as usual.

” That hurts.”

” Sorry , what are you doing here ? Studying ?” He asked smiling.

” Maybe , school’s project. I’m just tired.” I said and he chuckle.

” Sorry , I can help if you want.” He insisted and i declined.

” Thanks.” I said and sighed.

” I was thinking if I can take you out on a date.”

” I’m not single hugo.”

” I know. It hurts I couldn’t kiss you that day.”

” You did.” I said and he raised his brows.

” Your boyfriend spoilt everything.”

” Maybe and sorry about that.” I said and he smiled.

” I was truly serious when I said you should give me a chance.”

” A chance ? You know I’m not a boy freak.”

” I guess.. lemme help you with that.” He said standing up.

” What ?” I asked trying to figure out what it was.

” Your hair.”

” Alright..” I said standing up a bit.

He touched my hair slightly like who was removing something and grabbed my waist.

” You’re pretty , hope you know ?”

” You wanted to remove something from my hair.” I said and blushed.

His eyes were perfect.

He smiled and look into my eyes .

” Danielle..” a voice called. It was him. I felt a cold breeze and it seems I was the only one feeling it.

I removed Hugo’s hands off me and felt my temperature. I brush my hands against my arm , my pores were open.

” Are you okay ?”

” Yeah , I’m just not ready for that. You’re a nice person and you deserve nicer people.” I said and exhale deeply.

” You’re sure about that ? Or you’re not alright ?” He asked coming close to me.

I stopped and looked into his eyes. Why do I want him so bad ? At the same time I don’t want to leave Rayne.

He held my arms with his hands and kissed me on the forehead.

” I understand , you love your boyfriend and it’s nice.” He said and smiled looking down at my lips.

We kissed and eventually bad news vane walks in. She cleared her throat and glared at me angrily.

” Sorry the library is for studying and not for romance talk. Take her to your house please..” she said and cluck her tongue.

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” Talk later.” Hugo whispered and left.

” Do you know you’re a cheating slut ?”

” Then what are you ?”

” I’m better than you, I don’t have a criminal boyfriend..” vane said and laughs.

I pushed her to the wall and smack her face.

” Get your hands off me you b***h.” She struggled.

I angrily push her aside and she fell to the ground. I hissed and went back to what I was doing.

” You know you’re really crazy , I just hate fighting with you.” She said sitting up .

” Because you know I’m gonna beat your a$$ so bad.” I said and scoffs.

” Maybe. Your bracelet Is cute.” Vane said smiling at my wrist.

” Where did you get it from ?”

” I don’t know.”

” Guess your bf gave it to you ?” She asked and i turned to look at her fiercely.

” Alright stop , it’s not like I don’t get tired of fighting. It’s pretty and i want one.”

” Are you trying to be friends with me ?”

” I dare not. I don’t like you and it doesn’t change anything even if I’m talking to you.”

” I see..” I said packing my few items throwing them inside my bag.

” Where are you going ? We are not through.”

” I’m leaving you, you’re just bad news.” I said and walk out.

” as***ole..” vane whispered and I hissed .

” Jobless bas***d.” I said loudly and left.

I was meeting with Brandi and I didn’t forget.

” Elle..” Harmony called.

” Hey , you look like sh*t.”

” Girlfriend it’s basketball , I think I broke a spine , it’s so bad to be short.” She said and sighed.

I was forced to laugh.

” Have you noticed something ?”

Harmony asked.

” What ?”

” Every one is talking about your bracelet.. including lecturers.”

” Oops I care less.”

” Yeah I’m just concerned.”

” Yeah even my sister wants it.” I said and bit my lower lip.

” Yeah , scratch that. What’s up with project work ?”

” I’m still working on it and I think I have fever, I’m so tired.” I said heading to class and Harmony followed from behind.

” Wait up.” Harmony called and I chuckled.


That night i visited Brandi and she took me to her room. It was fancy and I guess they were really rich. Her older sister school abroad and like I heard her dad’s dead. Guess she stays with her mom who was always traveling.

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Her house was empty just like I imagined.

” Your mom’s not around ?” I asked.

” Nope , traveled.” She replied bringing out numbers of candles.

” Candles ?”

” Yeah , it’s used to summon spirits or the dead.” She said dropping the candles on the floor they were 7 candles in number.

” So how did you manage to tell that i saw something ? Harmony is yet to find anything.”

” I love paranormal magazines a lot. I studied about demonology and I’m trying to show you what you saw last night and why did you see it.” She said pushing a tall mirror to the middle of her room.

” What do you want to do with a mirror ?”

” A mirror is an instrument used for seeing creatures our human eyes can’t see. It’s also a means of getting information from the world beyond , if you don’t have a mirror you can also use water.” She explained and I nodded.

” You must have read a lot.” I said and she laughs a bit.

” Come sit , opposite the mirror.” She said and I got up.

I took a deep breath and sit close to the mirror. She took the candles and light seven of them and place them on the floor like a circle. She sat down close to me and smiled at her reflection.

” You will have to say exactly what I say and we’ll say it same time too.” She said and I nodded.

” Spirits far and near , if you can hear us please come to our aid.” She said and I repeat the word.

We said it in unison and a strong force blew all the candles and they went off. Darkness appeared and her room was covered by darkness.

” Brandi. ” I called.

” Can you see anything ?” She asked frightened.

” No. ” I replied looking at the mirror.

I saw a man appear behind us , he was the same man in my dreams and the one I saw in her mother’s farm.

” Are you seeing that ?” Brandi whispered .

We turned around and it was no where to be found. We looked at the mirror and it was there. It laughs and turned into dust. I felt something entered my body. I shouted and catch for breath.

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I held my throat and black out.




” Elle..” I called shaking her .

Whatever thing we saw through the mirror has finally invaded her soul .

” Elle..” I called.

She opened her eyes and it was red.

” Holy Christ.” I shouted moving back.

She exhale and her eyes went back to normal.

” Danielle .”

” Yeah.” She answered and cough a little.

” Hope you are okay ?”

” Thanks I’m good.”

I didn’t even notice the darkness surrounding my room was gone.

” What ever thing you saw is a bad thing , it’s evil.” I said and Danielle don’t even care to listen.

She got up and picked her bag and left. I called after her and she ignored me.




Something was wrong with me , I think someone is living inside of me. Each time I look at my mirror , there is always a different reflection staring back at me.

The man I saw in my dreams now live inside of me.




Two days after that ritual thing I did with Danielle I’ve been having constant nightmares. I opened the book on my shelf and read through about demon possession. It was then it Dawn to me that Danielle is possessed. I just invoke the demon out of it’s resting place and now it lives in her.

” Oh my God.” I said and cried.

” What have I done ?”

I called Harmony and she’s not picking up.

I quickly got dressed and rushed out of the house. I entered my bicycle and rushed to Danielle’s house , I just need to take her to an exorcist immediately or maybe tell her mom.

I drive hurriedly on the busy road , but suddenly I loose balance and I can’t control the bicycle anymore.

” Oh my God , this shouldn’t happen.” I said trying to control the brake .

But it was too late…

I saw the truck driver trying to control his brake too , I cried in my mind and prayed for mercy. I couldn’t get it..




She got crush by the truck and fall to the ground dead. Onlookers gathered around and medias took pictures of the girl.

” I can’t believe Brandi’s dead..” Harmony cried looking down at her lifeless soul.

To be continued


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  1. This is really bad. Brandy would have been an early help for Danielle, but now she's gone. God pls, help your people. God bless the writer with more knowledge and wisdom.

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