Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 12

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Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 12

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So we are here , the final of everything. My life’s fucked up , I don’t have a boyfriend anymore and I don’t have a family. My best friend Harmony is in the hospital attending to treatments due to the fatal accident she had.

My mom’s here and I so much dislike her . The fact that I’m well doesn’t change anything at all , my mom will always remain a pu$$y. I thought about Hugo , poor thing. The boy I was supposed to make my second boyfriend since Rayne is gone too. He hates me now I guess , I tried to kill him through drowning.

I sighed and sit down at my front yard , my life’s fucked up.

” Hey..”

” What ? Hugo what are you doing here ?” I asked standing up.

He smiled and hug me.

” You’re good ?”

I smiled a bit and nodded.

” I’m truly sorry..” I said.

” You don’t have to , I’m glad you’re okay.”

I smiled and sighed deeply.

” You wanna hang out tonight ? ”

” I don’t have a choice.” I said and he Chuckled.

” Let’s go for a walk.” He said and took my hand.

We walked out with our hands intertwined.




It was too hard to believe that Jordan’s gone . I cried all through. I’ve always wanted her to be happy, since her parents died a mysterious death.

I wished it was all a dream but it wasn’t. The priest planned to bury her body the following day , which was tomorrow. I just wish I didn’t have to wake up. This was worse than a nightmare.

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” You look forsaken.” A voice said.

I turn around and saw her , I kept quiet and stare at her , she was smiling at me.

” Am I dreaming ?” I asked.

” No you’re not.” She said and giggles.

I smiled and embraced her. I thought she was truly gone.

” What happened ?”

” Nothing happened. I’m here now.”

” Jordan I thought I’ve lost you. ” I said and she sob a bit.

” Did you wake up ?”

” Maybe .. you just gotta ask God when you die.” She said and giggles.

I stare at her for a while and kissed her. She held me tight and kissed me too.

” I love you..”

” I love you more.” She replied and i smiled.

” You wanna take a walk ?”

” Sure.”

I held her hands and we walk out.




Jeez finally all this sh*t ended. My life’s back to normal but not a bit not normal.

” Good morning Mel.”

” God , work again.” I said and sighed.

I forget to mention , Becky actually went back to normal and it happens as if she never went dumb. Like she didn’t remember a thing , God is good.

” Where’s Jordan ?” Becky asked.

” Break , she is resting.” I replied and signed.

” There’s an emergency, some one just had an accident.” A nurse said and walk out of my office.

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God I hate my job.



I stopped working as a sales rep because I sold the bracelet , yeah and I planned a family trip for me , Jordan , Melissa and her dream boyfriend Jason including Christian.

I smiled at my new house I bought and thought about Jordan. She is back to normal and everything is great now. I stood outside watering the plants in my front yard.

” Hey ..” a guy greeted.

” Hi.” I said and smiled a bit.

He walk over to where I was and smiled at me.

” Hi..”

I smiled and blushed.

” I’m good.” I replied.

” I was wondering if you can have dinner with me , I will be honored ” he said and I smiled.

” Alright.. time ?”

” 8: pm sharp.” He said and I chuckled.

” See you there..” He said and walk out.

That is Romeo , the next door neighbor. Of course he’s the hot bachelor and I’m so into him , maybe because he’s hot. I chuckled and scream.

” Yes..”

I’ve been waiting like forever for him to say hi. Of course he did. Am I not lucky ?




Life isn’t the why it is planned . It revolves and most times it always turn around for our good.

Most times God has a plan for everyone of us , and it takes time to see it.

My name’s Jordan and I’ve always thought I was definitely gonna end like my mom. I missed her alot , i wished she was here. Giselle bought a new house and i moved in with her as usual.

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Few months after jason traveled back abroad but he eventually gave her a ring Melissa couldn’t help but scream her a$$ out, and her wedding bells will be ringing in few months time.

Giselle , well Giselle , she’s busy with her new hot neighbor who is a hot bachelor. And I’m really glad she moved on since Andrew fucked up.

Um Elle , I guess she’s still having fights with her mom it was a pity her mom still misses her little princess Danni. I really feel pity for her mom , it hurts to loose one of your twin.

And me I’m sitting next to Christian in a cinema and we are watching a romance movie. They are his favourite. He smiled at me and kissed me on my forehead. It was pleasing to be back again , maybe i guess.

” I will always love you..” he whispered.

I chuckled and smiled.

” You’re busy tonight ?” I asked and he Chuckled.

” Hope it’s not what I’m thinking ?” He asked not staring at me.

I chuckled and pinched his hands.

” Maybe..”

He turned to look at me and smiled.

” Alright…”

I chuckled as he pulled me out of the cinema.

( I’m out..)




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  1. Nice one Mr author. I love the concept. Start thinking of how to convert it to a movie. You can contact me for professional advice. Call Oyin Prince for my details.

  2. Nice one authoress…….i've read the story before,that's the first time you posted it on facebook…and to be honest,it still gives me the chills.
    Really fasinating……

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