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Corruption – Episode 5

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Corruption – Episode 5

© Akoto Alexander

Under the Closed Door Meeting:

President R. Mensah:

Mr Vice President James Bugri, Party Chairman, First and Second Vice Chairpersons, National Executive Council Members, General Secretary and Deputy, Honourable Members of Parliament, Delegates and Party Executive Members, I called this short but important meeting to give you first hand information about what me led government will bring into existence. Honestly with the reports and documents that I have been privileged to go through, we have a Herculean task ahead of us. The previous government left a chunk of debt and unfinished projects for us to inherit. I am going to set up a committee with my vice as the chairman to probe and report to me on any project the previous government undertook and proscute anyone who mishanded any of the projects. Now that we are in power, my biggest responsibility is to work around the clock and stir affairs so that the country takes a swift turn into the right track. Anybody whose name comes out that he or she mishandled the government funds, I will see to it that, that person is prosecuted and the person refunds every single pesewa he or she mishandled. As am saying this, I will also throw caution to every individual I appoint or give position to. My led government will not engage in any party colour affiliations and be in power for any particular political party. My government will equally not practice any form of witch hunt but rather do the right thing for the good citizens of our beloved country. Our party was voted into power because the citizens were tired of how the previous government was ruling the country and taking unnecessary loans here and there, when we were in opposition we kept the previous government on the their toes by criticizing them constructively. Now we are in power and at the helms of affair so please let’s come together and do the right so that the previous government will stay in opposition for a very long time. On this note I will bow out and let you go to your various homes since it has been a very long day for all of us. Thank you all for honouring my invitation. Good night and may God bless us all. (the air is filled with applause)

Party Chairman: (shakes hands with the president) You have spoken well your Excellency, I now know why you got 83.7% in the elections that went on. I trust you to lead us to the promise land, I want you to know that I am solidly behind you any day or time.

President R. Mensah: Thank you very much Mr Chairman.

First Vice Chairperson: My son that was a powerful caution you threw into the air, if you stick to you words we will stay in power for a very long time.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (speaking with the vice president, hon. Johnson and hajia Ramatu) Your Excellency, Is your man really serious about all the caution he is throwing in the air or it is one of our political talks?

Vice Prez. Bugri: Don’t take his words serious, he is only drunk with power. By the time the realities of the African politics gets to him, he will crawl on his knees to us asking for assistance. I will always say this to you guys “show me an incorruptible African politician and I will also show you a virgin prostitute”. I will entreat you to remain calm in your shells and wait for events to unfold itself gradually, you guys have been in this game for some time so I need not tell you what you already know.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Your words have calmed me down your Excellency, we will remain resolute and wait for the right time to come.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Your Excellency, I will come to your office for some discussions concerning my constituency. When do you think it’s appropriate?

Vice Prez Bugri: You don’t need an appointment to walk into my office Hajia, you know we have been each others keeper for a very long time. All you need do is to call me a night before the day you want to come and you will see me for any discussion you want.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Very grateful sir, you have always proven to me that you a true politician who understands the game.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Your Excellency kindly call that youngman to order and let him know that those who you meet when climbing the ladder are the same people you meet when descending the ladder. We are not saying he should do everything we say or want but he should learn how to play the game well. Some of us invested huge sums of money for him to get to where he is now, our elders say “if you forget the horns of your chief you get lost under a durbar”. I don’t want to be so blunt this evening but for the records, a stubborn fly will always end up in the grave with the corpse.

Vice Prez. Bugri: Hahahahaha take it easy my good friend, it’s too early to be sounding words of caution to people. The president I believe is only trying to win favour in the sight of the people and media. In a way I think I like the style our man is playing, you know the rat blows air when biting so that you don’t feel the pain. He’s a young chap and I know soon he will start displaying his youthful exuberance where we will teach him how to play the game. Let me leave you so I engage other party members in a little chat before I call it a day.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Very well said your Excellency, you always display a high level of prolific intelligence in our cycle of politics and I must confess, I am an ardent follower of you sir.

Vice Prez. Bugri: Oh really? If you never knew, I am also a fan of you from afar, that is the reason why every committee I chair, I add you to the members who work with me on that committee. Hon. Johnson you are equally a promise parliamentary whose resume and portfolio keeps growing by the day. The President has you in his plans so becareful on how you go about because people are watching you from afar.

Hon. Johnson: Thanks very much your Excellency for this huge resounding endorsement, I must admit am flattered and I never knew I was been monitored from afar. There is more to come from my sleeves so please tell my followers to expect more from my end. (the vice president taps his shoulder and walks away).

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: You two are very cunning and if Ghana is given to you for a minute you will sell it to foreigners and abscorn with the money. It’s late and every official thing is done so if you dont see me around, I will be gone.

Hon. Dr. Newton: Your Excellency, that was a very great submission. I want you to know that you have my solid support.

President R. Mensah: Thank you very much Dr. Newton, I grew up with you and some other great sons of this country as my role models, I only find myself lucky today rather leading the same people I was learning from.

Hon. Dr. Newton: Well am not surprise at all because David in the bible was only a shepherd who never knew he will kill a giant and become a king later. All I will say is try not to go against the promises you made to the good people of Ghana. I and Hon. Jawula, Hon. Asantewaa, Hon. Asare, Hon. Agagla, Hon. Lawyer Kwakye are always read to assist you when you need our help or assistance. Ghana has been in a retrogression period for long and I believe with you as our leader, the fortunes of our motherland will change soon.

Hon. Asare: You have spoken my mind senior, no wonder you are our leader at the parliament house. We will serve Ghana with all our might and strength till our last drop of blood, your Excellency I pledge my allegiance to you this day.

Hon. Asantewaa: My son and leader of this country, our elders say when the elder finishes bathing, then every water in the house finishes, what I will say to you here is becareful with those you affiliate yourself with. A lot of advice will be given to you but as matured as you are, take the good ones and do away with the ones you think won’t help you. Ghanaians have reposed a great level of confidence in you so do well not to disappoint them, you have made history not only in this country but the whole of Africa to be the youngest president ever to rule his country in a democratic way. Remember this always, “through wisdom a house is built and with understanding it stands”, from nowhere people will start showing love and concern to you, some will even throw themselves on you and others will laugh with you whiles they frown behind you. Those who screamed hallelujah to Jesus Christ were they same people who screamed crucify him infront of Pontius Pilato. This is my candidate advice to you my son, take what you think will help you rule well out of our advice and may God be with you and your household always.

President R. Mensah: I am very grateful my political mother for this wonderful advice, growing up I use to hear that there are no principled politicians in Africa, but joining this great party, I have seen a few politicians whom I can lay my head down for being morally principled and incorruptible. Every word you said here made sense and I have taken it and will work accordingly with it, one of this days I will invite you into my office so you help me restructure the policies I have drawn for the next four years of my leadership and beyond.

Hon. Jawula: To add to what my abled colleagues said, your Excellency please learn to close you zip well as a married man, don’t let the pleasures of the world get to you because me late father always said and I quote “man must enjoy the pleasures of today, but must think carefully about tomorrow”. Don’t expect your hen to hatch her eggs whiles you have fried all the eggs to eat today, remember without women the world would have been so boring and with them too, the world is hard. Great men like Sampson, David, Adam and some past presidents from respected countries had serious scandals just because they couldn’t close their zips well. You must leave a will behind but not bill after you have finished serving your term of office. Please we are ready to make your name go into the history books of this blessed country, make us proud.

President R. Mensah: On this faithful day, I make a pledge to you here that, I will leave a top notch mark in the hearts of every Ghanaian who is alive to see my reign as a president. I will let my name go into the history books not only of this country but across the borders of Africa. I will make other people travel into this country to come and learn how to stir the affairs of the economy and foreign investors will beg for us to give them permission to come and do business in our beloved country.

Hon. Dr. Newton: May God be your helper Mr President, let’s not keep you here as many people will like to have a word with you before you depart from here.

President R. Mensah: Okay honourables, enjoy the rest of the evening and thank you so much for everything.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: What at all have this people been telling the youngman that he has not moved for a long time with them. I want to introduce a business partner of mine who travelled all the way from Dubai to this place.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Am not sure you will get that opportunity looking at the time, but why didn’t you introduce you business partner to him when he came to us?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: By then my business partner had moved to the washroom, you know for us the Muslims, we spend more time in the washroom because we must see to it that we are clean so we don’t stain our dress. He is the one sitting next to the central air condition. He is ready to pump over two hundred million dollars into our economy just for him to be given the permission to do his galamsey business.

Hon. Johnson: Hajia you know what this galamsey thing has done to most of our water bodies? I doubt if the President will give him a lincense to operate now that he has vowed to fight those already in the business boot for boot.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Hajia if I show you the way for him to be given the license of operation, how much will be my share in the amount you mentioned?

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: You can get not less than ten million dollar if you are able to pull your strings that will lead to the granting of our request.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Give me just some few weeks and he will have any requisite document that can enable him operate without any restrictions. All you have to do now is to get my money ready because I will have to grease some palms so that they can expedite my request for me. Please do well to send to my email account every necessary information I will need to work on your request.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Very well then, you will hear from me tomorrow before noon. May you gentlemen enjoy the rest of the evening. (walks away)

Later on the two honourables move to the hotel to satisfy their selfish desire.

To be continued


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