Corruption – Episode 1

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Corruption – Episode 1

© Akoto Alexander


This is an imagined fiction story which has names and characters in it, any resemblance of name or character has no personal attributes to you, forgive me for any dent or castigation this story might bring to your personality or name.


This is a sole property of the author/writer under the Copyright Protection Bill and under no circumstances must this story be published, alterationed or acted anywhere without proper authorization from the author/writer, anyone caught trying to do otherwise will be prosecuted in the court of law.

Now enjoy the story as it unfolds itself episode after episode and share with your loved ones.

Episode 1

Chief Justice: Please repeat after me. I………

President R. Mensah: I Reedolf Mensah do solemnly swear to the good people of Ghana to protect, defend and abide to the constitution of this great nation. I hold allegiance to do right at all times and serve the good citizens of this country. I do in the name of the Almighty God swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic of Ghana as by law established; that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of Ghana and that I will preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Ghana. So help me God.

(Crowds cheers)

Chief Justice: Now the oath of office, please repeat after me. I……..

President R. Mensah: I Reedolf Mensah having been elected to the high office of the President of the Republic of Ghana do in the name of the Almighty God swear that I will be faithful and true to the Republic of Ghana, that I will at all times preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Ghana and do right to all manner of persons. I further solemnly swear that should I at any time break this oath of office, I shall submit myself to the laws of the Republic of Ghana and suffer the penalty for it. So help me God.

Chief Justice: Congratulations Mr President.

(crowd can’t control their joy)

MC: Now we invite to the podium His Excellency the President of the Forth Republic of Ghana, President Reedolf Mensah to deliver his first speech as the president the republic to us.

(crowd goes crazy this time around with noise)

President R. Mensah: (smiles and waves to the people of the country as he makes way to the podium) His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic MrJames Bugri, His Excellency President Madiba Ubeki of South Africa, His Excellency President Alhaji Boniface Obi of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Doctor Magoda Nkonda of the Republic of Gambia, His Excellency Uhuru Malgabo, President of Kenya, His Excellency President Rashid Hussain of Algeria, the High Commissioner to the Great Britain, Jon Michaels, Ambassador Manuel Perez of France, Ambassador Philips Legend of the United States of America, Ambassador Margaret Hussel of Germany, High Commissioner of Sweden Kennedy Lens, Ambassador Shen Lee of China, Your Ladydship Chief Justice Vanessa Ofori Manuel, Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament Adjoa De-Graft Dufie, His Royal Majesty Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III of the Akwamu Kingdom, His Majesty Nii Saka Okai IV, Osu Mantse, all Diplomatic Corps present, Honourable Members of Parliament, Senior Security Personnels, Chiefs and Queenmothers present, Special Invited Guests, Media Personnels, All Protocols observed,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said “Change when it is denied or too long delayed, violence will breakout here and there; not that man planned or willed it but their accumulated grievances will erupt with volcanic fury”. The citizens and good people of our beloved country didn’t vote me into power to come and lament or complain about the problems this country is faced with. My solemn responsibility now is to fix the problem and put a dying end to all the crisis we are faced with. Ghana is a country that God has been merciful and generous to, we shouldn’t even for a day run to our colonial masters or foreign brothers to solicit for funds and aid. Ghana must travel beyond aid and single handedly handle it’s economy and policies. We have been blessed with Gold, Diamond, Cocoa, Coffee, Timber, Bauxite and now Crude Oil in commercial quantity, we must learn to handle all this wonderful natural resources well so that we put our destiny into our own hands. To my yet to be appointed ministers I will like to throw caution and a challenge to you that, the Reedolf Mensah led government won’t condone any form of gross misconduct and embezzlement into the states funds and go scot free, I will spearhead the declare your assets policy before you sit in front of any vetting committee and also inform any of my yet to be appointees that if you have it at the back of your mind to enrich your pockets with states fund then please throw in the towel even before the bout starts. The cancer CORRUPTION has been our greatest sickness in this country and I want to assure the good people of this country that I will see to the end of that sickness that has come to leave with us for a very long time now. My greatest goal is to share the states funds equally to all Ghanaians and make our beloved country a beckon of hope to the world. During my tenure of office I will make sure our economy becomes rezealient and also fight crime being it cyber, money laundering, armed robbery, land guard, vigilantism or anything the society frowns at. My led government is not coming to do this country a favour by building schools and hospitals, constructing good roads and interchanges, providing uninterrupted but cheap electricity and water supply, bringing quality but free education into the system from basic to senior high school level and creating jobs for the youths and unemployed. I see it as a responsibility which is mandatory for the government to do for it’s citizens. This government led by me must be held accountable to every promise I and my party members gave you when we were campaigning for power because it is said that, “to whom much is given, much is expected in return”, we will just deliver as we promised and I know with God in our boat, we will smile at any storm that comes our way. I thank all Ghanaians for imposing faith in me and my party and voting massively for me to win power, you have done your citizenship responsibility and the rest is left for my government and I to deliver on our promises. Our taxes are going to be used judiciously for projects that will be beneficial to Ghanaians whiles we are going to increase our export rate more than our importation into the country so that the cedi won’t depreciate.

Ghana will work again and be the hub for business as we were once noted for. To the good citizens of this country, try not to be spectators but rather concerned citizens who will help change the good fortune of our beloved country.

May God bless our homeland Ghana, bless everyone and make us great and strong.

Thank you.

(crowd chants in joy)

TV Anchor: Our cherised viewers at home and offices, our new president was some minutes ago sworn in and he just finished reading his first powerful speech to the good citizens of our beloved country. I have my colleague on the field who will interact with some citizens who trooped to the Black Star Square to watch the proceedings live. Kofi Dumor if you can hear me please take it up from there.

Kofi Dumor: Hello Wendy I can hear you loud and clear.

TV Anchor: Kofi so can you please tell us, how the atmosphere looks and feels like over there?

Kofi Dumor: Wendy I don’t know how I can vividly describe it for our viewers to feel it back home, if there is anything I can say or any word I can use to describe the atmosphere here, then I will say this place is charged with jubilation and cheers. Honestly I can say our new president is the President of the people and from the way I see things everyone is very happy with him and the speech he read. I think he touched on the concerns of the people which has made them happy and if he doesn’t go contrary to his words then the good people of Ghana will be so disappointed with him.

TV Anchor: I was just coming to that question. Kofi so have you had the chance to interact with any of the people who came to witness the swearing in ceremony?

Kofi Dumor: Wendy I did talk to some people earlier on off camera and it seems most of them were in the expectant mood before the President read his first speech. Now that he has made his intentions known almost everyone is expecting a turn around in the country’s economy and their pockets

since the President touched on a lot of positive things as we now see the economy to be in shambles but I think I can still get a few people to come live on air and share their thoughts with us.

Hello ma’am I can see you have something to share with us, this is TV1 and you are also live on Radio1. Please what is your assertion on today’s event and what do you have to say about the President’s speech?

Woman: Hello sir, thanks for having me on your powerful channel. My name is Adjoa Fremah and I travelled all the way from Belgium to witness this great day. Honestly I must commend the planning and transition team for the great job done, the event was very colourful and simple. I believe they didn’t spend on so much irrelevant things and talking about the President’s speech, it was a masterpiece which touched on almost all the important things the country needs. I also must commend the President for bringing to light that, building schools and hospitals, constructing good roads, creating jobs and providing quality but cheap drinking water and electricity for the citizens of this country is a responsibility of the government and not more like a gift or token to the citizens who voted him into power. I trust in the President to deliver on his promise.

Kofi Dumor: Why have you bestowed so much trust in the President ma’am, don’t you think it could be one of the political talks that our politicians display when they are in the public domain?

Woman: Hahahahaha I didn’t want to say this but since I have been pushed to the wall, I will spill the beans. The President was my classmate at the secondary school and he held positions from class prefect to school prefect and all the time he served to his greatest ability. He was committed to duty and he had his people at heart, I remember a demonstration he staged because one of our juniors who is now a commander in the army was drove out of the exams hall for no just reason.

Kofi Dumor: No just reason? Can you please throw more light on that because I want to know what exactly the problem was?

Woman: Well upon investigation we realised that, the then bursar was deliberately not taking records of the fees some students were paying and because of that there were no records to back the claims of the students. The young and energetic Reedolf Mensah now President got to know of this and he single handedly led a demonstration to the headmaster by then and within some few minutes in the staff common room the issue got resolved and the bursar was handed over to the police for them to run investigations on the matter. Honestly there are more of his achievements as the school prefect that I can take the whole day to talk about, I can lay my head down for him on that fact that he will deliver on his promises now that he has been elected to the high office of the land. I will entreat everyone to rally behind him and support him physically and spiritually so that he take us to the promise land. Thank you.

Kofi Dumor: Wendy the people here are eager to speak to us so let me engage a few of them before I sign out.

TV Anchor: No problem Kofi.

Kofi Dumor: Hello Hajia you are welcome to TV1 and also you are live on Radio1. Please how did you see the swearing in ceremony and what is your expectation from the President?

Hajia: Ah my son, I am the most happiest person on this planet, today I travelled all the way from Tamale to witness this event because if I watched it on tv even, I won’t be okay so I travelled with my children to come and see things for ourselves. Our President is the first youngest person ever to ascend the highest seat of the land, he sounded resolute with the speech he gave and I am confident he will deliver on his promises if only his people won’t betray his trust. I humbly pray to Allah for protection and wisdom for him to rule us. Thank you.

Kofi Dumor: Thank you Hajia. Sir I believe you have something to also share with us? You are live on TV1 and also Radio1, please let out you view on today’s ceremony.

Man: My name is Sammy Yeboah and I am happy I lived to witness today. I am glad my vote didn’t go to waste at all, I have followed the track records of our President from the time the party executives elected him to be the flagbearer to lead the party. He is humble, down to earth, well educated, exposed and he knows the right words to use when and how to use it. Since he is the first young man to be voted to power, I believe he will perform to our expectation, also the ceremony was very simple and well planned. I know this is the beginning of greater things to happen because our elders say “the beginning of the game tells the end of it”, I will have him in my prayers always so that God sees him through successfully. Thank you

Kofi Dumor: Wendy everyone wants to speak on our channel but looking at the dais it looks like His Excellency the President is about to leave the Black Star Square so let me rush closer so I speak with some of the members of parliament so I get their views also before they disperse.

TV Anchor: Okay Kofi, we will come back to you again as I speak with our other colleagues at different locations.

Kofi Dumor: Okay Wendy, I am out for now but before I go, I just had information that there will be a cocktail and dinner party later at the Presidency and a close door meeting where His Excellency will name some of the ministers he is going to work with.

TV Anchor: Oh okay Kofi, thanks for that info. Viewers that was my colleague reporter for Parliamentary and Presidential Affairs Kofi Dumor. Stay tuned for more news and authentic information, you know if you want to hear it first then TV1 and Radio1 is the place to keep your dial. We will be right back after these short commercial break.

To be continued


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