Bruised – Episode 7

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Security Camera’s Regulatory Commission (SCRN), Abuja

The environment and surrounding portrayed the air of a busy people. The disguised Miss. Bose walked into the building and slotted in a registered staff identity card. The recognition system immediately granted her access after authenticating the card.
From her ear piece came the voice of Steve.
“Perfect disguise. Don’t act suspicious because disabling the camera’s in this facility will expose us too fast. Do your work as plain as you can…”
Jessie chuckled as she arrived Bose’s office. It was well equipped in case of internal attack. She scanned around for any camera but her phone’s sensor was quick to detect four stealth camera’s positioned at strategic corners around the office. She put in a hand glove and booted Bose’s laptop. Using an application which Lewis had created, she hacked the password without setting off any alarm. It was at this point that she noticed that Bose had locked all her apps with a security application.
She uninstalled the security application and all the apps were open.
First, she opened Bose’ database where she found a number of catalogues. She began to leaf through one after the other in the hope of finding the desired one…

Inside SCRN’s Control room…
Jakes was a staff of the company haven been employed nine years back on his immediate graduation from school. Jake’s was one of their best which was the reason he was the Administrative/Staff manager.
Everyone in the country was aware that Jake was in a relationship with Bose.
“Hey, William” he called out to a staff
“Boss….. Good morning ”
“Keep your apologies… You’ve heard from Bose this morning?”
“No! But she’s reported to work today!”
“Oops.. Ok. I’ll check her out. Keep in touch”
With that, he left the control room…
‘What the hell is wrong?’ he asked himself as he walked to her office.
Kilometers away…
Bose stared around from the pillar where she was held.
She was now sure that the person who captured her had left. She pulled a pen knife out of her breast pocket after much difficulty and was able to loose herself free…
She picked her phone up from a room where it was kept and dialled Jake’s number.
“Hey, darling”
“Bose, whatsup”
“There is trouble. Arrest whoever you see in office. I’ll explain later…”
“What the hell?” Jake asked himself again
He quickly pulled out his radio and said aloud into it,
“Internal intruder!! Room 42, Hall 6.”
He pulled out his gun and ran towards the said office…
“Damn!!” Steve said aloud
“What’s up?” Lewis asked balling into the room
“Jam SCRN’s network base. Make sure that members cannot communicate to others
“Is Bose in trouble? ” Lewis teased as he set to work
“We should communicate to Jessie within a secured line. Make sure it is not interferable”
“On it” Lewis said as Steve picked Hus gun and left

He was about to board a cab when his phone rang… He frowned… The same he did when the same number called him previously
“I thought we had our business done?” He asked the caller
“Shut up you b***h. Don’t go anywhere. Someone is gonna pick you up…”
“Jessie, plant the bug and get the io address. Can’t you hear the emergency bell?”
“I just heard it. Cover been blown? ”
“Sort of…once your done, head towards your left and get back to me”
Jessie connected her device with Bose’ computer and shared the debugging app. Once done, she bugged the system, hid the app and copied the IP.
“What next?” she asked lewis over her line?
“There is an emergency staircase in the next office. Use it to get to your office because they are aware that you just left…”
“Allright” she said and opened the next office. She found a little door behind the curtain and using the fake ID card, opened the door. She locked it back and began going down.

“Open the door” Jake commanded as they arrived Bose’ office.
The door was opened and they saw no one after a rigorous search.
“Surround the hallway. Check every single office..” he said again
The men took up positions along and began carrying out the instruction.
Jake connected to the control room…“Where is she?” he asked the person at the other end
“Basement..” the person responded
“Everyone, to..the..basement now!!..Cover every escape way! Get me the intruder alive!!”
“Hey boss! Calm down ” Lewis told Steve as the latter paced around
“We can’t leave Jessie to the mercy of those people, lewis. I know what these people are capable of…”
“Hey! Don’t try to underestimate me man. Throughout my life as a hacker and swindler, I know how many times I hacked their system. I know the ins and outs…”
“Shut up and respond to Jessie…” Steve retorted back
“Hey Jess, you in the basememt?”
“Yep. I just sent you the images. Be fast these people are closing up on me..”
“Cool down, Jess… Ok this picture looks..right there..”
“What…” Steve asked coming close
“Jess, you still got that card right?”
“That’ll make this complicated. Ok….” Lewis left the sentence hanging as the thud of feet’s entering the hall penetrated his ear.
“Hide behind the gas bag” he told her typing furiously “You can’t escape from there unless you’ve got your nose protected. Grab the man next to you and take his…”
Jess peeped around. All the men were equipped with high profile guns and were at alert to shoot any living thing dead. Luckily, one of them came near and rested faintly on the bag she hid behind and she felt her heart pounding.
“Now or never…” she heard Steve’s voice from her earpiece.
She grabbed him and brought him down on his knees, delivering a kick to his spinal cord. She blew him twice on his face and he went uncomscious.
As she put on the protector, bullets penetrated the gas bag….There was a bang, and following it was an explosion…

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