ADOPTED by Happy Williams


A Story By Happy William


My name is Anne. Just plain Anne.

I’ve been Anne Cormack when I was two, Anne Johnson when I was five, Anne Davis when I was ten, Anne Chuck when I was thirteen, and Anne Matthew when I clocked fifteen. I’m sixteen now.

Each new surname meant a new home, and new forms of maltreatment.

The Cormack’s were nice initially, but when their first baby came, I was cast aside. Like a used doll.

The Johnsons starved me.

The Davies turned me into their daughter’s personal servant.

The Chucks used me as the household maid.

And even though I’ve been beaten once or twice by the others, the Matthews made it their personal mission to torment me; I was their personal punching bag. They had no child, which meant they had all the time in the world for me.

I’ve always escaped them by coming out here in the daytime, and going to parties, getting drunk at nights. All alone. No friends, no one…. nothing.

But I wouldn’t cry.

I’m a tough girl.

The hope that someday I’ll see my parents kept me going.

I took another bite from the doughnut, and moaned in delight. Emilio is a life saver. A life saver with Italian charms and looks, and arrogance and pride and boastfulness.

We’ve never exchanged more than two words in class, and it was aye okay.

You know how popular guys are…..million of chicks flock around him. I’ve made it my personal mission not to be one of them.

And the fact that he hardly noticed me made my mission all too easy.

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