Under Her Shadow
Under Her Shadow

Under Her Shadow – Episode 2

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 2

© Bunmi B. Gabriel

#Sardonyx’ POV

The following day, I was packing my hair in Alice’s room while she talked to Jonah outside, he came to pick me up even if he didn’t have to but you know the drill, Alice is involve. Rinda spied on them from the window. I walked out and slapped her head, she chuckled

‘I’m off’ I announced

‘Okay, but next time, bring a hotter guy for me to flirt with’ she said jokingly, I laughed and walked outside but they didn’t notice that someone was standing beside them, I had to clear my throat

‘Oh Sanny, you are ready’ she said disappointedly, I hummed and walked to the car

‘Can I have your digit? Just so we can see some other time’ Jonah asked politely, she nodded energetically with a wider smile, I chuckled shaking my head

The drive to RP headquarter was spent taking about Alice, how beautiful and lovely she is. I was directed to Lucien’s office and I was in a real tizzy, the door opened on it own after I knocked.

I walked in and gaped at the magnificent office

‘Like it?’ He asked teasingly, I nodded idiotically and he chuckled ‘good morning to you too, please sit’ I walked to the guest chair with quivering legs and sat down still gaping but this time at him, God! He looked more breath taken in the morning. ‘Miss?’

‘S….s…..s…..s….s….sor…rry’ I stammered

‘It’s okay, now can we get serious’

‘Y….y…yes sir, my name is Sardonyx Krieger, h…h…here’s my credential’ I said stammeringly handing it to him, he checked it swinging his chair and a drum stick

‘Impressive, very impressive Sar…Sar what again?’

‘Just Sandy or Sanny please’

‘Okay since the position as my personal assistant is the only available job right now, I hope you won’t mind taking it?’ He asked politely

‘Sir I’ll be insane to reject it, am I mad?’ I said happily, his PA, OMG! God what kind of blessing is this

‘Okay Miss SK, you can resume when you are feeling much better’

‘But sir I’m okay’ I protested

‘Tell that to your trembling body’

‘Just excitement’ I lied, he smiled

‘David will take you to my secretary, she’ll tell you what to do, see you when you’re better miss’ he concluded, I stood up and left grinning, he called me SK


‘So how did it go? Did you get the job?’ Rinda asked stuffing her face with nutella sticks, I smiled and slumped on the couch

‘Yea I did, I am the PA of Lucien Alexandre’

‘Shut up’ Alice said quizzically and squealed, Rinda couldn’t squeal because of the food in her mouth, she almost choked. ‘This is amazing, wonderful!’ Alice shrieked, Rinda swallowed and frowned. ‘Dorinda?’

‘This time, you better not fall for him and open your useless leg, don’t you dare get pregnant because I swear that I won’t listen to you’

‘I’m already crushing on him’ I admitted

‘And that’s where your problem always start from’

‘Dorinda that was harsh’ Alice said frowningly

‘Don’t tell me that Alice, aren’t you tired of seeing her cry?’ She said seriously, then paused. ‘Wait, how is it even possible to avoid falling for such a god’ she mused dreamily

‘Exactly!’ I exclaimed. ‘He’s just too nice, calm, gentle and dreamy….gosh! You have to hear his voice in person’ I said moony, they giggled

‘Just be careful this time’ Alice warned, I nodded

‘Now let’s celebrate, there’s this new club in town’

‘Rinda, she’s sick, can’t you see?’ Alice asked frowningly, my phone rang, it was my older brother Idris

‘hey sis’

‘Big bro, how ya? How’s Benedictine and Kenzie?’

‘They are fine, thanks for asking’ he said laughingly, I smiled at the image of Kenzie, his daughter, Benedictine is his wife ‘Am I expecting an in-law soon?’ He asked teasingly, I chuckled

‘Not again Idris, you’re not my mom, that’s her job’ I said laughingly

‘Does she look like she cares’ he said scoffingly. ‘I’m your parents so let me do my job’ he said imitating a woman’s voice, I laughed at how ridiculous it sounds. ‘So?’

‘I’m not getting married’

‘I thought my twenty five years old daughter/

sister was getting married, that’s bad, I need my grandchildren, you know my age is going far, you really need to get married’


‘Dad or mom’ he said drily, I laughed and nodded

‘Mom, when the right man comes, I’ll tell you’

‘But I’m almost 70′ he whined

’70 minus 39’

‘Shut up, you better make that fast’ I could hear Benedictine laughing seriously. ‘Shut up Benny’ I laughed too

‘Idris I have a new job now’

‘Say what?’ He asked frowningly

‘Sorry, dad I have a new job now’

‘That’s amazing! Goodluck but now to my question, have you spoken to Amethyst since? Her number isn’t available’

‘Nope, after she called me two years ago, she never bothered to call again, have you been talking to her?’ I asked unenthusiastically

‘Not for the past six months, I’m worried’ he said worriedly, so she forgot about me? She was communicating with him since

‘Look, when she’s ready, she’ll call, don’t let that bug you, I have to go now, bye and I love you momdadbro’ I hung up quickly, I don’t want to talk about her


Disappointment is a really big blow, a strong one, I’ve worked for Lucien for over a year now but he never looked at me as a woman, don’t get me wrong, he’s not gay thank God but he’s not just into women. We are friends, really close friends so I know he only dated once back in high school, tenth grade to be precise but she died after they graduated, she went for an abortion, the child isn’t his but someone else

She was cheating and I think that’s why he haven’t dated since, it hurts because I really love him, I mean he’s handsome and wealthy, very generous too, who wouldn’t want a man like that?

‘So tell Mr Tompkins to adjust the date of our meeting, I won’t be available tomorrow’ he said calmly, always calm and gentle

‘Okay Lu but where are you going to if I may ask?’

‘Just want to be alone’ he said coolly but I could sense the upset key in his tone

‘Is everything alright?’

‘Everything is fine’ he said coldly, I wanted to press on but the coldness in his voice frightened me, I shut up, my phone rang. I looked at the unknown number before answering it, I heard a melodious voice

‘I haven’t gotten the address yet, just hold on….hey sis, guess who?’ My heart sank to my stomach

‘Ammy’ I said quaverly

‘Not my name but whatever, how are you sis?’

‘So I’m your sister now, you didn’t bother to call or text, you just forgot about me, where the hell have you been!’ I said angrily, Lucien stood up and left

‘I’m sorry, it’s hard to explain but I’m here now, in New York, please send me your address’ she said calmly, I honestly don’t know how she looked like, I haven’t seen her since she ran away, I only spoke to her on phone three years ago

‘Why should I?’ I asked coldly

‘Because I’ll be homeless, now send your little angel the address’ she said sweetly, I so badly wanted to say no

‘I’m at work’

‘I know, just send it to me, I’ll get in myself’ my mind screamed no, what if Lucien comes to see me and see her? But my heart couldn’t


‘And Alice?’

‘Married and in Italy, bye’ I hung up and sent her the address, I couldn’t rest, I called and told Rinda who was furious at my stupidity

I drove home nervously, my house was booming with music, she still loves music. I walked in and saw a lady dancing on my table like a drunk girl, her beauty was alarming so I knew it was her. From her hair to her body, no one I know can be more crazily lively than her

I turned off the music, she turned and scrutinized me before letting out a eardrums destroying shriek, I flinched and fell

‘Tweeny!!!’ She squealed again and jumped down from the table, she tackled me on the floor with a big hug. ‘Look at you, so beautiful and grown up’ I rolled my eyes with a smile, her energetic cheerfulness was contagious

‘Hi Ammy, longest time’

‘Not my name but eeeeeeeeeeeep!’ She squeaked and hugged me tighter

‘Amethyst you’re choking me’ I gasped, she laughed and released me, her laugh was more enchanting than before

‘You look gorgeous, lovely, fabulous, magical….’

‘Okay okay I get it, you look ravishing yourself’ I smiled, she smiled. ‘Like always’ she sighed sadly

‘Beauty have always been my problem’ she said sadly walking to the couch, she sat down and placed her hands on her cheeks. ‘I rather have an average beauty than this’ she used her hand to rotate over her body. ‘No one ever wants me for me’

‘I never knew you felt that way’

‘You don’t know anything about me Sandy, right from when we were kids…just look at our parents, I somehow caused the destruction of their marriage’

‘It’s not your fault’ I said calmly sitting beside her, she smiled

‘Scratch that’ she said replacing her sad smile with a bright one. ‘How was work?’

‘It was fine, so why are you here in New York?’ I asked curiously

‘Business, dad sent me here to handle his branch, it’s having financial problem’


‘Not our dad, mine’ she said with an eye roll. ‘So most time, I’ll be here’ she said smilingly


‘Yup! Get ready to share rommie now gisting time!’ She squealed. ‘Any Bae?’

‘You mean baes, had eleven heart breaks and soon it will be twelve, you?’

‘Never dated, why will I date when all men wants is my body, nuh uh, not happening’ she said sassily and stood up. ‘I made dinner, lasagna, you used to like it’

‘Still do and I’m guessing you can still cook’ I said knowingly

‘You know me, I love food, if I’m gonna love it, I must learn to cook em so yea, I do. Now c’mon!’ She dragged me to the kitchen and for the first time…..well since I can remember, I was happy she was around

To be continued


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