Under Her Shadow
Under Her Shadow

Under Her Shadow – Episode 1

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 1

© Bunmi B. Gabriel

#Sardonyx’ POV

I ran into my boss’ office panting, I held my knees as I caught my breath

‘Good morning to you too’ he said sarcastically, I looked up at him, his beautiful eyes flashing with anger, once again I fell in love with my boss, as usual I believed he was real, he made me believe he didn’t love his arranged fiancée but after getting into my pants, he changed completely

‘Good morning sir, I’m sorry for my lateness again’ I gasped, his fiancée was there glaring at me

‘Take that important document, print ten more copies and bring them back to me, make one mistake and you’re fired’

‘Sir I’m yet to finish the heaps you gave me yesterday, should I leave them and face this one?’ I asked politely

‘No, you can handle this one tomorrow’ he said calmly

‘What! Are you really sparing her? She’s useless!’ His nasty fiancée flared, if I was useless, he wouldn’t have given me his homework to finish for him, I so wanted to tell that to her freckled button nose but I kept shut

‘Sardon please leave’ he said venomously, I turned and walked out to my office. I started working and my best friends came in, Alice the first and then Dorinda

‘Sanny, what’s up?’ Alice asked raucously. ‘Any luck with the B-goat?’ That’s what she calls our boss, it means boss goat

‘What do you expect from someone who made it clear that he only wanted sex and that he got’ Dorinda said sardonically. ‘I still think you should kill that man, he’s heartless’

‘Every man I’ve dated are, its just my bad luck’ I sighed. ‘I’ll get over it’

‘Over what ****! You are carrying his child, you should at least tell him that’ Alice whispered yelled

‘I’ll just abort it, I rather not hear it from him’

‘Exactly! Just abort the child and save yourself the stress’ Rinda supported, Alice glared at her and knocked my head

‘Don’t be a fool Sanny, you always end up aborting a child or two for every man you date, you can’t kill this innocent one as well, it will make it the sixteenth abortion’

‘I don’t have a choice Alice!’ I yelled slamming my fist on the table ‘just leave please’ I said softly, she sighed and left, Rinda patted my head

‘Don’t listen to Alice and do what’s right for you’ she smiled and left, I buried my face in my palms

God why me?

During lunch I was still working when Baden Miller, my boss stomped in

‘Don’t even bother if you think you can hold me down with that thing in your ****ed up womb because you’re wrong, I’ll kill you myself if you dare keep it so better get rid of it’ I scoffed tearfully

‘You don’t need to bother, I don’t know who told you but I wasn’t planning to keep the child of a b******, I rather die than carry one of your generation’ he was taken aback a little before adjusting

‘Remember I’m still your boss’ he said warningly

‘You can get me fired but do I look like I care? It’s not the first so keep your foolish threat to yourself and get lost’


‘Don’t! Just leave!!!!’ I yelled, he turned and left, I rested my head on the table and wept, this is why I didn’t want to tell him, it hurts more to hear him say it

‘Sanny’ Alice called sadly

‘Just leave Alice’

‘I was only trying to help’ she sobbed

‘Well you have helped enough’ I cried, my head still on the table

‘I’m sorry’

‘Alice I said get out!!!!’ I screamed standing up abruptly, I pushed the computer and everything on my table down, she flinched and left, I cried my eyes out

After work I went to the hospital for my appointment

‘Miss Sardonyx, I’m afraid this is the last abortion you will do, any more abortion will complicated your womb’ the doctor said, I nodded and the abortion was done. Alice and Rinda came to see me the following day

‘Guess who asked after you from Alice’ Rinda said smirkingly. ‘Baden asked after you and she totally told him off’

‘Really?’ I asked calmly glancing at Alice

‘Why are you asking after her? She’s in a hospital getting rid of the damn seed you placed in her, I really respected you Baden but now I know you’re just a ****, a useless and pathetic man, curse be upon your damn sperm and future generation, that’s if you have one’ Rinda imitated Alice’s voice and laughed. ‘It was epic!’

‘Now I’m jobless’ Alice laughed

‘We because I smashed my chair on his head, he might not die but that will be a permanent scar’ Rinda said smugly, I smiled at my friends for defending me as always

‘Thank you girls’

‘Anytime bestie’ they smiled, square one, here I come

Three months of loneliness and frustration, three months of joblessness. Alice and Rinda already had jobs but I couldn’t keep any because of men. I was in a restaurant staring at the plate of fried rice when a wine bucket landed on my head, the water and ice fell on me from my head to my shirt and little of my skirt

‘My God! Madam I’m so sorry’ the waiter who slipped causing the bucket to fall apologized removing the bucket from my head, is today ‘spill the things on stupid Sardonyx?’

Earlier today while sitting at the bus stop, a kid spilled ice cream on my shirt, then in the bus a woman’s baby bottle filled with hot milk graced my skirt, then when coming out from the bus someone tripped and spilled cold lemon juice on my back and there’s that hot dog man and the old lady with the stupid dog that peed on my feet

How delightful

‘How can you be so clumsy Michael?’ A deeper voice scolded angrily, I smiled with a sigh

‘It’s okay, my day can’t get any….’ Before I could finish my sentence, a waitress fell and guess whose face the semi hot spaghetti on her tray landed. ‘Oh come on!’ I exclaimed, they gasped, I removed the plate and wiped off the spaghetti, I walked out and my heels broke. ‘Yea sure, this can’t get….’ I stopped when the sky thundered and soon it started raining. ‘Now you’re just mocking me’ I sobbed and burst into tears cursing under my breath, then suddenly an umbrella hovered over me

I looked up at the holder and my eyes met the really, as in really bright blue and silver eyes glowing at me, it was a guy, his hand was in the pocket of his expensive gold pants and his face was a mixture of pity and confusion

‘Miss, you shouldn’t be standing in the rain, you can get sick’ his voice made my head swelled, my heart was beating faster than it ever did in it entire existence. ‘Hellooooo, miss?’ He removed his hand from his pocket and snapped his fingers

‘W….w…wh….hi’ I said idiotically, he tilted his head confusedly

‘Sir let me hold the umbrella for you’ a man in a silver suit said, he smiled warmly at the man

‘Thank you David but I can handle it’

‘But sir you can hurt yourself’ the suit man who happens to be David protested, the guy laughed

‘Dave it’s an umbrella, how much harm can I cause myself just by holding it up?’

‘You can get muscle cramps’ David argued, I realized we were surrounded by silver suited men, lot of them

‘David I’m fine, remember I’m not a kid’ he said laughingly, his laugh was as silky as his voice, so gentle, so soft, so warm and melodious. In all my life, my eyes have never seen a man handsomer than the greek god in front of me, no man’s voice I’ve heard could compete with his

‘But sir….’

‘David’ he drawled almost musically, David sighed in defeat, he turned his attention back to me. ‘So miss why are you standing here like this?’

‘Looking for death, can anyone have more bad luck than me’ I continued with my sob

‘Bad luck is only in your mind, if you believe it exist, it will affect you but if you don’t, it won’t’ God! Where did he come from. ‘Now what’s wrong?’

‘I quit my job because my boss was a barbaric troll, I just couldn’t take it, now I can’t get another job since some men are insufferable’ I said angrily and stomped my feet, he chuckled

‘Most men have no moral, nevertheless, it’s their belief. How do I help you out then?’

‘Sir!’ David protested

‘Easy there Dave, I know what I’m doing, so miss?’

‘Except you have a good job for me, nothing else can help’ I said folding my arms, I’m cold

‘David give her my card, see me tomorrow morning miss’ he smiled, David reluctantly gave me his card. ‘Do you have a ride?’

‘N….n….n….n….n….’ I stammered, he chuckled

‘In that case, Jonah please take her home, goodnight miss’ he said calmly and walked away with his guards another umbrella hovered over me, it was a handsome guy, he smiled at me and pointed to a black Cadillac car

The way everything happened still left me godsmack, Jonah was driving me to Alice’s and Dorinda’s place (They live together) disturbing my ears with ridiculous music

‘Is he always like that?’ I asked wonderingly



‘Oh yea, he is very nice, too nice if I must say but fortunately not gullible, not one bit, he’s really smart…very’ he said acknowledgedly with his Australian accent, Alice kind of guy, I smiled and looked at the card again

Lucien A. Alexandre

CEO of Royal Palace

God! I can’t believe I’ve met him in person! He’s the youngest richest man in New York, one of the richest in the world. I’ve heard about his kindness and pure heart and he is so single and a prince, his real name is Prince Lucien Anloine Weiner Alexandre the third, am I lucky or what!

Alice was standing at the porch waiting for me frantically, I told her I was coming and she knows how sensitive I am to cold. The car stopped and I stepped out, she gasped seeing how soak I was, she ran into the rain and pulled me to the porch

‘Why did you let this happen? Now you’ll get sick’ she said scoldingly drying my hair with a towel. ‘Is this spaghetti?’

‘Ahem’ Jonah cleared his throat. ‘Your purse’ he said stretching me my blue purse I took it and smiled. ‘I’ll be leaving now’ he was so talking to Alice not me, she was beaming at him too…..kneeeeew it!

‘Okay Jonah, maybe next time’ I said indirectly referring to Alice, he nodded understanding me

‘Definitely’ he winked at Alice who giggled and then he left, Alice stared at the spot he was standing before grinning ear to ear, Rinda walked out yawning

‘Sanny, you’re here, you are cold! Why did y…..why is Alice grinning like that?’

‘She just met her prince’

‘Creepy, I’m out, come, you need a hot bath’ at the mention of bath Alice snapped out of it and her motherly face was back on.

To be continued


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