The Changing Tides


The Changing Tides

Life has a way of treating everyone at different points in time. Sometimes, you’ll be happy and another time you’ll be treated badly. Whatever life throws at you, you’ve got to do something, keep fighting ..

For Maria, life has kept throwing her from one side of it to another without consideration. She kept swimming in pain and it seem it’s her fate to suffer.

But then when the going gets tough, the tough keeps going, this is not going to be easy, she’s going to make some decisions that will either make her or destroy her.. she’ll have to adjust to every tides that come her way..

These tides will not overcome her, because she has to win.. So here is it, she is going to adjust to the CHANGING TIDES …

You’ve got so much to enjoy and learn in this Romance filled story…


Tisa Phiri

Starts this Saturday

To be posted during weekends only.




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