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I Want A Home – Episode 47

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I Want A Home – Episode 47
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© Ireti Adedipe

“Yes I agree with you Mr. Madison, we can actually do as you’ve suggested but this is no enough evidence to charge Mr. Valentine of fraud” Mr. Doss raised his voice.

“Sir. We have records of this statements and photos to clarify our evidences that he was involved in this illegal dealings and theft. Why is it difficult to charge him on?”

“That’s because this isn’t the first time Valentine would be charged with this sort of crime Mr. Madison, so many companies with higher expectations have charged him of similar crimes and even linked him to drug dealings sometimes ago. Valentine didn’t appear anywhere of prosecution nor has he ever been arrested for once despite the evidences those companies levied against him” Mr. Doss answered and paused, he made a sigh and continued a moment later.

“We do not have a chance against him Mr. Madison, no one ever win Valentine no matter the tune of their evidences. What’s the point of fighting a lost cause?” Mr. Doss shouts louder and slammed the desk with his fist.

He stared a stern look at the ever confident agent Madison who was standing before him with two separate documents. The immediate silence that went forth after the harsh sound made the director heaved a sigh.

“Mr. Madison” He called.
“We are no match for Valentine” He announced.

He leaned on the chair he sat on and sniffed.

“and I can’t press on agent, all the companies that rose against Valentine ended up in a bad situation that make them bankrupt. Its an unwise decision to fight Valentine and even if I want to do that; I’ll have to call on all the stake holders of this company first” Mr. Doss added, he crossed his legs and looked at the agent face in dismissal.

There was an immediate silence in the room afterwards as Mr. Madison looked at the company director with an unsatisfied looks, he wanted to speak again but felt its wasn’t necessary to press on since the director doesn’t want to do like he had suggested.

He stood at the same point for quite a moment and bowed.

“I’ll be leaving then” He announced.

“You can leave now Agent. Make sure those links are cleared and keep all the confidential details. We are denying any allegations whatsoever charged against us” Mr. Doss added in dismissal, he leaned back and opened the laptop he closed earlier when Mr. Madison walked into his office as the agent turned to leave.

Mr. Madison bowed immediately and turned to leave, he walked back to the door and opened it, he was about to step out from the office when his phone began to vibrate in his left pocket.

“Sir, there is a security breach on our system, someone tried to hack into our server 30 minutes ago. We stopped it already but there’s another login attempts we are trying to stop again and we need you to come over quickly” A broad voice sounded on the phone after the agent answered the call.

Joel made a funny smirk immediately the laptop displayed ‘Failed’. The software loading process was still at 69% and he was hopeful until it failed the second time.

“Damn” he muttered and made another smirk staring at the laptop, he leaned against the handle of the wooden chair he sat on and crossed his arms behind his head.

He remained in that position for few minutes after checking his phone screen. If the second option he followed failed just like his first attempt, then its means there must have been a detection from the servers of Metlife and they must have stopped it themselves. He thought.

“Damn” he muttered again and released his hands. He tapped the space bar of the laptop twice immediately and made a third smirk.

He leaned forward thereafter and hold the system mouse in frustration. This is taking longer than I expect. He thought to himself again and navigated to the previous command where he had begin the whole process.

He felt like restarting the whole thing again with the second method that just failed immediately the command processed when he held the mouse. He waited a bit to locate a particular key labeled ‘Aligned’ at the bottom of the command and clicked on it before a thought ran across him.

If he had two failed attempts that was perfectly done already, then that means; he widened his face at the very thought almost instantly, he rose up quickly before a pop up notification appeared at the top of the screen.

“So What have we got here?”

“Sir. The attack is coming from inside a local network”

“Does it has physical access?” Mr. Madison asked again without taking his gaze off the desktop system placed on the desk.

“Yes. There is a physical access sir”

“Then whoever is trying to get into our server with this silly method must be clever. Use the network security appliances with the code NDX40@west to stop and trace it back”

“Okay sir” the security man respond to the agent instruction and nodded.

Four men stood behind lord Nathaniel immediately he came out of the jeep. The drug lord cleared his throat and leaned back behind the door after crossing his legs.

“Khora, what’s your status? I can see the truck coming already” he said into his mouth piece and walked towards the walkway of the bridge their vehicle was parked.

“I can see it too my lord, we’ll follow immediately it cross the other side of the road”

“Good. We are also following behind you” lord Nathaniel said and walked back, the vehicle was opened for him instantly and he opt in before the four men entered with him.

Vladimir took another confused look at his wristwatch, it was 21 minutes past 9pm already and the truck they were awaiting hadn’t gotten to the expected place.

He walked back to the front rear to have another look at the road and to confirm reports from his men.

“Stone. Its 21 minutes already to the arrival of that truck, what the heck is happening?” he said into his talkon few seconds after.

“Boss I think there’s a little problem”
Stone answered from the other end.

“What problem?”
“There’s some sort of delay in their delivery and the transport time had been shifted”

“What the heck are you talking about Stone?” Vladimir squinted and walked back to his previous position where his men are.

“I think the delivery team had a little network problem that resulted to the delay. The shifting of both truck was to happen at different locations but should arrive at the destination same time. The delay from the team had caused a change in the shift”

“Damn. What about the other truck?”
“Its on the move already boss. Lord Nathaniel and his men are following behind it”

“Then how long are we waiting here for?”
“I think they’ll move in few hours to the speculated time boss, probably 3 to 4 hours respectively”

“Damn, that’s too fuc..king long man” Vladimir cursed and slammed his fist against the bonnet of the vehicle.

Steve managed to walk closely behind inspector Kelvin as the helicopter they both got down from made too much noise before they quickly hurry out of range.

The helicopter soon lift after Inspector Kelvin signaled to the pilot and after another officer got down likewise from it.

“Its this way Steve” the inspector called out and began to walk forward, Steve followed behind him and the officer followed too.

Two security officers standing at the entrance of the building they were headed saluted inspector Kelvin immediately the three of them got to the big entrance as both security watched the helicopter flit afar the garden where it had landed earlier.

15 minutes later, they had all entered into the main office where Steve was to meet Mr. Ruiz accordingly to the arranged meeting by Inspector Kelvin.

“Hi Steve Jones” A broad voice sounded behind the sofas they were seated on. A tall and dark skinned man appeared behind and walked forward. He fixed his gaze on Steve face and lurk for a while as he stepped forward.

“Remember me?” The man said, directly asking Steve. He took few steps forward and sat opposite the sofa they were seated.

He waited and paused immediately expecting Steve response and reaction. Steve on the way round, squinted in realization and his gaze fixated on the man for a moment.

He’s looks turned to a confused one for a moment as he lurk his gaze on the man likewise.

“Common man. Slow down now” Khora instructed the man driving the vehicle immediately the truck turned to the main route that leads to it destination.

The driver quickly obeyed the same seconds and alighted instantly at best distance to watch the destination of the truck from their position far at the warehouse its was parked.

Two men men dropped down from the truck immediately it came to an halt right before the warehouse entrance consisting of five men.

Khora watched from afar as one of the men from the truck communicated with the men at the entrance of the warehouse. He was seated at the backseat of the vehicle with three other men, two seated at the front and another at the back with him.

Khora watched as the men did a quick check and about five minutes later was the truck allowed to drive into the warehouse.

“Guys, Are you all ready?” He said into his talkon piece.

“Let’s do this now” Khora added immediately and opened the door of the vehicle.

He cocked the long gun he carried just like the rest of the men and the first two shot he fired killed two men at the entrance of the warehouse.

Story written by Ireti Adedipe 

To be continued…

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