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Bruised – Episode 2

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(Injustice Rules the Jungle)

Onyebuenyi Favour Chidiebere

Note: In the last episode, Barrister Alex handed over
to Anthony a USB device on which he stored information relating
to Anthony’s to-be-ministers, the ministers on seat, the governors on seat and others
as listed. Anthony had not yet been sworn in. Don’t get confused.


Luwex Bar
Anthony refreshed the catalogue which had
accumulated as it recorded the face of every
person visiting the hotel.
He had earlier on planted face recognition gadgets at the three entrance points leading into the
bar. He sipped again from the cup of wine in front of
him as he still awaited Lewis.

Lewis parked his vehicle in the parking lot and before
stepping out hacked into all the security cameras,
searching for someone who was waiting. After looking
around for a while, he could make out six people, sitting
aloof. He took his time and studied each of them before
concluding that it was the man in green coat that might be
expecting him.
He stepped down and after locking the vehicle, walked towards
the western entrance.

Anthony saw the man once he approached the western door. He
typed in a command instructing the face recognition camera to
search the man for any harmful equipment which he might posses.
The search ended and the result was that the man held a pistol and
two devices.
As he disconnected the software and pulled his phone towards himself,
He was shocked to see the same gentleman seat on the chair opposite him

“Good evening, Mr……..”
“Call me James. Good evening” Anthony told him
“Yeah. So can you go straight to the point concerning our meeting today?”
“I sent you that mail to grab your attention. I have no job proposal for you.”
James said to the shocked Lewis
“Then who are you and what do you want?” Lewis said raising his voice slightly.
“Calm down, young man. I want to offer you a new life. Using your skills to
get justice for those who need it than illegal ways.”
“What do you mean by that”
Anthony kept silent for a while. Then he produced a paper from a briefcase beside him
and gave it to Lewis.
Lewis took the paper rather reluctantly and read it. When he was done, he opened his
mouth in awe.
“What do u know about me and how did you get all this data about me?”
“I know that you are a hacker and expert in computer technology. I also know that you
always watch the ‘Skimers Skills Show’ every Thursday. You wanna know more? You recently…”
“Hold it……Who are you”
“I will reveal my identity to you when you agree to work for me.”
“And what is it all about? ” Lewis asked relaxing a little
“I am someone who has suffered the wickedness and injustice of my fellows. I have been
betrayed. But….. I’m back for revenge and I’ll like you to be among the very ones I have chosen
to undertake this mission”
Lewis went back and rested his weight on the chair. He drew in air and released it. Anthony
surveyed him and concluded that he was still thinking. He decided to add another…
“If you’re bothered about funds or anything, then you are wrong. Money is not a problem.”
“Fine,” Lewis responded, gazing at him “Give me a call when you need me….”



Detective Steve walked into the ailing organisation dressed in plain clothes. Following closely
behind was Tom and a representative from the SCRC, all dressed in plain. They weren’t stopped
by the security men on duty but were led to the reception arena.
“Good morning sirs’. What can i do for you?”
“We’d like to see the Communications Chairman”
“He’s not on seat. But I can inform him of your presence. ”
Steve frowned a little then said “Please do so”
The woman smiled and dialed a number on the telephone before her. While she made the call,
Steve grasped the opportunity and surveyed the arena for security camera’s and other gadgets
which soon will be in the hands of Lewis.
The receptionist concluded the call and handed Steve a tag, “ Show this to the officers you see
at the door…..He’ll be with you in a moment.“
Steve smiled at her for a brief moment before he walked towards the officers.

Inside the office of the communication manager……..
“Ah! Steve, you are already here”
“You delayed us” Steve told the man ignoring his greeting
“Exactly. I was putting finishing touches to avoid this meeting going the opposite direction.”
“What do have for us?” Steve asked
“Well, according to what you demanded, Lewis has already paid the company half a billion to
claim the database…
“What actually is in that database?” Steve asked him
“Well, It goes against my promise when i signed up as a staff of Vinco.”
“Hiding information from us also goes against your civic duties. So are you in or not?”
“I guess I am. Well, Vinco was formerly a security outfit. Then, we were hired by the president to

The door flung open and the chairman entered followed by a team of police men.
“Well, well,” he said “Whats going on here?”
None of them spoke up until Steve summoned up courage and said
“I’m Detective Steve with the National Police Command. I was sent here by my boss to……”
A micro-speaker suddenly crackled to life….”Which boss, Steve? Get back to headquarters now”
Steve looked at the face of the smiling chairman and said “This is not the end, Mr Chairman. We
live to meet again….”

Two hours later……
Steve sat still in the vehicle waiting for his so called visitor. He blamed himself for acting too quick and in the process facilitating his dismissal from the force. He concluded within himself that it had already happened .His 14 years of hard work in the force had reduced to rubies. He was still in this form when he heard the chuckle of a man behind him. He forced himself to turn to look at the person and was shocked to see the very man who had visited him in his office two weeks ago.
“How did you get into my car?”
“You seem to forget easily that a BRUISED man has no conscience”
“What do you mean?”
“Get driving and we’ll talk”
Steve rolled the engine to life and drove out after taking a last look at his alma

They had barely gone a distance when the man sitting at his back began talking
“I warned you then that you’ll be sacked but you refused to heed my warning”
“Which means you orchestrated my removal from the force?”
“No. Your boss, The national commander of the force has a skeleton in his cupboard. I have selected you and a few others to undertake this mission of correcting the injustice going on in this nation.”
“Wo are you?”
“I am some one you know very well. You fought me during the election period…..’ Steve jammed the breaks instantly.
“Don’t try to tell me that….”
“I’m not telling you that. You can see that for yourself……..”

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