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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 41

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I Want A Home – Episode 41

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Detective Louis staggered behind the wall immediately Winston pinned the detective right hand, the gun the detective held fell from him instantly before Detective Cougar could attack again after felling on his butt.

The detective let out a loud yell when Winston smashed his shoulder with the flower case on the floor after a gun drag between them. Winston landed another punch on the detective face and stopped him from picking up the gun again after thrusting it away with his foot few distance from them.

Winston spat out blood just like Detective Louis coughed, he was now laid flat on the ground due to the effects of the punch whereas Winston was on his feet, he made his fist immediately to fight Detective Cougar who seems to be more agile and faster in the fight.

He dodge the first punch Detective Cougar swiped forward and dodge the second punch successfully after a swift blow towards his belly but he couldn’t dodge the detective quick and heavy kick on his head. The kick made a strong impact on him and made him move back quickly before another kick towards his chin could follow.

Detective Cougar managed to stand on his feet accurately but didn’t attack immediately. He was breathing profusely and his thoughts drifted at the tossed away gun behind Winston. He thought of making a quick move just like he just did to lay his hands on the weapon behind the intruder but there was no way he could do that successfully without getting hit badly due to the intruder who seemed to be very trained.

He shredded and spat out blood from his lips just before Winston could attack again whereas detective Louis was wailing on the floor in the hallway.

“Where the hell are you Winston? I need your goddamn help here” Gunner’s voice sounded on Winston wireless earpiece just immediately he tried to attack detective Cougar again, a loud gunshots followed the sound just immediately he tried to move and he heard Gunner’s voice again repeatedly saying “Goddamn it” before he realized that the communication piece wasn’t even turned on beforehand.

“Goddamn it” Gunner shouted again behind the door as he took cover from the chief detective bullets and the officers across the end of the escape route. The short barrel with him was pointed up just the way he headed up straight taking cover even though he was firing back the same way they were trying to stop him from entering the rectangular hall where the entrance is.

The chief detective shouted out so loud by the time the strap projectile in the gun with him finished, he pulled the trigger twice and tossed the gun quickly away after getting the attention of one of the officers he was demanding for another gun which was thrown to him by the officer who fell dead straightforward after Gunner had the chance to shoot behind the door.

The shootings from the inside soon reduced when the three officers at the exit died, the chief detective was now alone with Lord Nathaniel and Margot who had quickly move across the wall when the sets of bullets pierced the officer belly she was behind.

Lord Nathaniel who was behind the chief detective squat and also moved back just like Margot had done, there was now few distance between himself and the chief.

Gunner quickly changed his direction when he fired the fourth bullet but it missed the chief detective who had changed his direction.

The gun battle continued for 2 minutes and 10 seconds more before Gunner was able to successfully enter the quarter hurriedly. He fired a shot almost instantly he received a hard punch from the chief detective who was secretly behind another pillar in the quarters, contrary different to where Gunner thought the chief ran to.

The gun Gunner held almost fell from him when the punch hit his cheek unawares, he tried to stop another punch from the detective but he miscalculated, the chief used the bottom of his gun in his belly and followed it with another punch before the gun successfully dropped from Gunner. Another kick landed on his belly and he fell over behind.

“Go.. Go.. Go into the hall” Khora shouted from the position he had took cover, he began to fire different shots at the direction the sniper was shooting from, just some of his men faced the cops before the three men beside him at the truck obeyed his instruction but moved carefully.

The two headlights from the helicopter focused directly at the position of the sniper, different sets of shots was fired from the helicopter before the sniper stopped shooting.

“Damn” the cursed from his position and moved back, he crawled backwards slowly without the shield covering him exposing before he realized he had been hit at the shoulder.

He totally stopped shooting and stopped moving when the police helicopter revolve towards the bush he was shooting from.

Khora stood up immediately from cover and changed his position, he was now shooting a machine gun and was close to the exit of the secret passage but he couldn’t enter successfully from the other side due to few police men shooting from behind the big container at each sides.

Steve was still caught unawares but he had made a quick move which Sunny stopped almost immediately. Sunny made a tick-tock sound and widened his face to show his extreme anger, he pointed the hole of the pistol directly at Steve chest and pushed him backwards.

Vivian almost froze to death immediately she was stopped from running to her foster mum by the same gun man who shot immediately the door smashed opened. A long gun was pointed on her forehead just as the whole men stepped into the room.

Two other men proceed on towards the hallway before Sunny finally answered the question asked by Steve 45 seconds later.

“I’m here to settle our scores man” Sunny answered with a straight face, he took a sharp look at Vivian and made a smirk.

He could see she was in her nightie and her hair was properly arranged behind, she was so scared and her frightened eyes was fixed on the woman on the floor. He took a glance at the old woman without taking his full concentration off Steve, he took another look at Vivian and a thought struck him.

He signaled the man behind him to watch Steve before he pointed his gun down and took three steps away, he stepped forward towards Vivian and looked at her from head to toe.

He turned back to Steve and made a chuckle.
“You’ve always wanted to change baby diapers man” he said and smiled, he shrugged and made another smirk.

“You’ve always wanted a home, get married to a woman and have children isn’t that right?” he added somewhat in a mockery manner, like he was crying and smiling at the same time.

He made another smirk and touched Vivian shoulders, he looked at her body seductively and use the pistol on her sleeve night gown.

“I left everything for you already Sunny, what else do you want from me” Steve asked and made his fist when he saw Sunny seductive eyes. He tried to move forward but the man pointing the gun on him stopped it.

“You are a basta..rd son of a bit..ch Steve” Sunny remarked and gave Vivian a hard slap in her face, he shouted when she moved backwards from him and held unto her neck.

He wiggle her around and made yet another smirk.

“How about we torn your woman nightie and devour her while we make you watch Steve?” Sunny said with a shone face, he made a glance at Steve and made another short wicked laugh.

In seconds, the rope on Vivian’s night gown loosed almost immediately Aunt Rhoda and her husband with two little kids were pushed forward from the hallway into the living room by Sunny’s men who had went onwards.

Sunny pushed Vivian backwards behind the sofa despite her frightening state and brought the gown down easily.

To be continued..

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