Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – Episode 6

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Blood Legacy – Episode 6

© Brian Ngoma

Hunter’s eyes met with that of a young Nurse on his feet. He checked where he was and it seemed like a clinic. He looked around and saw a number of beds and some people laying on them. He tried to get up but felt a surge of pain on his lower part of the body.

“Don’t move,” the nurse said. “You got burnt pretty bad.”

“Ouch,” he moved regardless and saw his legs all burnt up.

“I said don’t move or the burns will be rubbed.”

“Where is the boy?”

“Oh, the boy you were brought in with?”


“He was taken to the city hospital. His burns are severe.”

Hunter seemed a little confused, “How long have i been out?”

“It’s been three nights now,” the nurse responded and went to tend to another patient.

Three nights, he thought. He had never been unconscious for three nights in his life. Perhaps he was getting old because what he went through that night was nothing compared to the adversities he had crossed paths with in his entire life.

“Nurse!” He called her.

Irritated, she looked at him and walked to his bed. “What is it?”

“Which hospital was the boy taken to and what happened to the rest of his family? How are they?”

Sorrowfully, the nurse answered, “They all perished, unfortunately. Even the Chief. The whole house fell on them. I heard you saved the boy, you did well. He’s alive because of you.”

Hunter couldn’t take his eyes off his burnt legs. “I need to walk around.”

“You cannot,” she repulsed.

“Only me can tell,” he staggered his way off the bed and stood.

The nurse watched him in awe. It was like he didn’t feel any pain. He started walking round the bed while causing the other patients to stare at him. They knew who he was but never got any close to him despite been in Chisoti village for the past four years.

Noticing he was staggering, the nurse offered her hand, “Please let me. You have been out for three days, you need to eat something.”

He didn’t say anything but sat down. A moment later, the nurse came with some nshima and Kapenta which seemed like it was boiled. He had no option but to eat. He needed strength for what he was about to do next.


Work at Lance & Associates had become so busy and overwhelming for the past three days. It was a Saturday and and by the time it had reached 12, everyone was busy asking questions as to when they would be knocking off.

The firm had two main departments. One dealt with advising clients and handling transactional legal work, such as drafting contracts, handling necessary legal applications and filings, and evaluating and ensuring compliance with relevant law; while the other department represented clients in court and handled necessary matters. Ludo worked in the latter together with Lance and two other associates. With the coming of Caesar, who apparently was the senior associate, associates became three.

“Did you see how handsome our new boss is?” The firms secretary asked Ludo at her desk.

“You’re mouthful Lauren,” Ludo’s eyes were on the document in her hand. “Have you drafted the contract for that drilling company?”

“Of course,” Lauren reached her drawer and got the contract and handed it over to Ludo. “Do you know what’s happening?”

“What’s happening?”

“Why are we working on Saturday? And it’s 12pm already, aren’t we supposed to knock off?”

“I don’t know. I’m asking myself the same question but i think it’s just a waste of time. We’ll knock off soon. Lance and the other Associates are in a meeting discussing something.”

“I envy you Ludo,” Lauren smiled.

“Eh, why?”

“You working with the finest gentlemen. Lance is a 10, if it’s Caesar, Oh my god, it’s like he was just banished from heaven. He’s a fallen angel.”

“You’re exaggerating Lauren,” Ludo laughed. “Yes he’s fine but what you’re saying,” she paused, “You’re crazy.”

“Talking about me huh?” Caesar appeared behind the women.

They both froze embarrassed.

“Here take this,” Caesar gave Lauren a file. “That’s a list of clients who need legal advise. Ensure you call them all but before that, take a look at what they need.”

Ludo wanted to walk away.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” Caesar stopped her. “Don’t i deserve to know why i was the topic of the discussion?” He also looked at Lauren who was equally astound.

“Haaa, haaa,” Ludo stammered. “We are sorry sir. We weren’t talking ill of you.”

“Is that so?” Caesar asked suspiciously. “If you say so and one other thing, you’re coming with me. I figured since you’re the only paralegal in the department, i might as well work with you.”

“But, but.”

“Lance knows don’t worry,” he assured her seeing how nervous she had become. “Let me find you by my car outside. Do you know my car?”


“Oh okay, let me find you outside then. I’m going to grab my bag and some files,” he left.

Ludo and Lauren watched him go. They couldn’t say a word to each other. They were in total shame. This is what gossiping does, Ludo thought as she was knocking on Lance’s office. She went in and found him packing up.

“Boss, Mr. Caesar has instructed me to go with him. I don’t know where, are you aware?”

“Oh yes. In fact I’m the one who suggested you go with him. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes,” she answered looking down.

“Don’t worry, it will only take at most an hour. You are meeting a potential client who didn’t want to come here. It’s part of your preparations for the ZIALE exams. Isn’t that what you want?”

She smiled, “Yes, I’ll get going then,” she walked to the door.

“Ludo!” He called her.

She stopped.

“Knock off after you meet up with the client.”

“Thank you. See you on Monday.”

“You bet.”

Ludo went to her office, grabbed her handbag and left. She found Caesar waiting for her. He was standing by a white Mercedes. She had guessed that was his car but didn’t want to say anything in fear of being seen as prying too much. She walked to him. He opened the door for her. She somehow felt special but blushed it off. He got into the car too and drove off. No one uttered anything on the way. Ludo didn’t even know where they were going.

Caesar finally spoke, “So the person we are going to meet is kind of difficult. I suggest you just watch and listen.”

“Noted,” she said.

Who told him i even wanted to come here? Ludo thought to herself. Caesar drove into High Bridge Hotel along Independence Avenue. He parked the car. They all got out of it and walked to the reception. She let him talk to the receptionist while she looked around. While looking around, she saw a familiar figure. She looked again but didn’t see the person. She didn’t realise Caesar was calling her.


“Oh sorry, i thought i saw someone i know.”

“Let’s get going, she’s waiting for us.”

“It’s a she?” Ludo whispered.

They went through the lobby to the backyard of the hotel. There, they found people by the swimming pool and children running around all excited.

“There is our client,” Caesar pointed at a woman laying by the pool. “Come follow me,” he started off.

Ludo followed him. They reached where the woman was and she was laying her face down. Ludo had seen this person before, she was sure.

“Ms. Erica Hamuumbu”

“Oh s***,” Ludo said under her breath. “Not again.”

Caesar raised his voice one more time, “Ms. Erica!”

She slowly turned around and smiled, “Oh sorry i was in the moment,” her smile faded when she saw Ludo.

Ludo stiffened.

“This is my assistant Ludo,” Caesar tried to introduce them.

“Oh my,” Erica removed her sunglasses. “What are the odds? Ludo? The sick girl?”

“Do you know each other?” Caesar smiled nervously.

“Oh yeah we do,” Erica stood up rounding Ludo. “What is she doing here?”

“She’s my assistant Ms.” Caesar answered.

“What is she doing here?” Erica’s face became angry. She looked at Caesar. “She’s the reason I’m here.”

“I don’t understand,” Caesar sounded confused.

“You and your family ruined my life,” Ludo raised her voice.

“Oh we ruined your life?” Erica was in Ludo’s face. “See where my whole family is at? Mom and dad are in prison, Ethan is dead, our business is all gone and you’re here talking about ruining your life looking all sassy in that work suit,” she looked at her from the legs to the head.

“You did more damage to me than you can ever imagine Erica and all those things you mentioned, i never did them. You had them coming don’t put the blame on me please.”

Erica laughed, “I see you have grown now Ludo. Who would thought? Young little epileptic Ludo now look at you.”

Caesar had enough, “Ludo go and wait for me in my car,” he handed her the keys.

“Yeah, go. I don’t want you here and where the hell are you hiding Evan? You turned my brother against his family you little witch,” Erica shouted.

Ludo had had it up to here, she turned around, clenched her fist and charged towards Erica. All hell was about to break loose.

To be continued


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