Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – Episode 5

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Blood Legacy – Episode 5

© Brian Ngoma

Six years ago, Ludo and Evan were so in love. Ludo pictured her life with no one but him. During her university years, everything between them was fine until she graduated. Evan lost everything he had in their third year of the relationship and Ludo noticed that he gradually started becoming distant. Things escalated quickly when she got her job at the first firm she worked for; Anderson Practitioners. She left the firm because of Evan. They had an argument at the firm and her bosses weren’t as lenient, they sucked her. Two months later, she started working for Lance and Associates. She didn’t want to lose her job again because of him.

“I know it’s difficult but can you just forget about him,” Joe interrupted her thoughts.

She sighed.

“Every time you make progress, he shows up and in one way or another, he messes up with your mind,” he drove the car into the yard.

“I forgot about him. I no longer love him, all i feel is pity now.”

“He’s a grown up man. You have a life, concentrate on that.”

Ludo smiled looking at her father, “Talking about concentrating on life, how about you dad?”

Joe stiffened in his seat, “What do you mean?”

“You know what i mean,” she said without looking at him. “Ever since the messy divorce with mom, you have been alone. It’s 4 years later duh, move on!”

“I have moved on already. If you mean finding someone, I’m too busy for that.”

“Mom found someone already.”

“Did she?”

Ludo laughed, “No, she’s still single too. You have to forgive her though, i forgave her and i was the one deeply affected by what she did. She did it to me.”

“I know but she betrayed me. What else did she do that i don’t know of? You’re too young to understand.”

Ludo rolled her eyes, “Please. She was your Zamiwe. Anyway, she’s doing fine. I saw her last week. Her life had been messed up when her licence was taken from her but she’s back on her feet. She owns a pharmacy now.”

“That’s good for her,” Joe opened the car door and got out of the car.

Ludo followed him. They entered the house and found some food had been prepared by their maid Nancy. Nancy had never left despite what had happened. She remained loyal to Joe and Ludo. They ate their supper and went to their bedrooms. Ludo checked her day’s work and prepared for the next day. Her mind was made up on Evan, she had washed her hands.


Facing the fire, Hunter shouted Walutanga’s name. He had never been to the Chief’s house before but Walutanga had told him about the house and where his bedroom was. The fire was all over the place but Hunter stepped on it like nothing. He had a cloth on his face to prevent him from inhaling too much smoke. He knew he didn’t have much time and had to hurry before he passed out. He reached a door that seemed like Walutanga’s from what he had described. He busted it open and was met with smoke. He heard a voice shouting for help.

“Walutanga!” Hunter shouted.

“Here,” a familiar voice answered back.

Hunter walked closer and found It was Chovu Junior. He knelt before him and could see he was hurt. He had been badly burnt.

“Come on stand up!” Hunter tried to lift him up.

“Who are you?”

“Hunter, Walu’s friend.”

“No No No, go and save Walu,” Chovu junior pushed Hunter. “He’s in the next room, let me check on my parents.”

“What happened here?”

“I don’t know, hurry up please!” Junior coughed trying to get up.

“I am coming back for you,” Hunter rushed to the next room.

He found Walutanga passed out and his lower part of the body had caught fire. He quickly grabbed a blanket which had no fire and covered the leg. The fire was put out. He carried him on his shoulder and quickly left the room. As he wanted to go back to the other room where Chovu Junior was, the roof fell and he ducked slightly missing him and Walu falling on the fire. He quickly got up. He knew there was nothing he could do but leave before the whole house fell. He made his way to the burnt up living room carefully ducking the fire. He heard a rumbling sound and knew the house was coming down. The way he had entered from was all fired up. He saw another exit which he figured he could exit from. He sprinted diving his way out of the house before it collapsed. As His eyes were slowly closing, he saw two men pulling him and saw others carrying Walutanga to safety. He then blacked out.


Quickly getting out of the Taxi, Ludo bought a Newspaper for her boss. She was also talking on the phone with Melanie.

“Ala I’m late mwandi,” she walked towards the door.

“You spend too much time preparing. Anyway go and face The Lance,” Melanie laughed hysterically. “Sometimes, i think he likes you, the way he treats you. That’s one way of men telling you they are into you.”

“You talk too much Zeus’s mother, say hi to the god,” Ludo laughed. “And Lance is married by the way duh.”

“Whatever,” she laughed and went on. “I am glad we are past the Evan phase. Live your life girl, Bye. Come visit us soon.”

“As soon as i am free, i will come, take care bye.”

She badged in and found no one at the reception. She checked to see if the receptionist had arrived but there was no trace of her been there. Ludo was relieved knowing she wasn’t the only one who had arrived late. What she didn’t know was that everyone was in the next room. She slowly walked to the other room opening the door and everyone’s heads turned to see her. It seemed like there was a briefing of some sort. It had been a while ever since they had something like that. Her eyes on the floor, she joined the rest standing next to the receptionist.

“What’s happening?” She whispered.

“We just started, shhhhh,” the receptionist shushed her.

Ludo smiled. She couldn’t see what was happing in front, she just opted to listen.

“So this is quick,” Lance said. “In light of recent events, there have been some changes at the firm. Some of you have already received letters and some haven’t. It’s nothing serious but i suggest you take it seriously. And one other thing, we have a new member of staff Mr. Caesar Chama. He is the firm’s new lawyer and just as much i am respected, i hope he will be treated the same way. Thank you, you can now leave and those who have received letters, come to my office.”

Ludo couldn’t see Lance and the new lawyer. She wondered if she had received the letter but couldn’t remember. Everyone scattered and Ludo went to her office. She checked her emails for the day’s work and found Lance had sent her something. She downloaded the document and started her day. An hour later, Lance called her.

She dropped everything she was doing and rushed to the office. She knocked on the door and could hear indistinct voices coming from the office.

“Come in!” Lance shouted.

She entered the office closing the door behind her. She turned around and as soon she saw who Lance was with, her heart pounded. It had been a while ever since she saw a fine gentleman. He was dressed immaculately in an all charcoal grey suit. He had a descent haircut and the office smelled differently all because of him, that she knew well. He steadily stood in front of Lance’s desk holding a document in his hand.

“Ludo this is Mr. Caesar Chama, the new lawyer,” Lance introduced them.

She stepped forward and extended her arm. He smiled at her as he held her hand firmly exposing his perfect teeth.

“Nice to meet you sir,” she nervously said.

“Pleasure is all mine.”

“This is my paralegal,” Lance proudly said.

“I’m sure she’s better than the last one,” Caesar smiled even more sending Ludo into oblivion.

This man is so perfect, Ludo thought to herself.

“Anyway, Ludo get back to work, i will call you when i need you,” Lance dismissed her.

Ludo went back to her office and before she could enter, she saw her two colleagues looking at a Newspaper. She walked to them.

“What’s interesting in the paper?”

“There has been a tragedy in Chisoti village. The Chief’s place burnt down and as it stands, no one knows if anyone survived.”

“That’s sad. Where is the village?” She asked.

“Somewhere in Muchinga Province. The fire brigade arrived late at the scene.”

“That’s a tragedy,” she walked to her office.

She entered the office and her mind wondered off to the hunk she had seen in Lance’s office. He seemed young to have attained that profession.

“Eish, Ludo snap out of it,” she told herself and grabbed the laptop and started working.

To be continued


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