Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – Episode 4

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Blood Legacy – Episode 4

© Brian Ngoma

Ben and Devi exchanged glances after walking around the unfinished school building. They knew they were so close to having the chief sign up the deal. They had been patient enough and it was getting to their last nerves. What irritated them more was the surfacing of the Chief’s young son, Walutanga. Despite him being the youngest, what he was saying could alter the Chiefs mind and now that they were so close to the deal, they had to do something.

“I’m getting sick of this,” Ben whispered to Devi.

“You just don’t know how fade up I am with this,” Devi whispered back.

“Do something.”

“What do you mean do something?” Devi looked at Ben confused. “Aren’t you the diplomat?”

Ben watched the Chief and his two sons argue. “I think this is family business, don’t you think?”

“I thought you said you’re fade up?”

“I am but getting involved would only raise suspicions.”

Devi stepped in, “Chief, i think you’re just wasting time talking to this boy. You’re the chief and he’s just a child.”

Walutanga and Junior Chisoti looked at the care free Devi. They looked back at their father who seemed confused.

“Walutanga go home!” the chief yelled at the boy.

“No!” He yelled back.

“Boy go home,” Devi said concealing his desire to punch the boy’s face.

“Or else?” Walu defiantly said looking Devi in the eyes.

Devi looked at the Chief, “We are running out of time.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Walu inquired.

Devi’s left hand had formed into a fist. He was doing everything he could to restrain his anger and contempt towards the boy.

“Let’s talk about this at home,” Ben stepped in touching Devi’s shoulder.

It seemed like a good thing to do. The Chief and his first born got into the Altis while Ben and Devi got into the Ford Ranger driving off from the site. Walutanga felt like he had won and ran back to the building.

“Hunter!” He shouted.

Hunter was nowhere to be found. Walutanga checked where his bag was and it had gone too. Feeling his knees go numb, he ran outside asking everyone if they had seen Hunter. Apparently, no one had seen him leave the building. The boy ran towards the river shouting Hunters name. Reaching the river, he found Hunter about to cross the river.

“Where are you going Hunter!” Walu shouted.

Hunter stopped.

“You are just going to leave without saying goodbye?”

“That’s how i leave boy.”

“After everything we have accomplished together in this village?”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“You are a coward Hunter!”

“Better a coward than die in a war that’s not mine.”

“What do you mean die?”

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with boy. I advise you step back and let your father handle Devi and Ben.”

“How do you know their names?” Walu was confused and went on. “I never told you their names.”

“I know them and whoever they are working for, will surely get that land. Whether you like it or not, just step back,” Hunter turned around. “You are young and have a future before you, don’t jeopardise it for things you don’t understand.”

“What future do i have if i cannot protect my land? That land has been used for traditional purposes from the time no one knew i would ever be born.”

“I like your determination but it will get you killed,” Hunter turned and started walking.

“Go away like you always do. Run away, I’m sure you did the same thing when your daughter was dying.”

Before Walu could even process what he had just said, Hunter was on his face grabbing his shirt and lifting him up.

“Don’t you dare bring my daughter into this. A lot of people have died for that, don’t you ever do that again.”

“Don’t worry, put me down Hunter.”

Hunter put him down and left. Walutanga felt depressed and went back home. As soon as he reached, he found the two gentlemen, Ben and Devi angrily leaving the house. Devi evilly stared at Walutanga as he reached for the car. Walu was startled. He rushed to the house and found his mother, father and brother quarreling in angry voices.

“What happened?” Walu asked getting into the living room.

“It’s your father, he declined selling the land,” his mother answered. “I’m sure your stupidity rubbed on him.”

“Really?” Walu excitedly asked.

“Yes,” Chisoti Junior answered. “He will regret his decision,” he got up and left his mother following him.

Walutanga and his father remained.

“Come sit with me,” the Chief called Walu.

He walked to where he had sat. They bot sat in total silence until the Chief said, “You reason well, do you know that?”

“I think so,” he laughed.

“Minimise on the arrogance though. I didn’t refuse to sell that land because of you but i did it for my own sake. I’m not saying you will be the chief,” he laughed, “But whatever responsibilities you will have when your brother will be ruling, you have to put the people’s needs before yours.”

“Being a chief is for suckers,” Walu laughed. “Whatever reasons you didn’t sell it for are none of my concerns. I’m just happy you didn’t.”

The chief smiled relaxing into the sofa.

“Pa,” Walu called him.

“Yes my boy.”

“Why don’t you like to talk about your brother Mapulanga?”

The Chief’s face turned sour, “You better go outside and find something to do.”

Walutanga wondered and didn’t want to press more, “Okay pa, I’m proud of you though. We will talk about my school in the evening, right?”

“Just go.”

The boy left smiling.


Joe stood by the hospital’s gate waiting for Ludo. He saw her from a distance hurriedly coming up towards him. Evan running away was a good thing for her, He thought as she reached where he was.

“What happened dad?” She asked distraught.

“One minute we were talking and the next is gone,” Joe raised his hands.

“What do you mean?”

“I went to grab a drink and couldn’t find him. He ran away. I asked around but no one saw him.”

“Evan!” She said grinding her teeth.

“Let’s go home doll, it’s getting dark,” Joe softly said seeing how devastated and disappointed she was.

Ludo followed him to the car. She looked around hoping she would catch a glimpse of Evan in the hospitals surroundings but he she couldn’t. He was gone. Joe started the car and drove home.


People in Chisoti village usually slept late but when it was winter, a lot of them would be in their huts or brick houses gathered around some form of heat. This night was no different, by the time it was 8pm, the village was very quiet only birds could be heard chirping from a distance, dogs barking and cats meowing. Amidst the dead silence, people in their houses heard a cry. At first, everyone thought it were the kids playing but the cry could be heard getting higher and higher. Some men gathered their courage and got out to check where it was coming from.

“The Chief’s house is on fire!” A loud cry was heard but no one knew where it came from.

True to the cry, a big fiery fire could be seen from a distance. It was so big it lightened up half of Chisoti village. Every man in sight ran towards the house but by the time they got there, the windows and doors were spitting out fire. Smoke was everywhere and no one could dare step a foot towards the burning house. They just watched sorrowfully while others grabbed buckets of water and tried to spill on the house but the fire had spread it seemed like the water was being swallowed by it.

“No don’t go any nearer!” A woman shouted from behind everyone. “Please don’t.”

Everyone turned around to see who it was she was preventing from going near the house. Before they could see who it was, they just saw him breaking the door of hell and disappearing into the smoke.

“That’s the friend of the Chief’s son Walutanga,” a man said and covered his mouth in shock.

“But he’s going to get himself killed there,” another onlooker screamed.

“That must be the Hunter the children speak of.”

“Hunter of what?”

“No, his name is Hunter.”

“Hope he saves them.”

They all crossed their fingers hoping for the best as they watched the fire engulf the house. Others were on their knees praying for the Chiefs family. They couldn’t help it but all wonder what could have caused such a great and fierce fire.

To be continued


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