Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – Episode 3

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Blood Legacy – Episode 3

© Brian Ngoma

Everyone in Chisoti village knew how arrogant and stubborn Walutanga was but some people had never witnessed any of those traits till that day at the site. The workers heard indistinct voices coming from him and his the father the chief. Voices were slowly rising getting everyone’s attention. The Chief was on top of his voice and so was Walutanga’s.

The Chief saw that everyone was looking at them, he tried to calm the none stop talking Walutanga, “Okay let’s talk about this at home.”

“No father, we are going to talk about it here!” He yelled.

Everyone’s heads turned in shock their mouths gaped. What sort of disrespectfulness were they witnessing, they all wondered.

“I won’t tolerate this young man,” The chief whispered trying to grab the boy’s hand.

Ducking his father’s hand, Walu said, “This school will be built. I have managed to bring it this far with no one’s help but my friend’s. Apparently, we are the only ones who think this village needs another school.”

“Boy don’t be stupid,” Junior Chisoti showed up. “You think you’ve grown because you are hanging around an old man, No, you’re still under our care and you have to follow rules; our rules.”

Walutanga was tongue tied and felt a bit embarrassed. He wanted to say something when the two strangers got out of the Ford Ranger. He watched them walk to where they were. The other one had come out of the car with a Brief Case while the other kept pressing his phone and motioning to be searching for a signal. They reached where they were and looked around.

Ben looked at Devi who was busy with his phone and sighed followed by a nod. “Are we having problems chief?” He regarded the chief.

“Not at all,” The Chief responded.

“Hey young boy,” Ben looked at Walutanga and went on, “You must be the Chief’s youngest son.”

“And you must be the men trying to buy this land,” Walutangu rudely looked at Ben.

“Trying?” He laughed. “Boy, this land is ours now,” He looked at the chief, “Isn’t it Chief?”

The chief hesitated, “In due time yes.”

“This land is sacred. I guess the chief here didn’t tell you,” Walu pointed at his father.

“Walu!” Chovu Junior called him.


“Shut your mouth, go home!” Junior added.

“I’m going no where, this is my school.”


Ludo watched the doctor tend to Evan as she repeatedly checked her watch. She had been ignoring Lance’s calls and was afraid to check a text he had sent. She convinced herself to just go there and plead with him, whatever was in the text, she decided not to check. She walked to where the doctor was and asked, “How’s he?”

“He’s stable, it was just some side effects of probably some drugs he took with what we induced on him, he’ll be fine,” The Doctor excused himself.

Why do you keep doing this to me Evan? She asked herself as she watched him. She felt like she was responsible for him in some way. She got her phone and called Joe her father, “Hey dad, are you home?”

“Yes Lu, what is it?”

“Do me a favor.”

“Anything Doll.”

“I want you to watch Evan for me.”

Joe sighed, “He’s back?”

“Yes, i know i promised i won’t tolerate him ever again but he’s in bad shape, i wouldn’t have called and my boss is on my neck.”

“Where are you?”

“At Levy Mwanawasa hospital.”

“Okay I’m coming.”

She impatiently waited for her father and ignored more calls from Lance. After an hour, Joe arrived at the hospital and told her to leave for work. She knew he wouldn’t have a problem with Evan because that wasn’t the first time he had helped her in the ‘Evan Situation’ as he had come to call it. She left the hospital and headed back to Lance & Associates. As soon as she arrived, she went straight to Lance’s office and found him packing some documents in his small bag. She couldn’t speak as she was panting.

Lance had come to know Ludo as a hardworking young lady whose only obstacle was a man. Looking at her, he said, “Have you brought my lunch?”

“Lunch?” She asked surprised.

“You didn’t see the text?”

“Oh,” She scratched her head nervously.

He nodded, “Let’s get going, we’ll grab lunch later, we have a case at the Local court.”

Ludo quickly went back to her desk and grabbed her handbag as Lance passed her and walked outside. She was excited about the cases for it was the only thing that made her work interesting. Despite being a paralegal and watching the action from the chair, she knew she was learning so much and Lance was one tough of a lawyer. She felt honored and privileged to have been working for him..

They arrived at the local court and found a few people gathered. The judge was not yet in. Lance went over to the other desk where his opposition was. Having worked in the law for quiet some time, Lance was known by a lot of established lawyers; he regarded them as colleagues until the proceedings started.

“All rise,” the Bailiff shouted.

Lance quickly went back to The Desk.

“Judge Wilson Ngosa presiding. Please be seated.”

After comfortably settling down, Judge wilson spoke, “Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of the city of Lusaka versus Victor Lweendo. Are both sides ready?”

“Ready for the People, Your Honor,” The district Attorney said.

“Ready for the defense, Your Honor,” Lance firmly said.

Ludo looked at him and admired his confidence. She wanted to be like him, but everything was blur in the moment. She had always dreamt of being a writer but here she was, in a court of law doing what she never thought she would ever do.

The court proceedings were done and the judge ruled in favour of Lance and his clients. They all got outside and Ludo stood by Lance’s car while she watched him talk with his client who was fervently happy. She enjoyed this moment; a time when people would appreciate and be grateful for the work that the firm had rendered to them.

“Good job,” Lance said approaching Ludo.

“That goes to you boss,” she said sincerely.

“I always tell you one day you will make a good lawyer. You made my statements look like child play. How about we celebrate?” He opened the car doors.

Before Ludo could answer, her phone vibrated. It was a text from her father joe, saying Evan had ran away from the hospital. She sighed and felt sweat on her forehead. Her stomach slowly sunk and couldn’t help it but feel dejected.

“Everything fine?” Lance noticed.

“It’s home, i have to go. Can i be excused?” She wiped her forehead.

“Of course, go. We are done for the day anyway.”

“Thank you,” she quickly left.

Lance watched her disappear into thin air. He nodded getting into the car. As soon as he was comfortable, he got his phone and dialled.

“Hello my friend,” a voice from the other side of the call answered.

“When are you coming?” Lance asked.

“I’m already in the city.”

“Well,that’s great.”

“See you tomorrow.”


A thousand kilometers away from the city on a camp were some soldiers training so hard one could die from the training. They were in their last days of the training and it was one hell of the training. Every soldier was determined to get over with the training. They were given a ten minute recess and they scattered all over the place others sweating profusely, panting, drinking tap water and laying on their backs.

“I’m glad this is our final week,” a male trainee soldier sounded excited.

“I’m glad too, i cannot wait to go home,” a female trainee added.

“What’s home?”

“Nothing,” she answered thoughtful. “Perhaps some friends.”

“You know you are the only woman left.”

“Yes, i know because I’m the only one,” she laughed.

“You don’t talk much, what’s your story?”

“My story?”

“Like why are you doing this? You could have done anything in the world but chose to come here. What’s the story behind?”

She laughed, “Have you ever felt vulnerable in your life?”

“I guess i have.”

“Have you ever watched someone you love being killed?”


“Well, i have. I watched my husband get murdered and i couldn’t do anything. The world is wicked. It’s full of blood. It showed me how vulnerable a woman could be. I vowed never to be like that anymore. I was vulnerable before but i will never be again.”

“Sorry about your husband.”

“It’s okay, that was six years ago.”

“You’re Kate, right?”

“Kate Visashi, yes. I cannot wait to go back home,” she smiled

To be continued


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