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Opana - The Coffin Maker

Opana – Episode 77

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Opana – Episode 77

© Akoto Alexander

Shortly after Maabena excused herself to visit the ladies her phone that was on the table started ringing and it caught the attention of Ginola, unfortunately the caller was none other but Quincy and his picture was boldly displayed on the phone. Ginola out of curiosity took the phone and watched the picture on the screen carefully, he took his phone went to the gallery and after flipping through he saw Quincy’s picture that was captured by the CCTV camera in his boss mansion. He quickly copied Quincy’s number as he called again and placed the phone back as it was before he took it, he smiled to himself and did the cross sign on his face. In a short while Maabena came out from the ladies and apologised in taking long inside the ladies.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Sorry for staying long inside there, most of the seats in the ladies was not in good shape so I had to wait till I got a better one to use.

Ginola: (fakes a smile) Oh don’t worry my dear, the important thing is that you are out and here with me now but your phone kept ringing the moment you excused yourself.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (picks the phone to check the caller) Oh that was my boyfriend trying to reach me but I will call him back when we are done with our little meeting, you know you don’t have to mix pleasure with business.

Ginola: (smiles again knowing what he had stumbled upon) You are very true my dear, I love the way you reason and I must confess your boyfriend is a very lucky guy to have such a pretty and intelligent lady as his lover. Some of us could give all we have to get such women but the nature of my work doesn’t give me time to engage myself in any intimate relationship for long because my job is always demanding for my attention and my women can’t cope with that so I don’t get to stay in a relationship for long.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (sips on her drink) Oh so bad for you but even with the sweet thing you just said about me, my boyfriend doesn’t seem to see my value and he takes much of his time attending to his male friend more than me.

Ginola: (stops smiling and gives a serious face before talking) Men who treat women like that don’t deserve to live on this earth, they deserve to die and die a miserable death my dear. He is to be shown the way to hell without mercy or any favour even though he will beg for his stupid life to be given a second chance on this earth. Do you have his picture on your phone? I want to see the face of that low life who has failed to acknowledge a very pretty and endowed lady like you?

Maabena Boaduwaa: (picks her phone and searches for Quincy’s picture) That is him right there sir, his name is Quincy and we have been dating for over three years now.

Ginola: (tries to be nice) Ah so this fine gentleman is the one who has failed to appreciate the good handy work of God. He deserves twelve lashes from 4 strong men holding his legs and hands so that he can come back to his senses.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Hahahahaha say that again my dear, he deserves even more than that. I am praying to God that he comes back to his senses soon.

Ginola: Not to worry my dear, everything will be fine in no time.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Hmmmmm I will call him later. Now tell me the way forward, how is your method of payment going to be? I don’t like cheques when am transacting business with people I haven’t done business with before.

Ginola: Don’t worry my dear, I will pay you physical cash when we agree finally on something.

Maabena Boaduwaa: That sounds good, now take a look at this picture on my phone. The youngman you see in there is the guy you have been searching for all this while. (hands her phone over to Ginola)

Ginola: (takes a serious look at the picture on the phone screen) Mmmm you are right, you know what, I will meet you this evening at this same place with your money so that you also give me the information I need to nab this guy, he has been a thorn in my flesh for a very long time. At 6pm this evening please meet me here so that we finalise everything once and for all.

Maabena Boaduwaa: I will be here even before the 6pm you told me to report here.

Ginola: Very well then, I will see you later in the evening as I rush to go and organise your money for you in the evening.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Oh I love people who walk their talk, I will see you later.

Ginola pays the waiter and rushes to the car park and sits in his car as he makes a phone call.

On Phone:

The Boss: Yeeeeees how may I help you this afternoon? I am relaxing and you know I don’t joke with my siesta when am observing it.

Ginola: Boss! Boss!! Boss!!!

The Boss: (cuts in) Will you talk and stop mentioning my name like a fool you idiot.

Ginola: Boss I know after all the insults you are raining on me, you will sing my praise. Boss, I have gotten an informant who is willing to give me information on the fool who spied on us the night that we showed that traitor the way to hell. I mean that same guy who has given us sleepless night.

The Boss: Ginola are you sure of what you just said?

Ginola: Boss I am very sure of what am saying and the informant even showed me his picture.

The Boss: So what is the informant trading the information for?

Ginola: Boss she is demanding for thirty thousand Ghana cedis in exchange of the information.

The Boss: Herh you mean the person having the information is a female?

Ginola: Yes boss, she is a young lady who works at the hospital we chased that guy to that evening.

The Boss: Hmmmm this is very interesting indeed, so where are you now? You need to rush home and get the money for her before she changes her mind.

Ginola: Boss am now about to drive from the place I met her to the house so that I come for the bounty she wants.

The Boss: Hmmmmm women can never be trusted in this world not to talk about keeping secrets. See after you get the money to her, lure her into friendship and get to know where she stays, we will give her the ticket to hell for snitching on another person because in our line of business, no witnesses are left to tell the story some other time and moreover she can blackmail us some day.

Ginola: Boss am not done with my exploits this afternoon, by the time am done telling you the next thing you will see that I have killed two birds with one stone.

The Boss: So what is the next thing you have for me?

Ginola: Boss I have also found that fool who came to deliver the feces to us in replacement of the consignment.

The Boss: (sits up) What did you just say Ginola?

Ginola: Exactly what you heard boss, I told you I have killed two birds with one stone.

The Boss: Hahahaha indeed you have done what Napoleon couldn’t do and am proud of you. You know what, come over to the house right this moment because when this is all over I have a very big package for you as I promised.

Ginola: (gives a loud laughter) Thank you very much boss am very grateful sir.

Ginola drives to the mansion of his boss to arrange for the bounty. Meanwhile Mike and Henrietta were having a quality time together and he took the opportunity to tell Henrietta about Julia and her late mother’s funeral. He further went forward to tell her about the feeling he thinks Julia has for him and that she shouldn’t feel bad whenever she saw the two of them together. Commissioner Barnor on the other hand conveyed an immediate meeting with his senior officers to show them the information he had stumbled upon so that they strategize on how they were going to clump down the boss and his entourage. Several units and teams were formed and every team were given an assigned role on how they were going to go about things on the day they want to strike, a spy team was formed to monitor the movement of the boss and his group. On the other side, Julia was thinking on how to approach his boss because he had not uttered a single word on the consignment she brought and that alone was choking her up.

To be continued


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  1. Mike is been betrayed for 30k Ghana CEDI's, Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver coins. Everytime a betrayal ends with 30, there's some real evil undertone

  2. We are gradually coming to the end of this beautiful story. God help Quincy pls. Patiently waiting for today's update. Thanks man.

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