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Opana - The Coffin Maker

Opana – Episode 76

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Opana – Episode 76

© Akoto Alexander

Next Day:

Maabena Boaduwaa: Thanks very much for accepting to meet with me even though the notice was short.

Ginola: No problem my dear, you were sounding very optimistic on the phone that you have some very important information that I and my boss needed so very much.

Maabena Boaduwaa: You are very right sir but before I open up to you, I will take an amount of thirty thousand Ghana cedis without any reduction.

Ginola: This is very interesting to know, for the first time in my life, I am perplexed to transact business with a woman on something she is yet to open up to me and quoting a whopping amount of money. All the same I will oblige to the said amount if only the information is vital and correspond with the information you are carrying.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Well to cut this long talk short I will go straight to the point and not beat about the bush. I know a youngman whom has been on your radar for long, you left behind your call card the night you came looking for that guy at the hospital I work in…..

Ginola: (cuts in as he remembers that night) Forgive my manners my pretty lady, where is the waiter here? Please what do you want take? (signals a waiter to come around)

Maabena Boaduwaa: A fruit juice will be okay since I will be going back to work again.

Ginola: Mr waiter please get us the best fruit juice you have in your restaurant.

At the Barnor’s Residence:

Mrs Barnor: (opens the door) Hello you are welcome to our humble abode, I believe you are Michael Ansah?

Michael Ansah: Yes please and good afternoon to you ma’am.

Mrs Barnor: Good afternoon my son, indeed you are everything my daughter described to me, please sit down and feel at home whiles I alert my daughter that you are in.

Michael Ansah: Thank you very much for your warm reception mummy.

Mrs Barnor: Lupita get our special guest some chilled water to quench his thirst.

Henrietta Barnor: (walks in) Ah there he is Mr handsome, welcome to my house and please relax and feel at home.

Michael Ansah: Thank you my dear and thanks for your swift intervention yesterday, your dad’s call did the magic.

Henrietta Barnor: Don’t mention my Prince, my dad just wishes to see the youngman who has stolen the heart of his daughter and would not let anyone be if the guy is in trouble or crisis.

Michael Ansah: Hmmmm I hope I will not go through any drill this afternoon because chasing after the regional commander’s daughter is a real big deal you know.

Henrietta Barnor: I have assured you not to be worried, my dad is different when he is home and different when he is at work so be rest assured that you are in the safest hand.

Commissioner Barnor: (walks in with the wife behind) Who do I have sitting in my living room this afternoon?

Michael Ansah: (stands up from his seat to greet immediately) Good afternoon sir.

Commissioner Barnor: (extends a hand to shake Mike’s hand) Good afternoon my boy, well my daughter didn’t lie with the photogenic descriptions she gave about you and I hope you will not betray the love and trust she has in you? (squeezes Mike’s hand harder)

Michael Ansah: (swallows his saliva hard) Not at all sir, your daughter is a diamond among stones and a real gem to come by so I hold her in high esteem. She is a pricless jewel that I will greedily and jealously protect from the world and all men.

Commissioner Barnor: (looks at his wife with astonishment) Oh and he is a good poet too? Sit down and feel at home because we have a very long way to go, I have this feeling that we will tag along pretty well since my daughter has given me a green light about you and her mother has also thrown her hundred percent support behind you. For me I will satisfy my curiosity as time goes on and trust me if I find you wanting, oh heaven will bear me witness as to what I will do to you. My beautiful wife please is everything set for us to eat?

Mrs Barnor: Yes please, you can please proceed to my dinning table with an immediate effect of a hurricane speed, today I have a big surprise for you on that table.

Commissioner Barnor: You know I love surprises my bone of bone, mmmm Mike right?

Michael Ansah: Yes sir.

Commissioner Barnor: Let’s move to the pitch where my beautiful wife is in charge and Herty get me the wine I brought home last night from the bar, today marks the beginning of a new friendship between our family and Mike our potential son-in-law.

The whole family together with Mike sat down and did lunch together happily and after that they came back to the living room to continue with the knowing me knowing you session. When that was done, the real deal for the day commenced.

Commissioner Barnor: Mike my daughter, your girlfriend told us that you have this very important information which this family has great interest in. She said a lot but now that you are here, it would be better to hear it from you personally and on this note I would like everyone with the exception of my wife and Herty to excuse us for now.

Mike narrates everything he saw that night and further brought his laptop and phone out of it’s bag to play the content of it to the view of the Barnor’s but warned them of the viewers discretion. Mrs Barnor couldn’t hold herself when she saw pictures of her nephew pleading for mercy for his dear life.

Mrs Barnor: (weeping) Ah God will punish the perpetrators behind this gruesome death of my boy, someone who got married not long ago and the wife expecting to give birth to a set of twins. Darling this people must never go unpunished ooo, the law must take its full course without any merits or favour.

Commissioner Barnor: I had always suspected this man of not been clean with the business he does, my doubts has been justified at the long run. All this money you have been throwing around is drug money and now that I have credible evidence to pin you down, I will so deal with you that you will not see the blow that hits you. I will not hesitate to rub the palms of my hands in the cheeks of your face and personally handcuff you. Mike thanks very much for this very important information and evidence, with this I can apprenhend this man who thinks he is untouchable in this country and have some sleep finally.

Michael Ansah: It is my pleasure sir.

Commissioner Barnor: For your reward I would like to let you know that you have my one hundred and one percent support in marrying my daughter and I will sponsor your wedding when the time comes.

Henrietta Barnor: (screams and runs to hug her father) Thank you! Thank you daddy !! Thank you daddy!!! Mummy please help me thank daddy.

Mrs Barnor: You do deserve it my dear, since your childhood you have always brought joy and happiness to us. Every difficulty this family goes through, with your help and personality we find a concrete solution to the problem.

Michael Ansah: Thank you very much sir, I didn’t see this coming. Am so overwhelmed that I simply don’t know how to express my joy, today I also pledge my commitment to your daughter that, I will see to it that she becomes one of the happiest women to ever live on earth. I also promise never to make daddy regret on the solid weight he has thrown behind me, mummy please help me thank daddy.

Commander Barnor: It’s God we should be thanking and not me, with the information at hand I have to hit the grounds with my boys. I will take your phone for now since it contains the important evidence we need to pin that murderer down and return it later when investigation has been closed. Also I will do my best to hide your identity so that no one will ever know who leaked this information. Mrs Barnor please meet me in our bedroom and help me choose the dress I will wear out since I won’t be in a uniform today.

Mrs Barnor: Okay my heartbeat, I will join you soon and Mike, this is now your home so feel at home and enjoy the best of the Barnor’s. (walks away)

Henrietta Barnor: Mmmmm I can see somebody is in a comfortable lead, let’s go to my room if you are feeling shy here. We will get much privacy there and then start planning our beautiful future together.

At Dufie’s Hall:

Maame Dufie: Julia what’s eating you up? Your face doesn’t look cheerful to me and it looks like you didn’t sleep the whole of last night. What is the problem?

Julia: Dufie indeed I didn’t sleep the whole of last night, something is not right somewhere and it’s hunting me down badly. Anytime I try to sleep for some days now, I begin to see strange and ugly things.

Maame Dufie: Strange and ugly things? Ugly things like what?

Julia: I see people lying down dead, I see a terrible attack on us by some strange looking people and even last night, I had a dream where you were lying in a pool of blood dead.

Maame Dufie: (goes closer to Julia and touches her forhead) Are you sure it’s not fever that you are developing or is the death of aunty hunting you now that you have started hallucinating and seeing things that doesnt exist?

Julia: What do you mean by saying am hallucinating? If you know what the spirit is telling the masses like you won’t be there spewing nonsense to me.

Maame Dufie: Julia is there something you are not telling me or I need to know? You are scaring me with your weird behaviour this afternoon.

Julia: Nothing is hidden under the sun and nothing stays under the sun forever, somethings are better not known because it takes you from harms way and it prolongs your life span. Curiosity has always been what killed the cat, you will know when you are supposed to know what is there to be known. Am driving to the saloon to get my hair fixed.

Maame Dufie: You can’t drive in the condition I find you in, let me take you to the saloon since am not doing anything at the moment myself.

Juia: You worry yourself for nothing my dear sister, I have sat behind my steering to drive on a five carrier road and nothing happened back in the States so why worry your head over me in a town filled with traffic and also it’s better you stay behind because the printing firm will be delivering the funeral brochures. I won’t be long in town. (walks away)

Maame Dufie: Julia is really acting strange this afternoon, should I call in the family psychologist or is she on a high drug that is making her to go paranoid? God please intervene on my sister’s behalf because she is the only family I have got now and whatever the case, I Dufie will get to the bottom of it.

Back at the Resturant:

Ginola: (sips on his juice before talking) Well I have accepted the price that you mentioned but make sure the information tallys with your price tag.

Maabena Boaduwaa: If you know the enormity of my information you will even add more money to what I have requested for.

Ginola: So can you go straight to the point now since I have an important business to take care of.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Okay, I know the wherebouts of that guy you and your team have been searching for. I mean the one you came to the hospital to look for that night.

Ginola: (eyes opens wide) Are you sure about what you just said?

Maabena Boaduwaa: Ah what do you take me for, a clown? See I don’t go about saying things I don’t know and the rules here is very simple, “money for hand back for ground” and am not accepting anything apart from physical cash.

Ginola: Let me make an important call so I organise your money for you right away.

Maabena Boaduwaa: As you make that call, I will also visit the ladies to ease myself, I believe you will be ready by the time I return.

Maabena gets up and walks to the ladies leaving her phone and purse behind but in her absence something.. unexpected happens which won’t go well for her at the end of the day……….

What do you think happened when Maabena visited the ladies?

Do you think Julia is safe and sound?

What will be the fate of Mike?

Watch out for the final phase dropping soon.

To be continued


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