Matrimony Of Secrets – Episode 5

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Matrimony Of Secrets – Episode 5

© Jennifer Godwin

Evelyn smiled all through as they journeyed to the lady of peace orphanage home, soon she would have a baby to call her mother, a baby that would run around her huge house, she looked at Ken and wondered what made him change his mind, whatever it was, she was happy about it.

Ken drove into the orphanage home, everywhere was calm and quiet, Evelyn wondered if everything was fine, just as she was about to step into the building, she met a nurse.

“Good morning Mrs Desmond” The nurse greeted her.

“Good morning Bola, what is wrong, why is everywhere calm and unusually quiet?” she asked.

“We are bereaved” she sniffed

“What happened?” Eve asked noticing the teary eyes.

“We lost the matron this morning” she sobbed.

“Jesus, no no, it can’t be true, I spoke with her yesterday night, she promised to give me one of the babies to adopt, how can she die?” She shouted falling into Ken’s hands for support.

“She didn’t come out for morning prayers this morning, when we went to check on her, we saw her lying lifeless on her desk and she was also foaming from her mouth” The nurse explained further.

“What did I do to deserve all these? I can’t have a child of my own and I can’t also adopt, I said it, babies hate me” She sobbed the more as Ken consoled her.

“Is there no way we can still adopt a baby even when the matron is dead?” Ken asked.

“No sir, the matron has all the files of the babies and we can’t do anything for now until she gets buried, I suggest you go to another orphanage home” The nurse concluded as she left them.

“Ken, what am I going to do? for a moment I was happy that I will soon have a baby, but see what has happened, I think am a witch and that is why babies are running from me, Ken am a witch” she sniffed.

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“It’s okay Eve, stop crying please, everything will be alright, maybe this is a sign from God that you should calm down and wait, he is about to bless us with a baby, stop worrying yourself and let it be” Ken said taking her to the car.

“Come on Ken, I even think God is angry with me, if not why hasn’t he given me a child? why did he let the matron die knowing that she was the only hope I had?” she sniffed.

“God has a reason for everything he does, just give him time and he will perfect his plan in your life” Ken said as he drove out of the orphanage home.


“Welcome Amanda, what should I offer you?” Angela asked her friend.

“Just get me juice” She replied

“I will be right back” Angela said as she headed towards the fridge.

“What of the kids?”

“They are fine, they are not yet back from school”

“What of miracle? has she added at all? she looks like she has not been eating good food” She said as she sipped her juice.

“The same thing that my father in-law said, that is her stature, she even eats more than her siblings but she still doesn’t want to add some flesh” She shook her head.

“What of Maxwell? hope you guys talk on phone?” She asked further.

“please leave Maxwell, let’s talk about something else” she sneered.

“Why? what happened?” she asked.

“The same thing of course, he visits us once a month” she scoffed.

“you know what bestie, I think you should visit him over there in port Harcourt and see for yourself on what is really keeping him busy, just surprise him, don’t worry about the kids, you can bring them to my house” she gestured with her hands.

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“Yes, that’s a good idea, why haven’t I thought of it before?” she twisted her face as though she was lost in thought, if Maxwell doesn’t come back within three weeks, she was going to pay him a surprise visit.


Nurses at the True vine hospital ran around and gossiped with one another in pairs, they couldn’t believe that Michael had been transferred to Abuja, they all wondered what was wrong with doctor swavey, how could he transfer his long time friend without a warning or signal.

“Ruth, what am I hearing, that doctor Micheal has been transferred to Abuja and has been replaced already?” One of the nurses asked placing her hand on her waist.

“That is what I heard too, it is even good like that, I have never liked that Michael for once” she hissed.

“Don’t talk like that Ruth, he might even be better than the new doctor, you never can tell” she said going about her business.

“I think they had issues that’s why he was transferred” Ruth spoke up but froze as she saw the people at the door, doctor swavey and the new doctor.

“Ruth, I didn’t keep you here to gossip, why Michael was transferred is none of your business, just do your work and mind your business” doctor Swavey eyed her.

“Am sorry sir, good morning sir” She said hastily.

“Keep your silly greetings to yourself, this is Doctor korede Ben, he is Yoruba but he grew up and studied in the states and he is replacing Michael” He said with a wave of hand.

“Welcome doctor, am Ruth” She said bowing down a bit.

“Welcome to the True vine hospital, Am Laura” the second nurse replied.

“Thank you, I hope we all work together to make it work” He smiled at no one in particular.

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“Come Korede, let’s go meet other nurses” Doctor swavey said walking away.


“Dad, we are in trouble” Maxwell said rushing into the house.

“What is it Max?” the old man asked his unsettled son.

“Michael has been transferred to Abuja and a new doctor has replaced him, which means that all the things we did to Evelyn will soon be revealed” he said breathing heavily.

“I can’t believe you are my son, I brought you this far and you are still scared, we will get to the new doctor, now get a grip on yourself and act like the man you are” He barked.

“Okay Dad, what will we do?” he asked loosing his tie a bit.

“simple, give him some money from the money we will get from Evelyn’s father, or I will give him from my account, I have more than enough, it will shut him up and get him on our side” He replied quietly.

“Are you sure it will work” He asked with a look of uncertainty.

“Listen to me son, nobody in Nigeria rejects money, money has power, and it brings respect, don’t worry about the doctor, I will handle his case, I don’t want any stumbling block until I finish with my plan and get the money from Evelyn’s father” he said as he sipped his wine quietly.

“But Dad, I heard that the doctor came back from the states, he must have made enough money there already” Max said as if trying to get his father to listen to him.

“From the states?” the old man asked in a shocking way “That’s strange, I mean, hearing that someone came back from the states gives me chills, there is this feeling that comes with it, I just hope it is not what am thinking” he said caressing his beards lost in thought.

To be continued


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  1. I just hope this new doctor refuses to deal wit dem n also leak their secrets, beside ken has something to do wit d death of d matron, very wicked n greedy father n son.. i believe with time we will know d reason behind there evil n wickedness…

  2. like father, like son, i pray that their secret be leaked out before they end the life of evenlyn father.

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